I wanna be part of the fun

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From: Virgil_Mf_Rufus
Subject: I wanna be part of the fun.
Here is my socks. Given to me by Stevil and Gino at interbike 08.


Pretty crappy looking bike you there, Virgil. Jeez…

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15 thoughts on “I wanna be part of the fun

  1. Dude, that’s a Pegoretti he’s pedalling. As in Dario, as in he beat cancer the hard way. As in who gives a shit what the paint job looks like. It’s a fuckin’ Pegoretti. Keep the socks, Virge. I want the bike. And another beer.

  2. thats the most beautiful fork crown anyone has ever made. dario has good taste in music as well.

  3. …classic, classy & even elegant lookin’ ride, bud…

    …subtle paint for a “pego…”

  4. That Luigino is the one bike that would make me go into debt over. Dario no longer builds the double fork crown or does the hand cut lugs.

    Great bike, and nice socks, too.

  5. I always get a kick out of seeing pics of races in the 90’s with the likes of Indurain and Chiapucci on bikes that Dario obviously built, but painted like every other team bike.

    Beautiful bike, you’re a lucky guy.

  6. So kind of cool stories about the socks and the bike.

    Socks = I worked for a shop out here in Cali that the owner was from Minnesota. I wanted the damn evil socks but he said it was this sort of inside thing amongst the locals in the Minneapolis area, so I didn’t get them. Well while at the cross race 08, I was hanging with the guys from BMC, cheering on Seve and Tony Cruz. Stevil and Gino came up. I told Stevil the story so he produces a set of the socks and a PBR for me, and there ya go.

    The Pegg = It was actually built custom for some guy out in Arkansas. He ordered it right before Dario went into Chemo. So the guy had custom picked his colors. Well two years later when Dario finally gets to it and has it shipped the guy refuses it because the Blue/Grey color is wrong. The shop returns it to Gita who calls the shop I worked at and says hey we got this frame it has custom geometry; does it fit anyone you know? Well it was exactly my size. So my boss had it shipped to us before even asking me. Tells me hey we got this coming in it’s your size do you want it. I stripped my Look 595 Ultra, sold the frame, bought the bike, without even knowing the colors. I love the damn thing. It rides so smooth and let’s be honesty it’s damn sexy.

  7. Only things missing are King cages. The Salsa cages rule but the King cages would look so damn good.

  8. …i’m afraid what might happen were i to wear my evil socks, my sinister cycles’ wool beanie at the same time i’m wearing my drunkcyclist’ riding jersey…

    …i might get pegged as a veritable confluence of cycling nastiness…not that i’m gonna lose a lotta sleep over that…

    …but i’m just sayin’…

  9. A good friend ordered the same frame, in the Orange paint scheme. The distributor didn’t ask for a deposit, and the order was forgotten.

    About two years later, the distributor calls him, tells him his frame is here. ‘What frame?’ he says. ‘The Peg you ordered’.

    Turns out they turned the order in, without a deposit, Dario built and shipped it, the distributor says whose bike is this, and Dario says I build, you figure out who it belongs to.

    His favorite bike, and he owns more than one custom.

    Dario rocks. I’d sell one of my De Rosa’s for a Luigino. I know I wouldn’t be disappointed.

  10. When I finish this financially debilitating mess known as “education” I will work to acquire a few more bikes. A De Rose Primato is on my want list. Also a Bianchi and a Pinarello. I had the chance once, on a Pinarello, and didn’t have the scratch. It was aluminum, so, really, it doesn’t keep me up at night. Steel only, please. I have bikes that are not steel, of course, but I’m not rushing out to get more of them. They are, honestly, often dancing on the line of being soul-less bastards.

  11. “Financially debilitating”, my hairy and lily-white tucchas. You’ll be a lawyer, Gianni. License to print money and a Serotta for every day of the month. Not that I envy you, mind. “It’s only my soul” is false economy at best.