I really don’t give a shit about football…

No, really. Superbowls are interesting, if only because I get to stay up until 1 am for the goddamn game to start in an overpriced bar with satellite and cold Guinness. There is a ‘Football Quiz’ prepared by a coworker who is more knowledgeable about football than I am, and he’s never set foot out of Germany. (I gave him the Ron Mexico tip for this years nickname list. At least I’ll get one answer right.)

Speaking of Señor Mexico, and the lack of (american) football in my heart, I thought some of you (BJ) might find this interesting.

Did anyone else know that Lincoln Financial Field will be the first stadium to go ‘off the grid’? Yeah, Jeffrie Lurie is one of those evil ‘progressives’ and he’s decided to make Lincoln financial sustainable.

The team said Thursday that it will add wind turbines, solar panels and a cogeneration plant at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year, a combination that will make the stadium self-sufficient and let the Eagles sell some power back to the electric grid.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said the plan was part of the Eagles commitment to be a socially responsible organization.

“Owning an NFL team, I think you have an opportunity to lead the way,” Lurie told The Associated Press. “It’s a public building seen across the country and, sometimes, the world.”

Under the plan, approximately 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines will be mounted on the stadium’s roof and 2,500 solar panels attached to the stadium’s facade. Together, they will contribute an estimated 30 percent to the total energy production.

An onsite “dual-fuel” cogeneration plant, a small power plant that captures its heat for increased efficiency, powered by biodiesel and natural gas will contribute the rest of the energy. The system is designed to produce at least 8.6 megawatts of power, enough to meet the stadium’s peak energy use of around 7 megawatts.

The construction project will employ an estimated 200 workers over the course of the next year.

SolarBlue, an Orlando, Fla.-based renewable energy company, will pay $30 million to install and run the system for 20 years. The team will pay the firm for its power, the cost of which will increase at a fixed 3 percent annual rate.

The project is expected to be finished by September, and the team estimates it will save $60 million in energy costs.

SolarBlue is also currently working with the Boston Red Sox on an energy conservation project at Fenway Park.

No government grants were sought, but the project will benefit from renewable energy incentives, SolarBlue Chairman Lee Maher said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the Eagles have initiated a sustainability trend in the league. “The NFL is one of the most competitive clubs in the world,” Goodell said. “That’s because our clubs are competitive with one another.”

That’s pretty cool. I might even care about football once the playoffs start.

— bp

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17 thoughts on “I really don’t give a shit about football…

  1. hey that is some news. I to might watch a game now. naaaaa
    NFL is sustainable: $5 for 12oz or shit light beer, $60 for a 20 inch pizza, $75 for parking, No bike racks.
    And have you seen how many douchbags go to these damn games?
    I’m no real fan myself.

  2. It’s all about high school football anyway. The spirit is still pure and they’re not a bunch of overpaid degenerates… yet.

  3. …sounds like jeff lurie is creating a model for how every sports complex should be retrofitted or how they should be built in the future, that being a basically intelligent concept…

    …but then, ya, there is the eagles quarterback situation…

    …vick seems to be channeling some of the amazing energy he showed at virginia tech years ago when he was a must see…& i loved watching him back then but despite him having “paid for his debt to society”, there’s just still something unsavory about cheering too loud for the man…

  4. I don’t care if Vick walks on water. Just proves he can’t swim. Only thing more reprehensible than animal cruelty is child abuse. Wouldn’t put it past him.

  5. Yeah Vick is a scumbag, but he’s not even on the map compared to plenty of the pieces of shit that are walking the streets today. As far as we can tell today though Vick has paid his debt to society and been rehabilitated. Whether or not society wants to accept it, if our justice system is to work we need to.
    It does seem though that the few guys causing problems and getting arrested consistently garner the most attention which is no surprise. Sadly though, it overshadows all the players who are doing so much positive for their communities and charities. Kurt Warner and Doug Flutie are 2 great examples.

  6. @8 & 9: NFL = Thug life. It does nothing for the fatherless kids.

    Oterwise, yea, those dogs taking the hit, that’s a sad thing I guess. No more sad than Bushco or any of the chief Hawks sending all our kids to their graves over oil or some other absurd plea regarding dominance. I digress.

    Vick is a commander. He’d make a hell of an inmate.

  7. …watching tony dungy discuss vicks situation during the pregame preamble leads me to believe that beyond his prison time acting as rehab, that the one aspect that might keep vick on the straight & narrow is money…

    …roger goodell has made it plain for vick…“this is your one & only shot…you are a marked man…create any bullshit, any controversy going forward & it’s over – you’re gone for good”

    …guess we’ll find out if vick is smart enough to view the big picture over the long run…accept wise council & move in the right direction or go back to hanging with the wrong crew & piss away a fortune…

    …btw…tonight, against the ny giants, vick is looking a little more mortal than last week’s record breaking action against the redskins…

  8. …i gotta admit that i watched the above said tony dungy interview with much more interest regarding the “train wreck”” aspect than i do with any real interest in the game these days…

    …i still watch but the enthusiasm hasn’t been there for years…

    …besides, how can the huge sports salaries be justified when schools & teachers are underfunded ???…a guy oft times only marginally articulate, who’s literally playing a game we played as kids makes as much money as god & yet the people responsible for helping create & form the minds of children is scrapping to get by…amazing sense of priorities we’ve developed…

  9. bgw, what about Hollyweird? Not only are these assclowns making millions for playing dressup; if they want to run their drug-addled mopuths about matters of public policy, people will actual;ly listen to them. What the fuck is up with that? Chris, ain’t a God damned one of ’em knows their ass from a hole in the ground. This is born out by the fact that they are almost uniformly way top the left of Karl Marx. “Famous for being famous”, I guess. Ain’t bad work of you can get it. And they make millions upon millions. For play acting. At least the Gub’mint don’t hold a gun to our heads to pay. Yet. Ya got a point, though. We should treat our teachers bdetter. The good ones anyway. The others can go bang nails or whatever. Bud waddaya do? “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”? Ask Castro how it worked out for him. Buggered if I got the answer.

    And Judi, it would suit me fine to see Vick go down a log chipper feetfirst, after being drowned, hung and electrocuted. People who commit acts of animal cruelty don’t belong in my world. I’ve pretty much moved on though. bgw had it right-The league has given him his last last chance. And I can tell you this-As long as there’s a Rooney running my beloved franchise, Vick will not don the black and gold.

    Which reminds me-Was that hit from Seymour on Roethlisgerger on Sunday maybe just a tad late? It’s been more than 24 hours and I ain’t heard shit about fines or suspension.