Doping is as doping does

Stefan Matschiner has revealed details of how he helped his athletes carry out blood doping and has promised further revelations about how he helped them cheat in a book he plans to call ‘Borderline’.

The Austrian was the agent for Bernhard Kohl, Michael Rasmussen and 20 other high-level triathletes and runners until 2008. He was given a 15-month sentence for doping on Monday and is no longer involved in sport. Kohl is serving a lifetime ban after having tested positive for CERA at the 2008 Tour de France.

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“I don’t regret anything because I can’t say I put anyone’s health in danger,” Matschiner reportedly said during his trial, describing doping as important to elite sports “as breakfast.”

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2 thoughts on “Doping is as doping does

  1. Would you like some orange juice (no more dangerous than EPO) to go along with your ‘breakfast’?

  2. nice! if the book comes out in english and it reads like an instruction manual (like willy voet’s “breaking the chain”) then you can look for some good performances from ol’ tom in ’11!