I think Jesus help build these trails…

This place is magical.

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15 thoughts on “I think Jesus help build these trails…

  1. Not my thing, but BIG credit to the guys who built it, and to the guys with balls big enough to fly that high and far!

  2. I’m pretty sure these jumps are built with the same dirt that makes the chalk cliffs in the UK. Seriously, it is like they are building with concrete. Limestone (powdered-dirt) + water = concrete (with some aggregates mixed in). If only the crap sand we had here on the Front Range had some of these properties. Until then, I’ll be at the park.

  3. Damn…steep and holy like egyptian pyramids.
    Love the smooth lines and landings, reminds me of watching Brian Blyther ripping any transition…especially the pipeline.

  4. dominic would tear it up. he’d crash no doubt too. that shit looks fun. i like bmx and flatland more and more.

  5. How do I get there? Do I have to go to church?? Is that what heaven looks like??? Good thing they have shovels, I’ll need buried after a few attempts of reaching those heights.

  6. There was a video posted a couple months ago with the building of these and a bunch of kids killing it.

  7. …there’s such a wild & crazy elegant flow to that style of riding…

    …not my thing but i can appreciate seeing it, no bout a doubt it…

    …amazing place, amazing stuff…

  8. The earlier video with multiple riders and Ozzy providing the soundtrack was a touch better.
    Also, is it really cycling if the cranks never turn? I thought his cranks were welded in place until the closing seconds. Amazing pump track!
    I want to ride today! I’ll have to resist the urge to try anything overly silly on my commuter en route to downtown Mpls with a heavy backpack.

  9. Looks like flyash, the byproduct of coal-fired power plants. the stuff is mixed with water and is very much like cement.