Coward with a keyboard sitting in a tin can.

A few days ago my daughter was driving on L Street at 20th when she changed lanes to go around a car with emergency flashers on. As she did, so, too, did a biker ‘sharing’ the same lane of traffic. The biker suddenly started pounding on her car, yelling at her loud enough that a coworker walking to the metro heard him and came out into the street. As she pulled up to the traffic light at 20th, the harassment continued. The biker pulled up beside her, grabbed her partially open window and threatened to break it. He reduced my daughter to sobbing. She tried to calm the biker with apologies for upsetting him. His response: In a month, he said, there will be bike lanes and bikes will be as important as cars and you’ll have to give us the right of way.

The coward should have been arrested. But, of course, he had no license or any other means of identification on his “vehicle”. He was empowered by his anonymity…

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It sure sounds like your daughter changed lanes into a cyclist. She encroached upon his space. And, after the cyclist commnucated his extreme discomfort with being nearly hit by a car, you conclude he is a “coward.”

You sir, are the coward.

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18 thoughts on “Coward with a keyboard sitting in a tin can.

  1. For arguments sake, we’ll say the driver was at fault. How does that justify the cyclists reactions to this woman? Sounds like nobody was hurt here, so what did this man get out of threatening this woman amount to? Sure doesn’t help the cause of the cyclists in my opinion, even though I’m well aware that this is an extreme example. For those siding with the cyclist on this one, I will just say what if that was your daughter would you still feel the same way? Because for me, all my care for cycling and the outdoors goes right out the window if someone threatened my family.

  2. Bad on the lady for not paying attention. Bad on the cyclist for having a stick up his ass. We’ve all been there, on both sides of the window. Sounds like a situation for the Muststash.

  3. Everyone blows a gasket at times. Nearly dying will do that to you. That being said it never actually helps the situation and anyone worth the worry would also calm down in a few seconds and let up and let live. As my old Pappy used to say 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  4. i’m with the cyclist. the dumb bitch should have looked before nearly taking him out. this morning i had a guy totally cut me off to turn right, no signal, no nothing, he just turned, right into my lane, and then cut me off to turn right. i went fucking nuts! it’s an automatic response.

    i think i have more anger than gnome.

  5. Just as everyone blows a gasket at times, everyone also pulls some kind of dumb-ass boner while driving at times. It’s inevitable. I’ve had people nearly kill me and then immediately apologize with great sincerity. We all sometimes are just looking the wrong way, or yelling at the radio, or daydreaming. No one is a perfect driver.

    And screaming and beating on someone’s car is never appropriate or helpful.

    Don’t drink and drive, don’t smoke dope and drive, share the road, and ride with love in your hearts y’all. It may not be that obvious sometimes, but things are getting better. I understand his motives, but this fellow did not do cyclists any favors.

  6. Reading the story myself, and noting the absence of real information upon which an opinion could be made, I think that rather than pay any attention to what little we know about the driver or the cyclist we should have a hard look at the author of that article.
    In my view he’s the only one who has clearly demonstrated himself to be very biased towards the auto and against cycling. (or any other alternative transportation)

  7. iiiiya have a question, if the guy on the bike is sharing the same lane as the car, and the car moves left, would not the guy on the bike have to be overtaking the car from the rear? If sooooooo, it kinda seems to me he put himself in a bad spot over taking a car…that’s overtaking a car.

    Just throwin out an alternative view.

  8. Judi, if this woman in the car was your mother/sister/daughter/aunt/etc, would she still be a “dumb bitch”? Just sayin

  9. For cripes sakes, the biker did the right thing. He didn’t lay a finger on this woman. He didn’t vandalize her car. He yelled at her, boo hoo, after she nearly killed him. He did all other DC cyclists a favor, at least with regard to this negligent driver. She will be more careful in the future, lest she end up a sobbing mess again.

    We must teach malicious and negligent motorists that there are consequences for their malice and negligence. Beat the malicious; yell angrily at the negligent. That is what they deserve.

  10. There is so much happening on the roads these days to distract us all. Being a cyclist I find that I pay a lot of attention to the road when I’m driving-to the point where I will ignore passengers talking to me when things get interesting on the road(I still make mistakes tho). I think more drivers need to pay that kind of attention. The crybaby got what she deserved in my opinion.

  11. A bit of friendly advice to motorists: slow the fuck down around vulnerable users.

    Guys who buy their wives/daughters three-ton SUVs “because they’re safe” are the biggest fucking douche bags out there. You bought her a license to kill? Fuck you.

  12. None of us were there and none of us really knows the truth. People blow gaskets for trivial things, especially when they think they have been wronged. And motorists make dumb moves every day.
    Shit goes both ways and I don’t feel there is truly enough info here to really judge with any true certainty, more like pick a side, which, as cyclists, probably lends some bias on this forum. Especially since most of us have been on the receiving end of douchebag driver moves in some form at some point.

    I agree that going off on the driver probably has no really constructive end result. There is some hypocrisy here on my behalf, but I am trying to live and learn, think before you act etc.

    As for the cyclist, regardless of right or wrong, don’t see how you can call him a coward.

  13. Bets on wether she was doing something with Iphone, makeup, radio, GPS or Doughnuts UMMMMmmm Doughnuts. Thus not even looking at her rear view mirror. And this is not a gender specific, she could be applying slut red lip gloss the same way as a “HE” could be using the mirror to pick his red neck hick nose. Just sayin’.

    And if it was my own mother -with my sister shotgun with my nephews and Jesus chatting up Allah on the rear seat- and she nearly killed me, I’d holler. I don’t fucking care who you are, don’t try to kill me.


  14. I used to blow up on people who cut me off or knocked into me until recently – a friend said to me that it doesn’t help to blow up on the drivers – that just teaches them to hate cyclists – instead talk to the person and make it a learning experience so they might not do it again… you can lure more bees with honey than with vinegar…

  15. Kill ’em with kindness.

    I like it when I wave it ’em, catch ’em at the light and say, “You know, I’ve got two young girls at home that would be really sad if you ran me over with your car. Please watch where you are going. I have every right to be out here that you do.”

    Honestly, I don’t know if it makes a damn bit of difference. But I keep on trying just the same.

  16. …props to ya, gianni…

    …it’s hard not to react w/ venom sometimes in the heat of a close call (& i do react) but ultimately i agree…“Kill ‘em with kindness.” is the way to go…

    …or as i heard sung by bill champlin & ‘the sons’ on sunday afternoon, “light the candles, put down the guns”