What’d ya mean by that?

From: The Colonel
Subject: My Surly arrives…

And I immediately notice this:

Are we talking tires or pilots?  Both?

Oh yea. That suits me to a T.

We all know it’s a reference to tire clearance. But still…

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13 thoughts on “What’d ya mean by that?

  1. Same sticker on my ‘check. If there’s another bike anywhere that does more things at least passably well, and for a price that even my broke ass can afford-well, I just can’t imagine it. Mine’s been geared, fixed, skinny tires, fat tires-I’ve used it for anything and everything and it’s never let me down. I’ve got lotsa other bikes, but if I had to choose one, this is it.

    Colonel, many happy miles to you and your ‘check. May it be as good to you as mine has been to me.

  2. Thanks joe. Really looking forward to this.

    Tho FFFF would be better suited for me.

    Fat Fucks Fit Fine.

    Oh yea. I crack up every time I look at the frame.


  3. enough with the group hug here— details, man! Go ‘cross like 700 x 38C, drop or flat bars, either 36/46t or maybe 1×9, any way will be sweet.

  4. @mikey.

    Details ??

    Uhmmmm. This is the first bike I’ve built up since I was about 15. That was 31 years ago.

    I’m taking whatever I can off a Cannondale R700(inherited/frame too small) and putting it on the new frame. Buying whatever I can’t transfer. Starting with the headset I just ordered.

    Lemme get thru this build. Then you guys can suggest improvements. To the new bike and me.

  5. BJ, is that a Karate Monkey? I have to say, my monkey is probably the one bike I will never sell. It has been ridden as a single speed and geared mountain bike, a long distance touring rig, and now it’s built up as a cross bike. The versatility of this bike is amazing. I had some trouble with wheel slippage when i ran it as a single (trying to use a quick-release wheel), but just figured out that I could replace the axle of the rear XT hub with a solid one, which I can now bolt onto the frame, problem solved.

    Anyway, have fun building er up.

  6. I’m guessing it’s a Pacer, since that seems to be the only surly available with that green at the moment. Nice.

  7. The look on Mark Cavendish’s face was priceless as he watched that dude roll by him with 100M to go. Total heartbreak today as the solo kid off the front for 100KM was caught at 800M. They fucking trampled him under their hooves. Viva la Vuelta!

  8. Surly: first the bottle opener, now a suitable spot for your spliff?

    Gives “rolling a fatty” new meaning.