Cyclist Down

From: Michael
Hi Jonny..
Sadly a VERY close friend has become another statistic..
He WILL be missed!

Michael Martens

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

Local bicycling leader Jeff Littmann died on Tuesday from the injuries he suffered when a car hit him on a training ride in Waukesha County last week, a spokeswoman at Froedtert Hospital confirmed.

The well-respected racer and owner of Attitude Sports in Pewaukee was riding eastbound on Wisconsin Ave. with Lauren Jensen when a car struck both of them from behind. The driver, Kyle Dieringer, 25, of Nashotah, told sheriff’s deputies the bright morning sun blinded him, and he didn’t see the bicyclists until after he hit them.

The crash remains under investigation. The Waukesha County district attorney’s office will consider issuing charges or citations.

My deepest condolences to his friends and family.

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2 thoughts on “Cyclist Down

  1. This is just horrible. Two in one day. They want us to stop riding. They want us to think it’s safer to drive. But if the “Driver down” list was made, you wouldn’t be able to keep track.
    Am I next? How many more?? Is this combat??? Why????

  2. “they” don’t even give us a second thought unless “they” encounter us…they‘re generally too self centered…& yes, all of this needless loss of good humanity is horrible…