“It has no effect on my life – zero.”

Lance Armstrong said Saturday he was losing no sleep despite the threat of a federal investigation into alleged doping practices casting a cloud over his stunning career. “It has no effect on my life – zero,” said the American.


You are alone in that, Mr. Armstrong. If you are convicted, it will hurt many.

How many of those stricken with cancer have looked up to you, sir? How many children put your poster on their wall?

Have you no shame, sir? Have you no decency?

I won’t quote or select passages from the latest Sports Illustrated article. You should read it in full. It is available here: The Case Against Lance Armstrong.

What does it mean? It means everything.

If just two of the allegations contained therein are true (and – crucially – are proved true), then the damage in this case will spin out far past Armstrong. The SI story implicates not just Armstrong’s inner circle but also the United States Olympic Committee and the clinical drug trial system.


Boom. Business class seems to be fine for Mr. Jeff Novitzky.

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70 thoughts on ““It has no effect on my life – zero.”

  1. Arogance is amazing thing, in this case it is an overcompensation for denial of what really is GOING to happen. When you act like an asshole for 15 years after you almost die from self inflicted cancer, and you still can’t change….you get what you deserve. I told you from day one, the day when Jeff Novitzky and LA’s name appeared in the same aritcle was the beginning of the end.

    Big Juan, when are the “I believe Mike Anderson” T shirts coming out?

  2. Riding a bike is one thing. Fighting cancer is quite another. What he did or did not do as part of the pelican should have no bearing on what he did to help those who suffer (patients and loved ones alike) from this most terrible disease. If you don’t get that, you are of no use to me.

  3. The d-bag reminds me of Madonna. Now a rock star, above it all and being sold to us like a McDonald’s hamburger. I dropped Bicycling magazine years ago as they may as well changed the name to “Lance” (oprah).

  4. Really Gnome. I hear Scott Hamilton was a doper when he was ice skating too…
    …or the other 8000 or so men who find they have the big C in their nutsack. Guess they’re whacking themselves up on PEDs as well?

  5. …these revelations now have the potential to fully expose our local “system” & it’s corruption, as gianni has mentioned here…

    …it’s interesting when you consider that the usoc & usacycling have wanted a piece of the pie so badly that despite a ‘reputation for fair play’, they would actively condone & cover up the practices that allow for these doping activities to happen…

    …joe…humpty has a personal axe to grind with lance armstrong because he’s a friend of mike anderson…he tends to get a little vehement on the topic & understandably so from what i can ascertain…

    …but this didn’t start with armstrong & i doubt it will actually end with him & the reality is that armstrong was both strong & composed enough as a cyclist & yet egotistical enough to be “the guy” who could help lead “the americans” to the promised land…

    …lemond, more than any american before, opened the gates & made a lotta things possible but usoc & usacycling wanted to go all the way…they could & did achieve that with armstrong…7 tour wins is pretty much ‘established’, no ???…& they did it by the same methods the euros have utilized for years…

    …but ya, joe, i agree that the cancer community involvement stands alone despite the naysayers…

    …i honestly doubt he’s gonna do time (hey, i’ve been wrong before – imagine that) but i do think there needs be a point when he comes clean to not only the cycling world & much more importantly, to the cancer community that holds him in esteem…

    …while there are plenty of wonderful stories & examples by other individual cancer survivors, there is however, no doubt that lance armstrong has raised the collective consciousness as regards the survivability of cancer patients…

  6. Over a decade later than the majority of these allegations against him, does anyone really, and I mean REALLY think that there will be any definitive conclusion when Novitzky is done? And regardless of any outcome, those who idolize him now will still idolize him then and those that detest him in every way will not be swayed from their beliefs either. Just let him retire, disappear off the radar and hope that maybe something positive for our sport as a whole will come out of this.

  7. With all the so far unproven claims it gets harder and harder to believe Armstrong was clean. Maybe he was maybe not but my God “self inflicted cancer”. Surely you know this disease is so hard to beat for one thing cause it’s nearly impossible to predict who will get it. I have just gone through my first year of fighting this. Never smoked, never shot PEDs,never did anything to knowingly give myself cancer. Meanwhile my sister a 3 a pack smoker for the last 48 years of her life is clean. The sort of cheap shot fired off about his cancer shows poorly on the writer and whether or not he doped there are now millions of dollars available for research that weren’t there before.
    I hope he was clean, I doubt he was but I’m thankful anyway for the exposure and fundraising he has brought to this disease.
    Meanwhile friends Cycle on and be kind to each other. Life’s too short for all the anger and hate.

  8. The BIG problem I have with the article and with this whole thing..over and over.. is the lack of any physical, coraborative, evidence.

    I personally know many of the people named in the story by SI, and some really believe they heard what they heard…

    And that is the problem with “he said, she said” evidence. It is hearsay and not probative.

    The doping case against Armstrong has been circulating around, for what 5-6 years?I am troubled that here is no Grand Jury indictment, No US attorney indictment, no DA indictment….nothing. But everybody says wait…it must be coming, but just wait…

    But we get to hear the latest rumors on a weekly basis.

    If it’s not the lab people in France saying they suspect the sample given to them im 1999 are L.A’s and were positive for EPO to Mr. Catlin saying that the sample given to him were LA’s and tested positive for high ratios of testosterone, but wait… I could not verify the result because I was “unable” to replicate the positive findings. WTF.

    Everybody has evidence…BUT…

    The plain fact is that Lance Armstrong has a 20 year career, has been tested by some accounts over 1000+ times…in and out of competition. Probably more than any athlete alive (due to the longevity of his career) and in over 20 countries. and wait for it….NO positive results…ever.

    Some point to the positive over the corticosteroid creme for saddle sores, but LA produced a valid medical certificate and was absolved. and sure, rumors abound over that incident..but then again there are still people who do not believe that Obama was born in Hawaii too.

    The plain fact is, and there are a lot of people who know this. is that if you depend on doping to get results or be competitive, you will not have a long career in cycling or any sport for that matter. You sooner or later will be caught as you will have to use it..psychologically as well as physically, until you are caught, or medical and health issues catch up with you.

    The back and forth of this is that LA is somehow using his mystical, magical powers and his Jedi mind tricks to convince others, from the Swiss custom inspectors, the doctors and the lab people.. to look the other way for LA. That he has his “people” all over the place..cleaning up the evidence trail of his ill-gotten gains.

    For me. The fact that he has over 20 years of testing cannot be forgotten, and more importantly is valid exculpatory evidence And I’ll take that to the bank more than all the Frankie Andreu’s and the Steve Swart’s and the Floyd Landis’s sworn depositions, or lab announcements saying we “think” it was his lab sample that was positive, but we can’t prove it. or for that matter, a thousand articles written by people whose ultimate job is to sell magazines, books or newspapers.

  9. Funny how everyone is preaching to their own private choir regarding anything/everything Lance Armstrong. Bottom line is none of us have any proof of anything yet.

    As fun as it is to read rants I sure do want the truth to come out but am not holding my breath. Turns out even the labs that handled Lance’s samples screwed up.

    I also wish that other sports were scrutinized even one tenth as much as cycling is. I hear pro golfers are juicing in order to improve their long ball game… WTF?

  10. That SI article was apparently watered down. The parts that were left out would make all of you defending his cancer involvement want to “rip the yellow bracelets right off your wrists.” Lance may have done a lot to raise awareness about the possibility of surviving cancer. But as for providing money for research… check your facts. LAF does nothing to support cancer research, only “awareness.” Yep, that means it was a legitimate expense of the LAF to rent an overpriced private jet from Mellow Johnny’s LLC, to help Lance smuggle drugs into countries where he was racing. Why, because he was raising cancer awareness by racing and that is the ONLY mission of the LAF. And check out Livestrong.com and Livestrong.org while you’re at it. If someone really cared about cancer would he set up a for profit website with an identical name to a cancer charity that draws traffic away from the charity site? Nice to know where the money went from all those bracelets isn’t it. LANCE IS A FRAUD, ACCEPT THE FACTS!

  11. Viva la Lance!! He is the man on and off the bike. He has suffered on a bike more than everyone combined reading this website.

  12. i have two happy bumps freeloading in my coin purse. i can’t help it. it’s american. i have american pecans. they are in my sock drawer down there washing warm, tumbling dry.

  13. The big revelation is the Dr. Don Catlin looks like a whore with cum dripping from his mouth.

    I would never, never have guess that. But if you read it, it looks like he covered for the USOC and LA is soft way and perhaps direct ways many times.

    And HE is the guy that everyone in America supposedly trusts to develop and administer and lead the testing efforts to the highest standards!

    Reading the take on the minutes of that meeting is just heart stopping.

    LA and his lawyers and cronies are like a vermin that has infested every nook and cranny.


  14. You’d think that those who claim this is all suggestive and not definitive proof of doping would DEMAND an investigation to find out.

    Instead, they call the Novitsky Project a conspiracy, witch hunt, waste of tax-payer-money, etc.

  15. and that is, ironically, as it should be. play the hand you are dealt, sir. and i doff my cap.

  16. …snegg hogg…

    …if i’d only known, christmas morning your eyes would have lighted up when that engraved, gold plated nutcracker from bgw got unwrapped…

    …oh, wait…i seem to have misinterpreted your art-speak…

    …gosh, sorry if i made you cringe…

  17. Wait, did someone here recommend Lance is clean? Dude beat dopers at their game. Know of at least one that committed suicide because of it. With the same chance as most cancer victims, he doped and hoped for the best. And you’re going to say he weren’t no baller?

    7 tours.
    Doped to the gills.
    Pecan Baller.

  18. No matter if he was doped or not, neither if his cancer was self inflicted or not.

    He’s not the kind of guy I could make a friend with. So his never ending come back is the top boring thing ever inflicted to me. And he doped the press and his bank accounts with his romances.

    The one illness he intended to heal is a psychiatric desease: being loved by the public because he got no father.

  19. Don’t care about Lance Lance Lance fanboys… They make it sound like he’s somekind of little angel. And angels, they don’t do dope, thus St Lance is going to save us from cancer and the French.

    Waitup? I’m french. So I’m fucked. Better go check under the bed for the One ball monster. Phew, not there, but he’s gonna get me for libel or someth.

    It’s enough for a cyclist to become insane in the blood bag membrane that never was in the fridge that does not exist.

  20. Just wanted to point out where ‘self induced’ cancer comes from, and its the suggestion that cortisone use could lead to it – I think. All that was in David Walsh’s second book, Lance to Landis. Take it or leave it, but that’s the origin.

    My own thoughts on this? As much as I’ve hoped that the cheaters get caught, it’ll be a sad day if/when LA goes down. Not ’cause I love LA, but because I know what that means to a lot of people. It’s sad. Part of me hopes he can scrape though and just disappear. We’ll clean the sport up without burning out an entire era. If maybe he was just a bit more under the radar and a bit less of a dick maybe it all never would’ve reached this level of witch hunt.

    And to people that are anxious about the federal gov’t spending tax money on the prosecution – well, the USPS paid him 39.5 million. Wouldn’t you like some of that back?

  21. Also, from page 5 of the Sports Illustrated article:

    After Armstrong’s cancer diagnosis, former teammates say, even Ferrari questioned his methods. “I remember when we were on a training ride in 2002, Lance told me that Ferrari had been paranoid that he had helped cause the cancer and became more conservative after that,” says Landis.


    Hence, the self-induced meme.

  22. There is imperically validated evidence to support that taking steroids, Testosterone, HGH etc can cause cancer. He took it, he knows he did and so yes I BELIEVE he inflicted it on himself.

    If yu have any doubts, look at the 1993 Worlds picture when he crosses the line. Look up his enraged altercations when he lived in Austin with motorists.

    That is why he pulled out of Paris – Nice in 1998 and picked up the golf clubs prior to Boone….he at that time wrestled with what he knew he would have to do to win….then it was not worth it.
    You have to know Lance to know that all this is true. I know him, it will be proven to be true. He has to win at any expense. His ficking cronies that are riding the coattails are just as vested, just as much to blame.

    I love how all of those that have had cancer think what I said is some kind of attack on them and how or why they got it.

    Dave I love ya buddy but Certified Hater is right. LA has profited more from his “Foundation” then any other in recent history. I know b/c I used to ride for it and volunteer there….back before the FUCKING yellow bracelet gravy train.

    Lance Armstrong will go down as the biggest sporting fraud in US History.

    I believe Floyd
    I beieve Mike Anderson.

  23. Aw right, you guys. Let’s apply a little logic to an emotional issue.

    Occam’s Razor states that all else being equal, the simplest explanation is likely the best. This is true in the physical sciences— the photon ALWAYS takes the shortest route— it’s up to US to understand why, not accuse the electron of misbehavior.

    So Mr. Armstrong tested negative something like a thousand times over a fifteen year period. Huh, maybe he simply didn’t dope.

    I hear all the time, “What if he doped?” Why not ask, “What if he didn’t dope?” Isn’t this a better, more logical frame of reference, especially for the young guys coming up?

  24. …mikey…back when allegations first started rearing their ugly head, i used to wonder if george, frankie, bobby l. & all those other young guys started ‘using’ just to keep up with the early lance-ster, who’s always been an exceedingly strong willed individual…

    …now, i obviously have my suspicions but hey, i wasn’t there so what do i really know…

  25. Mikey – Occam’s Razor works just as well to suggest he did dope. If he consistently beat competition that did, if he is linked to a well-known drug-doctor, etc, etc, etc, then perhaps its also logical?

    A stock dragster won’t ever win a modified event. What does Occam say about that?

    He’s done lots for cancer, but not so much for cycling. The two are separate. He’s not under investigation for getting cancer.

  26. @Krosm— I disagree. The simplest explanation for 1,000 negative drug tests over a fifteen-year period is that there weren’t any drugs to yield a positive result. Elaborate, perfectly-executed and perfectly secret schemes just aren’t what the natural universe has in mind.

    Dragsters are machine and cyclists are men, completely different theaters of endeavor. There are many different, strictly-defined classes of machines but only one class of men. It could be argued that women and juniors are separate classes of humans, in which case we’re still perfectly logical, as you never see juniors or women winning UCI Pro Tour bicycle races.

    Don’t misunderstand me— I am not saying that Mr. Armstrong never doped. I’m saying it’s illogical to believe that he did in the face of the extant physical evidence.

  27. “I’m the most tested athlete in the world” was the maxim of Marion Jones, right before she was busted for doping and sent to jail. Getting around the tests is nearly routine. An individual might trip up, but with a system of supporters to help – it can be pretty much foolproof.

    That’s my point – how can a ‘stock’ athlete beat all the ‘modified’ ones? It’s a metaphor for the fact that Armstrong was in another class simply because he drugged himself into another class. To be that much better than all those other guys, that were world class AND on the secret sauce, isn’t human. It’s augmented. It’s modified. He’s not a stock athlete. Its a sport that has had institutionalized doping for a long, long time. How could he out climb Pantani? Its not physiologically possible, given his stats.

    With all due respect, I feel that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    Anyway – sorry DC. Not to turn your blog into an LA debate. I’ve avoided these for years.

    Ride on, all.

  28. Tyler doped something like 120 days of a 200 day season. We know this because his diaries were discovered and decoded. He was not caught based on a positive from those drugs. Floyd and many caught riders talk about the ease of doping and getting away with it. Occam’s Razor is a baloney point to make. The biologic passport was implemented LARGELY because the tests for drugs straight up WERE NOT WORKING, now a change in a longitudinal blood profile can trigger a bio passport flag. Lance has tested positive a fair number of times. His 1999 urine was found in six samples to contain EPO. He submitted at least three T:E ratios that would presently flag for the isotopic ratio of the testosterone to be measured as synthetic is derived from plant sterols that are isotopically different. Finally in this post Lemond’s central point that Armstrong has NO WHERE NEAR the VO2 max to be a Tour champion without blood boosting is probably the strongest point of all that Lance doped.

  29. @Krosm— let me get this straight… any athlete that wins any event is ipso facto a doper, case closed? Sorry, can’t buy that.

  30. “Occam’s Razor is a baloney point to make. ”

    Mike— only if you prefer to believe in conspiracies. Suit yourself, sir.

    “the tests for drugs straight up WERE NOT WORKING,”

    There are several dozen now-disgraced, top level professional cyclists that might disagree.

    “Armstrong has NO WHERE NEAR the VO2 max to be a Tour champion without blood boosting is probably the strongest point of all that Lance doped.”

    This is pure inference, of course.

    Yet again— I’m not saying Mr. Armstrong did not dope. But the case made against him here is unsupported by logic or fact.

  31. @37 Krosm- you stated “He’s done lots for cancer, but not so much for cycling. ” Really? Care to rethink that? Armstrong’s success has pumped so much money into every aspect of the bicycle industry you’d have to be insane, blind, deaf and dumb to make such a statement.

    Love him or hate him, he is almost solely responsible for what has become a flourishing industry in the US. And for all those who hate him and can’t wait to see his legacy destroyed, and who also happen to work in some area of the bicycle industry- be careful what you wish for.

  32. Ok, kids. Last post.

    @Mikey: No, of course not. Don’t be obtuse. There’s a difference between ‘winning a race’ and dominating the hardest event the world, against a who’s-who of world class athletes that all got busted for cheating.

    @sleepy: I agree. Absolutely. I’m suggesting its a bad thing for cycling if it’s revealed that he’s guilty – and my opinion is that this is the case. I think that’s pretty blatant. I don’t hate him. I loved the sport before him, and I’ll love it after. He’s been an important rider and a great story, no matter what. But he goes down….it’ll take a long time for that to blow over.

    @joe: really? Just you wait.

  33. “There’s a difference between ‘winning a race’ and dominating the hardest event the world, against a who’s-who of world class athletes that all got busted for cheating.”

    @Krosm— not really. It’s a race, and he won. These are facts. Your assertion is inferred.

    Yet again, I’m not saying your assertion is untrue.

  34. It really matters very little at this point whether he doped or not. He now has doubters, and plenty of them. He’s tarnished. Weak spot. Achilles. True or not, he’s not America’s golden boy. He has his money and his fame. He wins. We have our growing doubt and our distrust of him. We win.

    Which means everyone loses.

    From here, it’s all just a soap opera. If you care to watch, it might be interesting. If you’re like me, you’ve got better things to do.

  35. One commenter claims that things left out of the SI article would cause the remaining Lance advocates to change their religious beliefs. If so, why were they left out? The piece is obviously a hatchet job of retreaded innuendos; why would an assassin yield a dull weapon? Also, it gets at least some of the science wrong, which makes anyone who understands it question the validity of the entire piece; e.g., the notion that a test for EPO led to the “Hct above 50, no ride” rule (that rule was in place because there WAS no test for EPO, and when a test became available there was no longer a need to use a surrogate). Even more bizarre is the notion that a Pharma giant such as Baxter would be so cavalier about a potentially blockbuster drug in development that substantial quantities of it could be diverted to recreational use!

    Face it; it’s just another “he said/she said” retelling of old tales with no new evidence of whether or not they’re true.

    As for Floyd Landis’s bizarre proposal that the best solution is to encourage the use of performance enhancing drugs: how many people would still watch NFL football once the players looked more like the Transformer armored dude hopping up and down in the bottom left of the Fox Sports screen became the norm on the field?

    Why do we ride? Most of us because we love it? Why do we watch it on Versus? Because many of us have Walter Mitty fantasies, but I find it hard to conceive of those fantasies leading me to try to emulate a ‘droid!

  36. All you people who say St. Lance is a doper are wrong. Wrong Wrong Wrong Lance is a miracle, he even said so himself! He’s saved billions of lives. Yes he has!!! He came back to cycling to cure cancer.

    Not because of his ego as some of you cancer lovers out there say. He kicked cancer’s butt once and now he’s back to kick cancer’s ass once and for all for all our sakes. Just like Jesus came down to earth to save our souls and died trying. The unbelievers nailed Jesus to a cross just like Novitsky is nailing St. Lance to a cross with our tax dollars!!! It’s an OUTRAGE!!! I tell you an OUTRAGE!!!

    If you cancer loving, miracle doubting, Obama loving socialists out there would stop questioning The Miracle Saint Known as Lance and give him your money, the world would be a better place. No cancer.
    Everyone riding a bike, as long as it’s a TREK. The Road cycling warriors restored to their rightful place on the heroworshippingthrone.

    You have your facts and I have mine.

    I believed In Tyler. I believed in Floyd. I believed in Bernie Madoff.


  37. What joy we have in seeing the mighty fall. Granted, my theory is we like to see our demigods fail so we can believe that we are of higher character than them, but that’s just a passing thoughg on my part, really. Either way, it will be bad for the sport, with an already shaky reputation in terms of this topic and ultra-scrutiny beyond the scope of that inflicted on any other sport, save the ‘roid trials of the MLB. But even that seemed to eventually take a back seat to the sport itself.

    I often think there is a discrepancy among sports and how we look at their leaders. NFL has its dog fighter. The NBA and its girlfriend beaters. Boxers serve time for rape and they still get to be back in the ring with cheering spectators. Seems like a double standard in terms of having “squeaky clean” leaders in the sport. But perhaps it is an inacuraate parallel to draw — doping and behaving like a dope. I’m not quite sure. It could be a very flawed point I’m halfheartedly making. But I will say that I am not a “Lance Lover” or whatever it would be called, but would still be saddened to see this come to a criminal conclusion, as there will be negative ramifications far beyond the single athlete’s image.

  38. Ok, just saw Big Johnny’s video post. That is the goddam funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. “WHY THE FUCK AM I RIDING THIS BIKE?” I have thought this many times.

  39. For crying out loud.

    You people are on drugs. Fuck Lance. Fuck all your theories or rumors. Watch and see? Fine.

    Go ride. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than having internet discussions with no end.

  40. Sorry, I only get to check this site on my lunch breaks at work. I thought it was an interesting conversation, hence I threw my two cents in as part of the dialogue. And as I’m at work, riding right now would be tricky.

    What the hell are internet forums for but having discussion, and occasionally putting up funny videos and irreverent jokes about boobs, beer, etc. And no, I’m not on drugs. I don’t drink or use drugs. I train, ride/race bikes, play ice hockey and work my ass of at an awesome non profit. Sometimes I make funny, intelligent or not so intelligent commentary on things I find interesting. Is that ok with you, Dick?

  41. Homeslice needs schoolin’. The bike IS the drug. “Sumpin wrong wif him” your OWN damned self, fool. And I KNOW your momma don’t ride no bike, drugs or no drugs. She so fat she hauled ass and it took her three trips.

  42. Well I’m indignant. It’s not like Lance rides around with his bars upside down or bar ends pointed up and back, with 5 psi rear tar pressure. No, he has his bars on just right, nicely taped up, and has 112.5 psi dry nitrogen in his rear tar. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

  43. …so, lemme get this straight, rev…what you’re sayin’ is “i’m gonna participate to tell you NOT to participate”

    …m’kay, i got it but i ain’t buyin’ it…

    …while i agree that riding is way (squared) cooler, there’s time for both…

    …@tony…when i say your little spiel is “self righteous, over-the-top bullshit”, don’t take it personally just because you smeared it all over yourself…

    “you wear it well”

  44. …here ya go…this ain’t lance related but i pirated the vid from bsnyc/rtms (bikesnob to the uninitiated) wherein he had pirated it from comedy central…


    …the opening joke – “…in the last 5 to 7 years, people that ride bikes…have given themselves a license to be an asshole”, actually is kinda funny but it sets the stage for some rather inciting cycling “comedy”

    …give me ‘derogatory’ & i’m cool with that kinda humor but this guy treads close to dangerous, aka – kornheiser territory…

    …dare i suggest comments &/or discussion…

  45. They ain’t found a bullet yet with Kornholer’s name on it? Lemme go check my junk drawer…

  46. …@BGW okay, I won’t take it personally. But any criticism of my passionate defense of the greatest human being who ever lived puts you in league with the Devil…

    …I wear it well? I also wear my official radioshack kit with the matching cap, helmet, sox, gloves, shoecovers, Trek bicycle and the 327 livestrong yellow bracelets on my arm…

    …The doctor had to cut the yellow livestrong bracelets off my arm after they cut off all circulation to my hand and it turned purple…

    …but he was very impressed with my total commitment to the livestrong cause…

  47. “…puts you in league with the Devil…”

    …@tony…amigo…ol’ beelzebub came around here lookin’ for souls a long time ago…i came highly recommended, so he scopes me out, stands back n’ sez “motherfucker, you can keep that shit but son, we gotta ride together !!!”

    …well fuck, i looked that sombitch in the eye, smiled & i been ridin’ with the devil ever since…

  48. I just spent 40 minutes reading this blog! over half my trainer time reading this shit. I am pissed! Blogoholic may have the most intelligent perspective of all! We are all Americans, we all do drugs, who really gives a shit?? I love Lance. I love riding, racing, and all things bike. Please make a better story against the positive Lance affect on cycling and cancer. You can’t. I guarantee you will find that 90% of the people he has inspired to make their lives better with or without cancer DONT CARE! Pluck your panties out of your ass and get on your bike! A few of you have a personal axe to grind – OK, thats cool, but again the vast majority of Americans DONT CARE! Lance has provided one thing: HOPE! Hope I can ride, hope I don’t get cancer, hope I don’t get caught taking drugs. Naysayers – get over yourselves. NO ONE CARES!