Far East Report

From: Response
Subject: Free beer
So I was tearing up the local hills on my china 28″ with my 90 lb. Munchkin riding shotgun onna rear rack, and I sees a BBQ grill fo’ sale.

photo (3)Webers are impossible to find in china cause no one grills that way. (they do it more open flame Korea style) I picked it up for a mere $6 usd, cause they couldn’t find a home for it after 2 years of collecting dust. I stopped by the outdoor market and bought onions, squash, mushroom, potato, coal, chicken and two beers fo $6 us.

I grilled up a feast and dined better than kings. Also both of my 600 ml beers had magic bottle caps that are worth a free beer apeice!

Surprisingly, the free beer bottle cap thing has been going on every day for a week now. I havent spent a dime on beers. Even the guy at the beer store is raising an eyebrow about my luck.

I am living the dream!

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2 thoughts on “Far East Report

  1. Holy fuck… you live in a world where every beer has a free beer coupon on the cap. That’s better than Valladolid where you get 10 pesos for the deposit, and pay 4 pesos for the beer.