A. B. S.

After a couple weeks filled with road trips gone wrong and nagging injuries I chose to stay home this weekend. Regroup if you will. The only problem is that I have a really hard time staying home. I get bored very easily.

I decided this weekend needed a theme and it needed to be jam packed with fun. Jam packed with SHREDDING.

I’m overly fond of the word shred. I started saying it to make fun of the dude-bro freeriders on my local trails but now it has somehow made it into my every day vocabulary. Sort of like that shitty song you hear on the radio that is absolutely awful but for some reason you catch yourself humming along with it.

I decided to have some dork fun with my Twitter and run with the theme “Always Be Shredding”.  Judging by the full body soreness and a couple of hangovers, I feel that I may have sufficiently shredded the shit out of my weekend.

Things started out a bit rowdy with a birthday party for my boy Scandinavian Jesus … Hey, sorry about shooting you with that BB gun.

There was some mountain bike shredding followed by some Moto shredding, and then all capped off with some shredding of this seasons Hop Trip. I couldn’t think of a better beer to wash it all down with and I’m very happy to see it back in season. If you don’t know about this beer, you can check out this short little documentary here.

But I would have to  say my favorite shred of the weekend happened in my driveway with a random 6 year old:

ABS skate

Nobody can shred like youth. It reminded me of this video that Asian Bob sent over a while back:

YouTube Preview Image

If that doesn’t make you want to go ride with your friends, I don’t know what will, check your pulse. Racing, doping, winning, loosing, getting aero, 29ers, fixters, spandex, baggies, girl pants, carbon plastic frames…forget all that.  Shred.

I’m off to Durango, CO this weekend with a group of about 8 guys and we are going to do our best to leave that town in shreds. Anybody even remotely close to  that fine city should come meet up with us. It will be entertaining to say the least. The only two goals are to ride every day until we can ride no more, and to stay out of jail. Wish us luck. Shred it dirty…

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10 thoughts on “A. B. S.

  1. Oh golly, Durango will await you, but the posse who may or may not have put on sswc is heading to ft. collins for a polo tourney . . right down the road some stomprz are full moonin the white rim under the full moon, just sayin, drop in mineral bottom and head left till the suns comes up and you’re done

  2. @slappy – i was hoping to run into some stomprz while we were there, I will be in town Sat – Tues get a hold of me..SteveZ has my personal e-mail and #

  3. last week in Whistler I went riding with a “third year local” rocking a 20″ wheel hardtail with 1X7 shifting, full-face helmet and bash pads, and the kid attacked the first black diamond trail at the base (Peaches en Regalia). I climbed the wide (wet, muddy) raised boardwalk and he went for the narrow board and crashed. Seven years old.

  4. D-go is probably going to be sloppy wet this weekend. The White Rim looks a little suspect too…Hope we get a window. I need to see the full moon on some kind of ride. Let’s shred!

  5. you should have been shreddin’ with dominic in the fucking wheelchair he found yesterday. good post dirrrtry. keep it real.

  6. It looks like Phil’s world will be our first stop on saturday afternoon, we will check weather from there and decide if D-town, Fruita or Moab is where the party will be..either way we win