Cranks For You? They Love You Long Time!

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Hey DC peepulls.

Sometimes I am not smart in time to prevent spending money. So here’s how it went down:

I went done broke my Race Face cranks. Shucks. So I bought new ones. Yay. Spent lots o money. Good cranks, they are. About a month later, I realized Race Face has a lifetime warranty on those puppies. So now I’ve got the brand spankin’ new warranty cranks sitting here, and gosh darn it, I don’t have a bike to put them on.

So, they can be yours.


Comes with everything you see here. Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Looks like these puppies are going for about $325 new with rings at your local shop. I’ll do them for $225 or best offer since there are no rings.

Comment on this post if you want them and I’ll get in touch with you.

In other news, I survived the east coast and somehow managed to get exactly no exercise besides lifting beers. I did visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY (read: about ten miles outside the middle of fucking nowhere) which was rad. Caught a quick snippit of a cross race in Cheshire, CT. Ate great Italian food (Waterbury, CT is where it’s at for good I-Tal food). And did not die a horrible, fiery death in an airplane (I’m a wee bit nervous around airplanes).

When I returned, I did the unthinkable: I climbed into the saddle…of an exercise bike at the gym. Jesus. Painful. If you sniff carefully enough, you can make out the smell of at least ten taints in the immediate vicinity. The gym is kind of gross, but since Flagstaff weather has been record-setting cold the last few days, I was just happy to ride the bike and baste in the hot tub seasoned with old men and sweat afterward.

Let that image sink in.

Speaking of taint, I need a recommendation for a good pair of bibs. I’d like something decent but not fartbox-punch expensive. Got recommendations?

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I am a writer and a photographer. I never killed a man in Reno, but I once rode a bike through a casino in Vegas. Bikes are cool, huevos rancheros are for breakfast, whiskey is for dinner. Denver, Colorado, USA

25 thoughts on “Cranks For You? They Love You Long Time!

  1. I know they’re kind of like the Wally World of cycling stuff,, but I have never had a more comfortable pair of bibs than Performance Ultra II’s. Work for me in every way

  2. Ibex wool bibs and bib knickers. Pretty much anything they touch turns to gold in my book… and no, they dont sponsor me

  3. D2, what, you don’t own rollers? what is wrong with you boy? next thing you know you’ll be going to a spin class for god’s sake.

  4. d2, if you can do a 24 hour mtb race solo, than you can learn to ride rollers. silly. dominic made ours into motion rollers, much easier to ride. i can go one handed now, sprint, get down in my drops, grab my water bottle, fast forward songs, etc. check into them.

  5. Judi, I do believe you just called me a va-j-j. Damn you.
    I can take it.

    You’re right, I can ride rollers. Have done so before. It must be quite comical to watch me ride them, too. Must stare straight ahead. Don’t speak to me. Don’t even MOVE around me. If the neighbors get up from their chairs, I fall off.

    I exaggerate, of course. I actually like rollers. Just can’t afford them.

  6. Gonna ebay them, but I figured I’d offer them here, since people here tend to like bikes n stuff. Plus I’ll probably charge shipping on ebay.

    I promise I won’t craigslist the site too often, bud. It’s all gonna be okay.

  7. Oh, and Carhartt makes a right decent pair of bibs. They’re built tough, and with all the pockets I can usually get by without a toolbelt.

  8. Carhartts? Dude, I already sweat enough when I ride! Though they would be good for the winter, wouldn’t they?

  9. I see “messengers” in Denver riding around in Carhartts, and I just don’t get it. I love my Carhartt overalls for WORKING on the bike, but jezus, the seams would make me bleed after a few miles. I can ride in regular cotton pants no problem, too.

    I think the Nalini bibs from Excel are pretty sweet.

  10. Nik is DC fam. Always will be. Was here before here was here. Damn those days in Domenic’s. I miss that shit.

    Other than that, it’s a fine offering, and not to sweat Nik, this place wont turn to the cheap sell side… well, not much anyway.

  11. …something to think about with bibs, from my point of view…“are they cut low enough in the front so ya can pull ’em down a bit & still pee easy enough while proudly wearing your drunkcyclist jersey ???”

    …i know there are others but ‘verge’s’ are generally pee-ccessible…

  12. Dude, you were in Cooperstown & didn’t hit up the Ommegang brewery?

    Your liver is crying.

  13. Frak! I just tossed my RF Atlas BB in the bin and sold my firstborn to buy a Chris King BB. Wish I’d known. Oh well, she’s likely in better hands now….

  14. The Deus cranks made it onto Ebay, but I tell ya, if I didn’t need the money, I’d keep these puppies and put them on a future ride just because Race Face is a good company to deal with. I’d pick em over Shimano any day of the week.