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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

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  1. At The Ride for The Roses in ’99, Fat Tire was the beer sponsor. The wife and I were walking back to the hotel after the Friday night crit, and passed the keg truck…you know, the one with the taps hanging out of the side…
    Anyway, the keys were on the running board. I’ve never had the ‘grand theft auto’ urge more than that night!

  2. Netflix=Adaptation. Never saw it.

    Just got Inglorious Basterds too. Hitler gets it in the end. Good flick. Hate Tarantino, but I give this one a pass.

  3. Say what you want about Fat Tire, but it does not “suck fucking balls” [sic]. PBR and its ilk “suck fucking balls” [sic].

    Fat Tire has been a saving grace on numerous tours through the Midwest before the Midwest had wide distribution of micro-brews. That toasty-biscuit of a beer makes me smile, and it’s possibly to drink it all day.

  4. @ caveman.

    Good man! We need more people to understand this, to stop wasting money on this crap. At first, this was a decent beer. Now it’s plain crap. Packs no punch at 5.20%, zero lingering head, no real aroma, maybe the slightest bready smell, but really nothing at all. The taste was about the same, BLAND. This is not craft, NB has turned straight macro.

  5. d2, you hate tarantino? wtf? inglorius bastards was good, gory and bloody as hell. i like how brad pitt pronounces “nazi’s”, good flick. we just watched “smokin’ aces”…and shit, how could you not like “true romance”?

  6. While we’re on the subject of beers, try a Stone Smoked Porter on for size. Best Porter I think I’ve ever had…

  7. i liked FT before i found dead guy….now it’s all over but the cryin’.

    on another note…just found out a good buddy (and riding buddy) of mine hasn’t got long…the big “C” claims another good man. to that let’s all raise a pint of whatever our favorite is.

    as i’m so fond of saying, “..here’s to us and those like us, damn few left.”

  8. 1) Flat Tire [sic] is a mid-pack beverage, but rogbie makes a good point that it was widely distributed early on.
    2) Pulp Fiction is sheer, incandescent brilliance. The rest of Tarantino, meh.
    3) MacOS rülz, windoze drools.

  9. Dig Fat Tire. Dig Dead Guy more. But New Glarus Spotted Cow is topping my list at this juncture. Roll on people.

  10. I actually like PBR when I’m broke. My go to beer is Yuengling Amber Lager. Did I mention it’s cheap and plentiful around here? Never did like Flat Tire.

    But my beverage of choice is Bourbon.

  11. joetheelectrician, are you trying to dress up LAGER with all that fancy amber speak?

    Tröegs is da business here in PA, their seasonal Nugget Nectar (my favorite all around) is to arrive on my B-day!!

  12. D2 if you like the Stone I would get up to the funky convenience store by the Shell and Basha’s and get your hands on a sixer of Left Hand Fade to Black which is a smoked baltic porter or I have one to spare if they’re out. Yum….

  13. Ain’t dressin’ up nothin’ Buck. Amber Lager is one of several varieties brewed by our nation’s oldest brewer. I call it by name simply to differentiate it from Porter, say, or Black and Tan.

    Nothing wrong with Troeg’s; it’s one of several microbreweries who do a competant job of producing real beer. I drink it sometimes when it’s available. Never had any of theirs that really stands out, except for Mad Elf. Damn that stuff is good. The beer Sam Adams cherry wheat wishes it could be. For the life of me I don’t see why they don’t brew it year round.

  14. @cyclebound: right on, I’ll check that out, even though that place creeps me out. The guy once asked for my number there so we could “hang out.” It wouldn’t have been so creepy if he didn’t have the most killer mullet I’ve ever seen.

  15. agree, fat tire is meh, but then again i drink high life.

    also, adaptation, one of the few nicholas cage movies worth a fuck (minus wild at heart).

  16. …wish i knew caveman better so i could get a take on what he really thinks of that brew…

    …me ???…i like me some fat tire ale…smooth, tasty, lite n’ refreshing…

    …i’m an admitted lightweight imbiber these days & have been for years but there’s plenty of heavy caliber shit if i wanna get more serious…

  17. I’m down with the High Life, Coor’s yellow bellies, Budweiser, Tecate, whatever in a can … I’m a whore. Most of the year, with the weather we have, I like it on the lighter side & one point above freezing.

  18. I second the Victory brews. Had me some Prima Pils last time I visited. Victory “For Your Taste”!

  19. I believe this is Drunkcyclist.com, not BeerSnobCyclist.com. Although I’m sure it exists somewhere. Drunk is drunk is drunk.

  20. I don’t drink any new Belgium products- I don’t care if that shit was blessed by jesus himself. That just me. In my tribe of friends, we’d call fat tire beer “bitch beer”.

    Now Stone IPA is cronic. Great Divide beers are cronic. Oly and pbr is great for chopping wood and digging trails. Bear Republic beer is fucking rad- the Mach 10 IPA is hands down one of the best beers I had last year.
    The Hub beer out of Portland is starting to get really good. Shit, I had the Surly beer in Minneapolis and that was pretty damn good. Double Mountain brewery in Hood River, Or. has one of the best fucking line ups of beer I’ve ever tasted.

  21. Inglorious basterds was good. True Romance is a classic. Just saw It might get loud. Good shit there.

    Not a fan of new belgium…I’m a stone guy myself but I would rarely turn any beer down. Maybe Bud, that just enables me one giant headache.

  22. It Might Get Loud! Hell yes! Awesome movie.

    I give you all permission, by the way, to not be a fan of the beer I drink. I don’t really care. I like it, hence I drank it. Will probably drink it again. In fact, I think I’ll head to the fridge now.

    I don’t give a shit what you’re drinking. Just pick up a beverage and enjoy it.

  23. Love beer talk. I’m not a fan of FT but it will work in a pinch. If you get a chance, try New Belgium’s Ranger IPA. The beer I’m chasing around the state of Michigan to find is Arcadia’s Big Dick’s Olde Ale. If you can get your hands on a Big Dick I guarantee you’ll be happy.

  24. Caveman got it in 1. Love the sound of the NB Brewery but that beer is crap. Last time I was in USA I went into walnut st bewery in Boulder – Their IPA was about the best I’ve ever had, but had just finished a ride round the local hills to work up a thirst.

  25. I find that New Belgium is indeed Belgium in taste and aroma; nearly every version of their craft has some hints of Dutch trads. I think this can be distracting when expecting it to be an american micro. It’s good brew. Flemish like, but made for Americaints. I like it. It’s beer. Never turn down beer.

    This, of course, is unless there’s a Michelob Ultra lying around in the crisper (Kitchen’s personal fav. He hides them in the closet, those little cans). 87 kcals or some shit; which allows me to keep the girlish figs whilst day drink’n like a Navajo.

  26. I would concur with many of the previous posts that NB beers are mid-pack…my favorite of those would be the 1554, but the reason I don’t go out of my way to support NB is the fact that they pulled the plug on the beerbikefest here in Flag. They didn’t try hard enough to make it work i.e. chose a new venue in town. The good news was the birth of the new Hullabaloo festival that rose from those ashes with no affiliation to NB. Hopefully, all of our local brews can represent more strongly at this new festival. Support your local micro’s and macro’s that your grampa used to drink. Even though the big one’s (Annheiser B & Miller) now own the small retro macro’s…it still makes a statement.

  27. I agree with all of the Fat Tire haters. Yes, there is a bike on the label, but it’s all down hill from there. I see a lot of hands up for Stone (their beers are very good), but ya’ll need to get down with Founder’s. Dirty Bastard, Devil Dancer, Nemesis, Curmudgeon, Backwoods Bastard, Breakfast Stout, Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Harvest Ale- I could go on all day. Nothing tastes better than Founder’s after a ride. NOTHING…

  28. @el jefe— Word. Mojo Nixon reigns. “Gin Guzzlin’ Frenzy” is one of the best drinking songs ever.

  29. I drank two Fat Tires tonight. Enjoyed ’em equally.

    Drank me some Kilt Lifter last night. Enjoyed that as well.

    I hear a lot of “wah wah wah” and not a lot of “drink drink drink.”

  30. Anybody like Dogfish head? What’s your fave? I likes me some Raison d’Etre, followed closely by 60min IPA. And yes I’ve tried the 120. It ain’t bad, but I won’t pay almost ten bucks for another bottle.

    And what’s the collective wisdom on barleywine ales?

  31. I like the 60min and the 90min. The 120min doesn’t last in the stores around here. Even the fancy-mart doesn’t get that much of it. I’ve been liking the Boulevard (out of KC) Single-Wide and Sierra Nevada Torpedo lately.

  32. Dogfish Head is a local product, exemplary in every aspect except price.

    Me? MGD cans (we avoid glass up here at the cabin) and Tequila Sauza Hornitos Anejo. I skated 24 kilometers today, pretty well blowing myself to pieces, and it’s my own humble opinion that I deserve a treat. Keep the waxy side down, my friends.

  33. mikey, you had any of that Oskar Blues stuff, speakin’ of canned beer? I never would have believed anything, canned or bottled could be as good as their Gordon’s.

  34. The availablity of such good beer up & down I-95 [& NY Thruway] make NJ a great place to live

    VT – Harpoon, Long Trail
    NY – Brooklyn, Ommegang
    NJ – River Horse, Flying Fish
    PA – Victory, Sly Fox, Troegs
    DE – DFH
    MD – Flying Dog

  35. @Joe— yes, Oskar Blues brews an excellent array of products. The Dale’s leaves me slightly lukewarm, but the Old Chub is ideal backcountry beer at 8% alc. and surprisingly drinkable when warm.

    My favorite canned beer of all remains the Polish lager Zywiec, buy it in four-packs of 500 mL cans.

  36. Mikey, check and check. I’ve had better ales than Dales. But you really should get your nose into the Gordon’s beer if you haven’t. Do yourself (and the beer) a favor though and savor this one in a pint glass.

    I thought it was pricey at $14 for a four pack, then I tasted it and swore they were crazy, selling something that good for so cheap.

    Ziewick? Ain’t seen it but I’ll put out a BOLO.

  37. Just drank two more Fat Tires and then went to Beaver Street Brewery and had a Railhead Red. Not a bad night so far.

  38. If ya like a good canned beer, check out the Sly Fox Pikeland Pils…maybe not on par with Gordons but pretty damn good I think.
    if you can find it, not sure I have seen it outside PA borders.

  39. Huh? You call that “old school”? Listen here, Sonny-I blame William Henry Harrison, dagnabbit! Always have, always will. Whippersnapper…

  40. I feel lame for the fact that I am drinking a light beer…
    a Heineken Light

    and well…

    this light beer is like having sex in a canoe