When the Aussie is in Town

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When the Aussie is in town that can only mean one thing. Time to nut up, leave it in the big ring, and sit second wheel for as long as possible. I’m not going to lie, I came off the wheel at 72kph. It’s funny at 72kph a centimeter might as well been a kilometer. I’m going metric for the Aussie on this one.

Sorry, back to the task at hand. All you have to do is stay on the wheel infront of you. Who cares how, just do it just do it. I failed, but shit, I went down swinging. But, as usuall the Project Master was there to bring me back into the fold. Just when the rest of the world is putting on snow tires, down here in the Dirty T we just keeps it real. Oh yeah, I would have gotten a good photo of myself in there with my sweet new jersey from the Gnome. http://drunkcyclist.com/dc-store/dc-goods/dc-10th-anniversary-jersey.

But instead I have a photo of the Project Master and the Aussie.


Remember folks, someone, somewhere right now, is training harder than you.


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7 Replies to “When the Aussie is in Town”

  1. I don’t “train”. I ride my bike to ride my bike. Too old for that shenanigans, dontchaknow.

    Still-“I failed but shit I went down swinging” sums up everything I have stood for, these 59 years on this Earth. Sir, I take off my hat and raise my glass. More than that; I salute you.

  2. Fuck… its gonna be an uphill battle getting on form if you’re already hitting the moto. Then again when hasn’t it been an uphill battle. You may need to hold my hand a bit.

  3. Personally, I shaved my legs once, six or seven years ago. It ain’t for me, but if it makes sense for you, rock on.

    As to “drink more beer”, I love me a cold ‘un, but it fills me up. I can go through a fifth of hard liquor in a day and a half though.