“I park in bike lanes … I’m an asshole!”

Now that my summer school class is a distant, fading memory, I can get down to some important shit. Like, for example, swimming, eating, drinking and sorting through all these emails.

This one in from Sam:

bike-sticker-mdNew York City bike activists have found a new way to combat cars clogging up area bike lanes – a strongly worded sticker.

The stickers, which say “I park in bike lanes … I’m an asshole,” are meant to be placed on cars and trucks blocking bike lanes. The group – who would prefer to remain anonymous – began printing up the stickers last week, and says they’ve already handed out a couple hundred.

Read the rest: thedailygreen.com.

It’s a thing of beauty, ain’t it?

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4 thoughts on ““I park in bike lanes … I’m an asshole!”

  1. that’s awesome, but i’m betting that since this is nyc, the tagged drivers will wear this sticker as a badge of honor. nothing will change except for pissing even more drivers off.

    oh well. glad as fuck i don’t have to ride there.

  2. I’ll take a few dozen, but only if they take off the paint if you try to remove them, much like Pee-Wee Herman’s idea for permanent kiddie toy tattoos. Trick or treat…

  3. Could have used about a dozen of them today…classic. It will have a significantly greater impact if placed on the windshield directly in front of the driver’s seat. Preferably made from the paper stock that results in a tedious 30 minute removal session. But perhaps all that hate makes me an asshole too. so it goes.