About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

34 thoughts on “Four years.

  1. I remember how scary it was hearing you’d been hit. Glad you made it out okay, Jonny.

  2. An Irish pint (that was conveniently already in hand) has been raised! Cheers to you mate.

  3. …escaped the hangman 4 years ago, eh ???…good on you, mate…

    …you fathered one of the most provocative cycling sites on the interwebnet thingy years before so it’s only right that you get to hang around & watch the evolution…


  4. Scotch all gone. Burp. Several cold Yuengling amber lagers in the fridge. One will be lifted in your honor. Be well, my friend.

  5. Later on, down the road, it’ll be 42 years. And we’ll still be raising pints. Just like right now. Cheers.

  6. Congrats…I do my best to stay off the pavement, it is a sad reality that it has come to that.

  7. Here’s to many more years, e-cheers (clink)

    glug glug glug


    long live BIg Jonny! (and the rest of you fucks too)

  8. Pint up Jon! Never met you, but it doesn’t matter! In the several emails I’ve swapped w/you over the years, I’ve learned enough to know that you are a good man and I would be proud to call you ‘friend’.
    I felt as though one of my buddies got popped when you got hit…


  9. Just finished a glass of the Torpedo in yer honner here in the wilds of Peeay. Cheers lad, and many happy-er returns on the day.

  10. Big Johnny, here is many more years of pedaling circles and raising beers! We are all glad you are here!

  11. On the other side of the world in Middle Earth, a Victoria Bitter has just been raised in your honour.

    Good on you sir.

  12. I shall crack open my first Radler in honour of you and your contributions to the cycling world tonight, long live bikes, beers and boobs.

  13. I am headed out for a ride right now dedicated to you Jonny!! Raising a pint after the ride to you and your strength these past 4 years!!

  14. Thanks for the continued entertaining site and bikes, boobs, beer in whatever order.

  15. A beer moment
    dedicated to Big Jonny

    Colorful little store on 5th
    the doors are narrow, thick, and painted
    my bike barely fits in, but in it goes
    Chinese guy smiles and I smile back
    we both know something.
    Classy shelving, sparse, with fine wines
    Arrogant Bastard is almost $6 here
    A 12 oz bottle of Old Rasputin stout
    $2.80 and it’s in my bottle cage
    along the road up
    people living the dream of food not lawns
    squash, kale, peas and corn; young mother beauty
    then my poured moment, as the sun goes down on diamond plate.

  16. Living well is the best revenge. Rock on dude !! I too celebrate my annual, ‘The f***ing Pacific didn’t get me’ day, with a small libation for purely medicinal purposes. Salute !! and Slainthe !!!!

  17. Mrs. Joe was nearly killed in a bad wreck seven years ago. Three months in hospital, a year in a wheelchair-tough to see, even for those who didn’t know her.

    For maybe five years, every time the anniversary came ’round things got-“strange” seems to fit, I guess. As time passed, things closed and life got more normal. I hope it works out that way for you, Jonny. Remembering the past is good. But life is lived in the future. You don’t need me to tell you that, though. Rock on.

    (Lifts glass of Bourbon)

  18. Happy d-day, glad you seem to have had 4 good years since then. Will work on that pint shortly and raise it high.