Re: Chinese travel snacks

Anther report from our Far East Correspondent and man of questionable moral standards, Response.

I was riding my bike in one of the most heavily populated cities on earth. Mongkok is a motherfucker to navigate around people. There are two kids of people there. Those that see you coming and freeze and those who dart. The only way to compenstate is to aim for their rear heel and hope for the best. Also, intoxication can be an exponentialy inhibiting factor. A short wheel base would be ideal. So my 29er is about the worst choice.

But man, its a trip at night. The smells and sounds and energy are intoxicating on their own. I yell MO GAO CHOR AH! (what the fuck) and laugh as I run lights and cut off taxi cabs.

I own four bikes now. One in every city that I hang my hat. I have not been to the usa in 1.5 years and its getting easier not to look back.

Life is good…


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