Interbike cometh

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So lets forget all the bullshit about Interbike going back to Cali. We still have one year left in Sin City and the festivities start for me this Sunday when I post up for the afternoon at Rehab. It seems like a fine way to kick off 4 days of bike related activity.

Now my question for you guys and girls…what do you want to hear about while I’m there? There will be the normal stuff like the all of the goods at  the dirt demo, and at the convention center, or the clown show that is Crossvegas. There is even going to be a wedding. But what do the reader’s of this this site want to see? Because I will find it.

My short list involves riding the new Salsa Fargo, hading out a beatdown to a Tranny, and drinking a bunch of corn liquor with Reverened Dick. But that will just fill Monday afternoon.  So if you are tired of the normal velo-snooze type coverage of interbike, or if you just got stuck watching the shop while everybody else flew to Vegas…give me a request and I will do my best to make it happen.

Here is some stuff to get you through the rest of your work week:

“If you don’t like beer and dirt piles, don’t fuckin’ watch.” Dank Trails video

The boys over at NY Cross are doing it all again this. If you are in the area check one of  these races out. They are good guys. I used to live in their closet…seriously.

Taj is now making big kid bikes and I will probably own one soon.

The Tour De Fat is coming to a town near you (or at least near me). You get free beer if you volunteer.

I have a Twitter and so does Judi, They just seem to be our DC posts but 140 characters at a time, but following us around just might make you smarter.

that’s all for now…I’m counting on you guys for some creativity in your suggestions, and maybe some cool bike stuff to check out that I may have otherwise never given a second look. I can’t wait to get to Vegas and keep it dirty

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I am a fan of singletrack, singlespeeds, single women and single malt. Currently in Carbondale, CO Follow on Instagram @dirty_biker

27 thoughts on “Interbike cometh

  1. Elvis was a Gawd.

    And now I am the same fat fuck he was at the end.


    I volunteer to put on the sequined suit and walk youse guys down the isle.

    No charge.
    Best of wishes. Have fun in Vegas and forever.

  2. There is also a Hardtop Bike Polo tournament happening during
    Interbike. It’s the 22nd and 23rd… Come play, or just
    drink beer and heckle.

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  4. triple f, no elvis for me, it’s been done too much. i don’t need anyone to walk me down an “aisle”. this is gonna be the fucking anti-wedding. but i thank you for the offer.

    ok, i’d play polo. who’s got a bike for me?

  5. oh, that reminds me! are there any industry types that would want to let Judi and Dom borrow a couple bikes to go get married on? taking a taxi to get married seems so unnatural when you could just ride

  6. I wanna hear about all the drunks who make complete idiots out of themselves at Rehab.

    Oh, and something about bikes would be nice too. =P

  7. Cross Vegas. How fast does someone get DQ’ed for a beer handup. (I’ve got a couple good ideas of who it will be too).

  8. Ugh. I hate to say it, but it’s looking like I’ll be missing Interbike this year, the final year in Vegas, despite a free room and the desire to rage it. To all the DC folks going, have fun, drink one in my honor.

    On the upside, I’ll be in Denver from the 24th thru the 26th. Anyone wanna show me n the wife around? Tell us what to do that’s fun, at least?

  9. tell us all about interbike, but you can only type it up or pic it up when your piss you pants drunk. i’m not playing!
    seeriously send us something cool, not the every other reports stuff the drunkcyclist stuff

    and a bit about the wedding, they always make me cry

  10. d2 – im sorry you cant make it to vegas, that’s a bummer. have fun in denver. i avoid CO if i can so im not going to be much help.

  11. first off, much respect for forgoing the obligatory ‘hookers n blow’ routine. Handing out a beatdown to a tranny though; disrespectful, mean-spirited, inappropriate and -in short- downright awesome. Please, please make that a Sunday morning beatdown so I can throw down with you.

    My request for your interbike coverage is as follows:

    Determine who is, in fact, the greatest bike vendor using the following method:

    First, you’re going to need a Circle of Death. Doesn’t really matter what it looks like (I envision a ring made of old bike tires, subsequently doused in WD-40 and set on fire) just get one.

    Second, randomly pair up vendors and then tell one that the other one said that their hubs look fat with that cassette on them or that their top-tube is too short.

    Third, let them choose their weapons. I like the idea of a chain-ring/crank arm or possibly a pedal wrench (there’s also the FAG but, while possibly an effective weapon, you can’t give your opponent the satisfaction of wielding something with that kind of shit-talk potential…)

    Fourth, sit back and let pandemonium ensue.

  12. Congratulations Judi and Dominic! Some seedy chapel in the shitty part of town is right up my alley so to speak.

    I’m stoked to see Strip scored smut in the hands of all the fancy mannekins, and empty cans in all the right bottle cages.

  13. I wanna see a gorilla chase Herbold around with a Cut the Course sign around its neck. A banana would also fulfill my need.
    I want to see a Pro Dh’er passed out in their own vomit.
    Ms. Hatch’s airbags would also be cool, although not nearly as cool as the Gorilla punching a hipster.

    So sack up hard and be that guy…nothing should stay in Vegas.

  14. Well my response is simple Dirty. Just think, What would Dr. Hunter S. Thompson do? He would report it in style. Get after it.

  15. Remember Dirty, “Paranoia is just another word for ignorance” – HST. Be prepared. I’ll see you in hell.

  16. gnome, the remaining members of the grateful dead are playing at the hard rock on wed. dirty hippies and bike people. oh, and it’s gonna be a full moon.

  17. eat some shrooms and wear really dark glasses, Jerry will be with you. Rock on, brothers and sisters.