Plan a trip. Take the family

I crossed paths with this guy last year while he was riding a beach cruiser across  the country to raise money for his local bike co-op. He is at it again, but this time he is going from Vancouver to Baja. His name is Ryan and he has a blog. He makes some cool videos about the things he has seen and the people he has met along the way. This one in particular caught my eye and seemed a great way to start the weekend:

YouTube Preview Image

I don’t have a wife and kids.  But if I did, I’m pretty sure I would be traveling in the same style. To echo Gnomes sentiments below…have a great weekend, and enjoy the ride.

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14 thoughts on “Plan a trip. Take the family

  1. …nice…

    …& that’s a pretty selfless mom n’ dad…the simple logistics of keeping the kids “into”, focused & interested in the journey every day is pretty cool…

    …props to the whole family…quite a learning experience, i’m sure…

  2. awesome! reminds me of a canadian family that i ran into while going down the west coast a couple years ago. they were going from vancouver to SF. it was like a rolling circus:

    2 parents and 5 kids ranging from ages 3-14. 2 tandems + 1 bike with kid trailer + 1 teenager on a separate bike. a few of the kids seemed like they were pretty miserable and the other kids were having the time of their lives!

  3. That’s a cute overload right there. At 30 miles per day, It’s gonna take a while to complete the Baja.

  4. tell me, do people save up and do this? how do you work, pay bills, and manage to tour the states on bikes? my sister rode from ohio to CA in the late 70’s. she saved up and was like 18. i remember my BFF in the 9th grade was dragged off to europe out of nowhere, and she said she “had to ride bikes across europe” for a year. crazy shit. i wish i could just go.

  5. well there are different methods, judi. i’ve tried both the save up and go for a month as well as the quit your job, sell all your shit, and be nomadic for a while method. i think i prefer the save up and go for a month approach, but right now i’m stuck somewhere in between.

  6. Unlike a few of us, judi, there were and are some who didn’t get tangled in the mess of indebtedness. God bless them.

  7. I’ve been a self-employed bum and done a couple different month long trips, no kids along though. You nailed it Gnome; no debt and self-employed means time for fun w/o collectors coming after me. Do what you can to rid yourselves of debt. Gnome sounds like there are a few more debtors than just you & J out there; you guys are the majority.

  8. making this video put a huge smile on my face! This family was so much fun to be around and the kids were adorable! Cheers to them for making this vacation happen! I hope it inspires more families to do the same.

    I’m off to keep on pedaling down the coast, check out all my videos at

    Happy Trails!

  9. I met a family like that once going over Loup loup pass on Hwy 20 ( washington state).
    They were teachers with the summer off.
    I on the other hand saved up my monies, and took three months off of work…i just worked for one guy at the time and it was a good time to go, project wise.
    Timing is everything.
    Great way to live though…