Bacon and Beer, with LongHammer’s Jackhammer

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Just so you all dont think I’m a one trick pony. Got together with my Beer Mile partner this weekend after the moto pace and did some demo. Big Red and I are currently training for the local beer mile here in Tucson. Secretly I have been doing some running, while in not so secret Big Red has been doing some Drink Training. We figure between the both of us we should finish about the same time. Although I’m thinking I’m going to puke on the 3rd 400, but who knows it could come the first lap. After a good moto pace session why not bust up some tile right? Here is a photo of Big Red getting Nasty with LongHammer’s Jack Hammer. Say that 3 times fast after a couple of beers. That’s my beer on the floor, and yes if you look closely that’s a strip of bacon on the beer. Beers, Bacon, and LongHammer’s JackHammer. Best way to spend an afternoon.


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9 Replies to “Bacon and Beer, with LongHammer’s Jackhammer”

  1. Beer and bacon ??


    I’ve had beer and corn flakes, beer and omelets, and beer and flap-jacks. Never had beer and bacon.


    I may have to start drinking again.

    Damn you Snake. Damn you.

  2. Beer mile huh. Well I did sub 7 minutes off the couch. Hope you can turn in a decent time. I’m pretty sure my little bro did sub 5:30, but that was when he was racing collegiately.

  3. Sub 5:30 Molson mile is RIGHTEOUS. Best I ever did was 6:45…and that was when I was running Div. 1 in college.

  4. yea, i’m sure you’ll be fine during the beer mile as long as you drink more of that light, watery, crap beer. :) you’re going down snake, and i’m drinking the black death that is tenfidy.