As big as BALCO?

Seen those new Nike commercials? The one’s that go “Boom!”? Yeah. Boom. That’s what they’re saying. We’ll see, of course, how it all plays out.

MONTREAL – The head of the World Anti-Doping Agency says he wouldn’t be surprised if some BALCO-like revelations come out of the ongoing investigation into cycling that has Lance Armstrong as its apparent focus.

WADA general director David Howman said Wednesday that he suspects “some information will come out of the current inquiries that will be equally as significant as BALCO.”

In addition to implicating athletes such as Barry Bonds and Marion Jones, BALCO opened a window into the methods that athletes used to dope.

My favorite criticism of the investigation thus far? The “waste of tax dollars” line. No question of whether or not laws were broken, just that the enforcement of those laws is a waster of resources. Let boys be boys or something.

Not completely on point, but worth your time. If you have not already seen it, take a look at Bicycling magazine’s Paging Doctor Ferrari.

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6 thoughts on “As big as BALCO?

  1. The big issue is still that things are legal until determined illegal. Make it simple; every new substance is illegal, that it might be a PED, until it is determined to NOT be a PED. That way, there are no exceptions, just drugs that are already determined to be legal. I remember Vaughters having to pull out of the TdF on one of the last few days because of a bee sting and not being able to take stuff that stopped the swelling in 15 minutes. Someone is going to burn the whole house down someday, then where will it all be?

  2. BALCO? Oh yeah, that was huge, when he got that hat trick in game six of the Cup. BALCO is awesome.

  3. ‘balco’ ???…thought he was the field goal kicker for the philly eagles…despite his best efforts to level the playing field, the eagles are proving to be more powerful birds than the falcons…

    …& about tonight ???…sorry, gianni but “fuck the phillies – go giants !!!”

  4. Novitsky is obviously going after Armstrong and company because he loves the attention. Face it, if the feds spent as much time and energy going after missing kids and people who actually committed crimes involving property theft and/or violence, the good ol’ US of A would be a much better place.

    That said, the stated driver is to recover money (i.e., Tax Dollars) originating from USPS sponsorship which were spent on PEDs. I think its completely legitimate to question the REAL motivators behind the investigation (e.g., Novitsky’s ego), but from a legitimacy perspective the Armstrong investigation sure makes a whole lot more sense than the BALCO investigation did.


  5. …sayin’ it again::: no matter how it shakes out financially or otherwise, armstrong will NOT go to jail despite how much that disappoints some of you…