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8 Replies to “Hell Its About Time Its Friday”

  1. “Stay safe out there… and don’t fuck any of those sluts.”

    This was the most wonderfully wasted 2 minutes of my work day. Bless you, Gnome.

  2. er… apparently I’m a moron. I meant to thank Snake. I can’t read. I was disoriented after all that slut action.

  3. …the nice thing about sluts is, you don’t don’t hear ’em use scary words like “relationship” & “commitment”

    …thank jeebus for sluts…

  4. Wait, if you don’t want relationships and commitments, you’re a slut? I thought it just made you smart.

  5. …you’re just better off if you stick to sluts who don’t have 10 & 12 letter words in their vocabulary…

    …remember the ‘kiss’ principal…“keep it simple, stupid”, as in “here baby, kiss this”…if a good slut is intuitive, she’ll reply “oh yummy”

    …you’ll know you’re there…

  6. so. i heard they were heading to tucson for the most amazingest party to ever happen. are they still going to be able to make it.