Picture says it all!

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THOR! World Champ.
THOR! World Champ.

Alright, so it was late (for me) when I posted this up last night, but wanted to do some writing on this. I am very happy for Thor “Motherfucking” Hushovd to have won this world championship. I am also happy (as someone said in the comments section already) as a self admitted non-fan of Cadel that he raced with class, and gutted it out, and almost took home a second rainbow jersey. I will say, this last year has MADE me a Cadel Evans fan for sure. Why? The man raced with passion, and again, class all year. Attacking. Showing the rainbow stripes. And of course, making the best of his year as world champ. As the Aussies say, “Good on ya’ mate”. Man done well this past year.

What I like most about his year in the rainbow is the fact that I think it fundamentally CHANGED him as a rider. He went from a somewhat successful whiney bike racer, to a man to be feared in short stage races, and in one day classics throughout the year. I think he liked the rainbow stripes across his chest, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wear them again.

The race itself, great race to watch. Gilbert almost pulled a trick out of his arse during the race, and rode to the finish alone. But fuck that, it’s the world championships, nobody was going to let that shit go. Well, the Italians would have let it go, since they probably wouldn’t have been able to decide who was going to chase, and who was going to “win” therefore, assuring themselves not a win. You guys know how they operate. I’m going to have to go with Thor didn’t have the strongest team out there either, and yet, the cream gentlemen, the cream rises. Shake the friggin’ pail, and there it is, sloshing around the top in the form of one giant Norwegian. And really, what better name to have than Thor, for a world champ. Well, maybe Odin (Thor’s father), but I digress.

Someone also said, “Let’s wait for the doping test.” Here’s where I come down on that side of things, since we’ve had a spate of them lately. I don’t care right now. If someone comes down positive, then I’ll care. I’m not naive enough to know that it’s not going on, but I also give into the willful suspension of disbelief when I’m watching a race. Not thinking about who is, or who is not doping. Going out on a limb here, Thor seems like a good guy. Evans, seems like one of the good guys too. To throw in a disclaimer though, doping is possible for anyone I believe. Good guy, or not. Nobody believed Tyler would dope either, because he was a “nice” guy.

Road season is just about done though. Lombardy is it. Any calls on that? We have ‘cross season (almost in full swing in Europe, moving along here in the States) coming into the fold again, and am happy to report, my bike is almost built up. Just missing, well, a shit ton of parts, and the motivation to buy them and build it up. Hope to have it done to go and have some fun out in the late winter mud of the Mid Atlantic region.

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6 thoughts on “Picture says it all!

  1. Yes, I know that’s not the picture from the world championship race.

    No, I didn’t want to muddy up the pic with commentary.

    Evans rode a fucking awesome race, and he definitely left it all out on the road. Gilbert almost pulled off a little something something. But overall, it was fun to watch.

  2. …i was only following with constantly updated on-line reports but that was exciting…

    …it sounds like evans really did race his final ‘rainbow stripes’ race with the class he wore that jersey with all year…this from an admitted non-fan of evans but hey, class is class in my book…

    …i expect the same out a’ ‘smash’ hushovd in the coming season…

  3. ok, now just wait for the doping results,

    I hope, did not have tacos or beans for dinner because he would surely positive

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