Interbike Madness

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The outdoor demo was everything i thought it would be, and then some. One big fucking huge playground for adult bike dorks. It was PONIES and RAINBOWS all day long.

I wasn’t used to that kitty litter type of dirt at all. Dominic and I both spent time with the EMT’s. I crashed twice. Dominic crashed once and busted a couple of ribs. My knees are swollen and scraped and we’re both limping around like idiots.

These are the bikes I rode.

First day:
* SRAM 2×10
The only booth to have a Niner, that I could find.

Product – A+
Shifts smooth as silk. I was more about the bike than the 2×10 though.

Customer Service – C
Mechanics – F

A 45 minute wait to put our pedals on, 80 PSI in my tires that made me slip and slide like a fool, and just douchey attitude in general. “Don’t touch my fuckin’ tools” (to his coworker).

* Salsa Fargo
Product B
Neat bike. Dirty kept his all day. I didn’t care for the double shifting.

Customer Service – B
Bobby was nice, and he knows BJ.

Mechanics – A

* Jeff Jones’ Rigid Fatty 3.8
One word. RAD. A++++

* Marin _______
It looked like Gnome’s bike but I don’t remember the model).

Product A+
1st time on full suspension. NOW I know why Gnome always posts “squish squish” when he rides his Marin. It was really sweet.

Customer Service – B
Mechanics – A

* Surly Karate Monkey (SS 9’er)
Product A++++
I am getting one. I spent most of my time on that bike.

Customer Service – A+++
All those guys were fucking RAD. We hung out there all day long.

Mechanics – A++++
Not even mad when Dominic crashed their Pugsley coming down the mountain.

After riding bikes in the desert all day The Canadian, Dirty Biker, and The Rev Dick took us swimming in Lake Mead. Dirty picked the rockiest part of the beach and we all swam out to an island made of humongous rubber tires with signs that said DANGER! in 3 different languages. The lake cops busted us and made us swim back. Good times.

Yesterday we tested some bikes for our LBS.

* Fuji Altamira CX

Product – B
Very nice bike, but I didn’t have any fucking grass to ride on. I like top brakes on a CX bike too.

Customer service A+++
Mechanics (hey ROY!) A+++++

* Raleigh Revenio
RALEIGH READS DC! (i can’t remember his name but i remember his girl’s name, Nomi, sorry!, very cool people!)

We tested out the new comfort “sport” road bikes. The bike has an integrated headset so it’s almost impossible to get aero. It’s a super comfy bike and an excellent starter bike. Priced right too.

Product A+
Customer service A+
Mechanics A+

The rest of the day was spent on the Surly SS 9’er that I started calling “mine”. Me, the Rev. Dick, and Dominic climbed the hill that all the downhillers were taking a shuttle to. We had this awesome tailwind going up the hill so it didn’t even feel like we were climbing. The fucking wind on top of that mountain was insane. The downhill was fun fun fun. Until Dominic crashed trying to go over some boulder.

Dirty sat with me while the EMT’s tried to talk Dominic into going to the hospital. He wasn’t having any of it. After 15 minutes we were headed back to Surly and someone got talked into bouncing around on a Pusley in The Apesuit.


Today I get hitched. Let’s get this day rolling.

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15 Replies to “Interbike Madness”

  1. I’ll say it again, you folks just fucking rock! Have fun and keep D from hurting himself anymore. And please don’t hurt the boy too badly on your honeymoon night!

  2. We might need to grade the SRAM mechanic on a curve. You never touch, much less use, another person’s tools. Never. A fireable offense in an auto shop and would put even the nicest wrench in a foul mood quicker than pissing on his shoes.

  3. Jeezus tits and congratulations! Sounds to me like your honeymoon is happening before the wedding! Raleigh reads DC, I’ll remember that.

  4. Hold the bus! Weddin’ bells? Domenic and Judi, may the years treat you well.

    And Me is right. Fourteen years in the trades, and the first thing you learn-A man’s tools are sacred. Don’t use them; don’t even TOUCH them unless you ask.

  5. I second (or third or fourth) the “don’t touch my tools” bit. It is a mechanic’s right to ask his tools remain unmolested by the wandering hands of others. You cannot knock a guy (or gal) for saying such a thing.

  6. and who takes 45 minutes to put on pedals? my bsm teammate is here w/ sram too and he isn’t a douchey asshole. these two mechanics were fuckstix.

  7. I would kindly ask them to refrain from fondling the tools, if they fucked with mine.

    That was the Marin Mount Vision, Judi. It has it’s own wallet. It’s the one that says bad ass mother fucker on it.