Move with love.


The teammates of Ali Delgado, who was hit by a car while riding her bike on 10/16, have made up these t-shirts to sell for her never-ending mound of medical bills that are piling up. You can order one online here.

ali's shirt

Ali has a long way to go. If you have a few extra bucks, go here to donate directly to her fund. All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks in advance. Ride safe.

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21 thoughts on “Move with love.

  1. I love that design! I want two of them, but cannot order because: A: Paypal committed fraud against me and I do not/cannot use them anymore and B: The USA Patriot Act now requires all bank account holders to have a physical address. I cannot create checks now. Thank Mr. Bush et. al.

  2. How about C and D ??

    C: Paypal commited fraud against you ?

    I’ve been using them for years. You pay. All good. What did you do wrong ?

    D: Not having a physical address makes you home-less. That is your decision not Bush’s.

    What are you running from ?

  3. LJ isn’t running from anything. He choses not to embrace what the rest of us think things should be like, such as permanent residences. I digress…

    Paypal indeed does suck. Their fraud is defined in their terms where they establish a type of “censorship” on what a person can and can’t do with their own money. Just like any other bank because, well, it’s their facility, but it still blows. We use them to process payments here so I get to deal with their protocols on the daily. Ugh.

  4. OK – bringing back case brief writing skills, I’ll keep it as short as possible.

    Seller posted 8 oz silver on Ebay at buy-it-now.
    Buyer bought 6 oz at $123 within 5 minutes of start, paid immediately.
    Seller sent package
    Buyer claimed “Did not receive” (only time out of several hundred sales over 8 years) and initiated claim.
    Claim system is automated with paypal. Paypal offered no ‘hearing’ only offers 3 buttons you can push to ‘explain’ your side. None apply.
    Default judgement: Paypal removed $123 from my account on Jan 3 and gave it to the thief. He got the silver and the money he paid for it right back. He used the automated paypal ‘buyer protection’ to steal from me. This means Ebay is a conspirator to fraud on a grand scale.
    ABSOLUTELY NO FORUM for addressing this concern or loophole – Ebay will not address the issue, says Paypal is responsible yet, Respondent Superior means Ebay is responsible as parent company of Paypal.

    Ebay, as a bank owner, wishes to control a large number of online transactions. Paypal’s 3 buttons is not due process of law.

  5. I’ve paid with everything “normal” by check, debit or credit. No problems at all.

    Backroom purchases are all cash. How it works.

    Paypal causes problems over jersey purchases ?

  6. Hey Fuck you, Triple F – by the way. Tired of your shit, for real this time. Do you think that just because you are home-less then you should:

    Not be allowed to get paid by check, or make checks
    Not be allowed to make any online transaction
    Not receive the benefits of discounts through online payment of bills
    Have to keep all of your money in cash
    It’s an insidious, shitty ‘fuck you’ to everyone empowered to give up paying for housing in a traditional format. PO Box doesn’t cut it.

    If you agree to these notions, then you are a fucking scumbag. I didn’t make the patriot act, shit bird. It limits the rights of 100,000 citizens for every potential terrorist it thwarts. It limits your rights, too. I hope you see it inconvenience you in a bigger way than it does me.
    I’m not running from anything. There is nothing wrong with the choice to live rent free and to feed myself instead of a fucking land lord. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a lifestyle that has the minimum negative impact on self and others and Earth.
    It’s not ‘running’ you fuck, it’s choosing adversity to make life more interesting and to more properly manage wealth. It’s choosing LIFE.

    Everyone needs a house? Bullshit. I have a big truck and I enjoy living in it, even when it is cold, far more than the fucking aging carpeted condo that I left, which cost $500+ per month for my share, living with two people I have to clean up after. Fuck that.

    You, Triple F, have made the assumption that I am a binge drinker and deluded as you have indicated that you once were. I don’t believe you are monitoring my life nor have any idea what I’m really about. You can assume all you want that other people have the same disease model that you do, but you are still deluded, regardless of the alkaloid chemistry of your blood.


  7. “Claim system is automated with paypal. Paypal offered no ‘hearing’ only offers 3 buttons you can push to ‘explain’ your side. None apply.”

    OK. You bought something from Ebay. And paid by Paypal. And it fell thru.

    So. If I go to my local Shoprite and buy a T-bone and pay by check/debit/credit and get home to discover the meat is rank on the bottom, I then blame my bank ??????

    Really ??

  8. “It limits the rights of 100,000 citizens for every potential terrorist it thwarts.”

    I would change that to 1,000,000 citizens per terrorist.

    But then again. I’m an asshole according to you. So who cares what I think.

    I’m going for a T-bone. I’ll pay for it with my Chase debit card. I’ll thank the cashier. And then I’ll come home and pan roast it. Medium rare as I like. Toss a baked potato on and I’m all good for tonite.

    Fuck you lj. You need to back off the drugs.

  9. TF, only sometimes. Last incident which is within their policy, thus not an overt issue but just an irritation, is the raffle that I just posted. They shut down the account on the basis that we’re fronting “gambling” on the site. All for 700 dollars. Absurd, yes. But being they are in control now I have to go through some largely tedious process to get back in good standing. It’s much ado about nothing. Now, based on that same logic you propose in #8, why should they have anything to do with where the money comes from or where it goes since all they do is provide the infrastructure to make it happen?

    That of course has nothing to do with LJ. LJ is not one for the game of capitalism. There’s nothing wrong with that I guess, but damn if that isn’t going to make for some hard knocks.

    but remember, this is about moving with love, not paypal.

  10. No, dipshit. I SOLD something on Ebay and was systematically RIPPED OFF. I think I explained it quite clearly.

  11. “but remember, this is about moving with love, not paypal”.
    thanks gnome.

    please guys, this is a post about a local girl who is lying in a fucking hospital bed and we are trying to raise $$ for her medical bills.


  12. Ahh grasshopper but helping out someone is way less fun than flaming each other. Maybe the little boys can stop the slap fight long enough to actually do something constructive.

  13. Grace has set things straight again. I am truly sorry for doing my part to make this comment section about me. I got to learn to ignore the mindfuck questions that these people come up with. It’s about buying the shirts to help Ali Delgado. I have an obstacle. The constructive – yes, I appreciate the grace that cuarenta manos extends.

  14. These are fantastic. And, on a selfish note, come in xs, which means I was actually able to offer my support. What a wonderful way to help your friend while spreading the message of acceptance.

    Thoughts of healing to Ali and love to everyone.

  15. 40, thanks so much. i was going to offer to pick one up for LJ too. they have them in a couple stores just a few short miles away from my house. LJ just lemme know what you want to do.

    thanks to anyone and everyone that bought a t-shirt or donated to her fund. it is much appreciated.

  16. Is the screen done with or can I get something printed on a color other than white? Not that I have any problem with white… it’s just that I’m a slob and white t-shirts last about 3 days with me.