2011 Interbike – Anaheim decision reversed.

Got an email forwarded to me from Dirrrty. It was from the Interbike Show Director, Andy Tompkins.

From: Dirrrty
Subject: Interbike 2011 Date and Venue Announcement
Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this year’s show and the countless conversations we have personally had with retailers and exhibitors regarding the future dates and location of Interbike, we are reversing our earlier decision to move the 2011 show to Anaheim in August…..

…..we are announcing that the 2011 Interbike show will return to the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas September 14-16, with the OutDoor Demo taking place at Bootleg Canyon on September 12-13. The 2012 show also will be held at the Sands in Las Vegas September 19-21, with the Demo to be held September 17-18.

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16 thoughts on “2011 Interbike – Anaheim decision reversed.

  1. Gotta say, I’m stoked. they need to move it farther east if anywhere. SLC, Denver, somewhere. I’m on the East coast, why would I want to fly even farther, to go to a show that offered even less in terms of amenities, both societal, and natural. Being able to walk everywhere, and climbing just 20 minutes out of town? Priceless.

    Besides, the Original Pancake House rules, and Dirty, my boy and I need to hit us some red rock….

  2. I’ll be, who would’a thunk it. That is the way to make a decision. Action = results….

  3. Hmmm. Not that Interbike has too much pull in the big conference world, but it does make me wonder if it was a negotiating tactic. The Sands is pretty popular for conventions and at least used to book over a year out. At least that was word around the campfire at Interbike some years ago. Something along the lines of, “we’ll take our football and go somewhere else if you don’t negotiate a different deal with us.” And then backed it up. Vegas’ economy is hurting as well… Still, get that shit out of that cesspool. Shit, even Reno would be a better place for it. Did I mention how much I hate Vegas?

  4. The Good Doctor Thompson’s take on Circus Circus can easily and accurately be applied to the entire damn place: “[Vegas] is what the whole hep world would be doing Saturday night if the Nazis had won the war.” But it’s still a far, far better place than Anaheim.

  5. Didn’t I say I heard it before? The ping pong ball is fix, man! Fuck it. Vegas is dirty and contained. I’m booking my ibuprofen now!

  6. …no bout a doubt it…as ugly as vegas can be, it’s a damn site better than anahiem for a bike convention in my book, too…

    …the “fresh air content” might even be higher in vegas & vegas offers one of the biggest dichotomies & most spectacular man-made free shows in the world…that’s right, the bellagio‘s beautiful water show set to all various types of music…

    …there you are out in the warm desert air & yet here’s this awesome water show that would bore only the most jaded of fools…sinatra, rossini, zz top, they all fit…fucking cool & worth hanging around for a few iterations…

  7. I’m with el jefe on this one. I’m sure some heavy behind-the-scenes action happened on the part of the Sands to make sure Interbike would return for at least a couple of years.

    No worry. I told my shop I would never go to Las Vegas again for anything, so if they really want to send someone to Interbike again it will simply have to be someone else.


  8. I’ve been saying Denver since the last time we were in Anaheim. Doesn’t my voice count for anything? (This of course is a rhetorical question, but if one were to answer, that response would obviously be ‘no’.)