Cyclist Down: Gabrielle Giffords

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I was cruising through the links that people use with their names in the comment section, when I noticed one by Ted:

I scrolled down to this post and I was surprised to learn that Gabrielle Giffords is a cyclist. She is one of us.

gifford commuter

The drunkcyclist family is wishing her a speedy recovery and may she be back in the saddle sooner than later.

You can read more over here at tucsonvelo and you can probably file this one under straight baller as well.

Spread this one around boys and girls. I think everybody should know.

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32 thoughts on “Cyclist Down: Gabrielle Giffords

  1. Great article for cyclists and non cyclists alike. Posted it immediately on my FB page after reading — thanks for sharing this.

  2. Also, this link:

    I did not know she was a cyclist.

    God damn.

    Gabe Zimmerman was a runner. I don’t believe I had ever met the man, but people I know in Tucson knew him. The world is a very small place, indeed.

    This whole thing has just been an endless parade of horribles. God damn. That nine year old girl.. shit breaks my fucking heart in two.

    We try to keep this site about the bike, but this one hits home. Most of us are in Arizona. This is our house. And this fucking sucks.

    I don’t know how many of you watched the President speak last night. And I don’t know how many of you were moved by it. But, I did. And, I was. I will embed it below for those who have not seen it and would like to, or for those who have and would like to see it again. I ask only one thing, if you don’t care for the man or his message, just keep it to yourself for this thread. That’s all. Go nuts in a different thread. Thanks.

  3. Thoughts, Prayers, Positive Vibes, Any other form of support you wish to send to the families, friends, and community members of those affected by this.

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  5. …i’ve found myself choking back tears a number of times over this…

    …it’s so sad about the victims & their families & it’s as equally sad when a man can’t realize that the extremes he’s about to go to will affect so many innocent peoples lives forever…

  6. Damn…she has a custom whip as well. Respect. And good wishes…I hope the news “hype” about her miracle recovery is based in reality…

  7. Sad…
    I don’t know if anyone remembers Pettigrew – a Green Party candidate for the senate seat of Maryland, she was ran over by a SUV one morning, while training for a triathlon. Driver said she thought she hit a deer, that’s why she didn’t stop and called the police from home when saw a bike trapped under her car… Worth checking out the video to decide if you believe this or not.

    To finish it up : I wonder what would have been the reaction of the public if Pettigrew was not just a candidate but a real member of the Senate?

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  9. We need to create the Christina-Taylor Ride (name it the CTG Ride) in her honor and give the proceeds to her favorite charity.

  10. What the hell is that bike? It looks like a 29er in front and 26 in back. Is it SS? I can’t tell… No matter what, she is one strong woman. Hell yeah. This is an awesome post on DC.

  11. …@turkey…

    …it’s a dave bohm of ‘bohemian bicycle’ special for congresswoman giffords…tucson builder…the guy does awesome old school hand-cut lug-work…

    …the foto is an odd angle ‘cuz the wheels are the same size…dunno if they’re 26″ or larger…check it out & klick through…cool paint job…

    …i’ll bet when gabrielle starts thinking about getting back out & riding her awesome bike, she’ll heal even quicker…(fuck…just thinking & typing that, brought a tear to my eye)…

    we’re a rowdy, crazy, foul-mouthed bunch, gabrielle, this loose knit on-line drunkcyclist family, but we’re a good-hearted bunch & we’re pulling for you 100%…peace…

  12. @bgw:

    Thanks. Sincerely. Everyone: Cheers. Cheers to riding your bike and having fun doing it.

  13. @bgw – good call on the bike. Great looking ride. And, folks, click through the gallery a bit on that link, the bike has her name & the Arizona state flag custom painted. Damn.

    That builder has some really class looking bikes on his website. It is well worth your time to take a look

  14. Investigations are showing the shooter (I won’t use its name because I reserve that for human beings) was suffering from severe mental problems, but still got a Glock and a buttload of high capacity magazines anyway. They are also saying he never had anything to do with the Tea Party or even listened once to Rush, which blows the “rabid right wing media” hypothesis all to hell.

    We the People are supposed to be able to keep military-grade weapons to prevent the government from getting out of control, so why do they keep ending up in the hands of people you wouldn’t trust with a pocket knife? And that’s not a rhetorical question. How do we keep the really deadly stuff away from the crazies while making sure that We the People still have access to it when the Gov’t goes off the deep end?

  15. Are those SPD’s?

    Because if that’s the case, she crosses the line from “I ride bikes for votes” to “I ride bikes”.

    And can a brother get her a proper water bottle?

  16. Gub’mint wants to lock up our guns. Should be locking up the crazy people instead.

  17. @joetheelectrician, you know that isn’t true. No one, neither the State nor the Federal Government, is trying to lock up any guns. The only discussions involve magazine capacity, the gun show loophole regarding background checks and waiting periods, and hand guns registration in certain cities. That’s it. There will be no “rounding up” of weapons already bought and owned. All regulations are moving forward toward new purchases.

    Regarding those three points; the magazine capacity restriction ended in 2004, and the Tucson shooting involved the use of such an device. It’s on the table. See generally, The gun show issue is on the forefront as Tucson just had a big gun show, and attendance was big. You can buy a hand gun, or “grandfathered” high-cap mags & assault rifles at these shows for cash, no questions asked. It’s on the table.

    Edit: I am still reading a variety of articles on the subject, and found this one: My “no questions asked” statement is, at best, misleading & inaccurate.

    The restriction issue, whether a state can do so without violating the 2nd Amendment, was not settled in District of Columbia v. Heller, (Yes, I am citing wiki – everyone has access & it is written in plain English.) Heller did not address a state restriction, as the District of Columbia is a “federal enclave.” McDonald v. Chicago,, addressed, in my opinion, the right of handgun ownership, in the home for the purpose of self defense. I see it as a narrow focus. The issue of state restriction on gun ownership, by it’s citizens balanced against that same citizens rights under the Constitution, have not been fully settled. There will be more cases that attempt to hash out and delineate the boundaries of this concept.

    * Because I am required to do so under ER 5.5. Unauthorized Practice of Law, let it be clear between us: IANAL (I am not a lawyer) & TINLA (This is not legal advice).

  18. Ain’t tryin’ to start THAT debate, Mr. Kitchen Sir. And anyway, a determined individual with a modicum of marksmanship skill only needs one shot from a distance of a couple hundred yards. Just sayin’ there was plenty of reason to lock the shooter up before he had a chance to hurt anyone.

  19. Crawfish all you want, Joe, that’s exactly what you were sayin’. And I thought we were supposed to keep that out of this thread. Not the place for it.

  20. There is a whole separate issue regarding at one point the state can declare someone is insane, troubled, etc, enough that the safety of other citizens is of concern. Balance personal liberty, and individual’s rights freedoms, against the state’s police powers, which provide for the health, safety and morality of the citizenry. We are short-handing this shit outta this, but it’s a big deal.

    And, el jefe, you’re right. Joe, you and I should have this convo another day in another thread.

  21. Agreed, Jonny. Not that doing this another time will get us any further, but you’re right. Definitely not here.