Punch to the right, punch to the left- black and blue screw you…

Yes, that is what I did when I woke up this morning, got my punch on- air punching the dirty Mondays. I am new here on DC but been a long time reader, it was the porn that drew me in- Bike porn that is. The innerweb fills my veins with visual content lust, always in the search. I am not here to talk about the tour or vocalize how much I’d like to turn into a kangaroo and put Lance in my pouch for a ride to confession. I think you hear things like, “I am gonna stick a light bulb up your ass and punch you in the throat” or “I’d like to jump on your chest till your inners come out your ears”- cheap pleasurable thoughts that stay in the mind in the form of a cartoon. There won’t be any beating up the Fixie scene, it’s already black and blue.

All you’ll see from me is mostly vids, pics and adhd driven nonsense.

Let’s dance with some snakes and beat on a washer…

YouTube Preview Image

My last thing, since I live in Spokane Wa. and this is a nation wide blog, I get to make fun of my own town- Hey Spokane your food service and your breakfast can lick my fucking balls! Oh the pains your stomach gets when eating the greasy spoon action here. I’ll let ya all know when it gets better, I promise.

One positive thing though from this place, we have people that like to fucking ride and ride hard. We have a ride coming up soon called the “Midnight Century”, we start at a Pub at midnight to venture off for a 100 miles of fun. Here is a link to our getto ride- midnight century.

Throw the fist and ride today or tonight.

Throwing Fist
photo by Caveman
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22 thoughts on “Punch to the right, punch to the left- black and blue screw you…

  1. Ah, “Spokangeles” aka “Spocompton.” I like riding that Centennial Trail up to Idaho, a nice fifty-mile out & back. There is a crazy amount of rail-trail action in the panhandle. I enjoyed the lift-assisted MTB at Schweitzer & Silver Mtn. last summer… I have peeps at Schweitzer, they can show you a couple of “unauthorized” routes down— you can go all the way to the lake, 4500′ drop. I rode that Columbia Plateau trail, but meh. One of the best rides in the universe is the Sullivan Lake loop up in Pend Oreille County. I like to stay at the River View Inn in Ione but the only restaurant is in Metaline Falls. Man, that county makes Spokane look like Las Vegas. (Smallest tax base of any co. in WA.) Four of my great aunts homesteaded up there, lots of familiar names in the cemetery. Keep the rubber side down, dude, don’t let the tweakers get to you.

  2. Oh shit, now I know someone that’s posting on DC! Get’em Caveman…

    As for breakfast in Spokane: the 4 mile singletrack ride into town from your domicile makes up for the shit on a plate you get at the end.

  3. Dude, I like your style. Irreverent and full of piss and vinegar. Maybe I need to pound on a dead washing machine for 5 minutes and I’ll feel a whole lot better. Be careful, people around here don’t like nothing negative.

  4. …writing for or commenting on dc ???…

    …like dancing with with snakes !!!…more appropriate than you mighta thought…

    …welcome to the dance…

  5. Oh yeah, Spokane used to be home of the best breakfast in my world, Old European. Sadly, after a few years of my discovering them, they went downhill. Are they back up to par? Oh, and that railcar place downtown for breakfast was a close second, the name is escaping me at the moment. I personally blame Spokane for my all time heaviest scale reading, but no bad feelings.

  6. “that railcar place downtown for breakfast” @Loren— something-diner… Frank’s?

  7. caveman, fuck. im the only one using my real fucking name around here. anyways, that 1st video was a trip. that jesusfreakout dance is a trip.

  8. Judi, I get called caveman more than my real name. As for the train car in spokane to eat at, you’ll blow ass before your done. The Old European isn’t a subject matter anymore. Most joints in Spokane to eat out at are good the first few months they are open then they go down hill. Loren since this is a blog, don’t you write and comment?

  9. @7 – oh fuck. gnome, between you, hawk and now cavement, you all really have a way with words. you give me the lol’s.

  10. Cavement sounds badass too. Damn that listener video was hard to watch. It’s like watching an autistic rap video.

  11. Someone once told me that Spokanistan boasts the busiest Arby’s in the country. That’s an option if one hasn’t had diarrhea in a while and wants to see what the fuss is all about.

    Caveman – are you going to ride that Midnight Century?

  12. Huckleberry’s market on Monroe is great for breakfast or lunch, I make a point of stopping there on my way back to my town of stinky hippies….

  13. I watched that shit three times now. This is what DJ Krush would be if he was born a crackah.

  14. Caveman, no, I’m not a writer on here, just a commenter that uses his real name.

  15. Anna, I go to hippieberry’s sometime for the breakfast, not too bad for a hippie market. Sante’s probably has the safest breakfast in town. Kid Wonder, Yes to the midnight century- are you going?