No Longer in Showroom Condition

This was taken about 15 minutes after I finished LT 100.

No longer in show room condition.
No longer in show room condition.

Either pedal your bike or go back to the farm.


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Tucson, Arizona, USA

21 thoughts on “No Longer in Showroom Condition

  1. I don’t know man, this years leadville I was the most impressed with your effort. Your perseverance & dedication, not just on the day but the previous year of work you put into it, and that stacked on top of the past 14 years. And then to watch you pedal up that damn hill Columbine, oh man. That was everything to do with being a cyclist.

    Damn fine work Snake.

  2. Is there a hill?
    Tell me.
    Years. What are years?
    Is there an ‘over the hill’?
    I don’t see it.
    I just see more hill.
    “I’ll climb ’till I’m dead.” said I, little-heart.
    Our heart is only the size of a fist.
    It is said that the number of beats is finite and quantified.
    I’ll take ’em now, then. Upon my wheels. Upon my saddle.

  3. Awesome Jake

    I chose both. Can I go back to tractor now? It’s like a long training ride. Arivaca….

  4. And yet I’d bet my fixed Crosscheck and all then lugged steel in my shed he has never been happier. ‘Splain me that, Lucy.

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