And all I wanted was one billion.

No, this was not found in The Onion.

The psychotic totalitarian government of North Korea demands, get this:  $65,000,000,000,000, or sixty five trillion dollars in damages for sixty years of bad stuff the USA and our allies have done to them after the war they started.

And in addition to that, soon, due to ailing health, he will name (surprise) his favorite grandson to rule the greatest nation on Earth.

Story here:

I think a palace right about there would be nice

“I think a palace about 2 miles high, gold plated, with 30 helicopter pads, would look great right over there, what do you think?”

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29 thoughts on “And all I wanted was one billion.

  1. Kim’s plans Preparations A-G must have not worked and now he’ll use the money to build a “Death Star” with lazers & fikken lazer sharks.

  2. Kim Jong Ill’s shopping list, once the evil money bags pay:

    75 space shuttles with 5 nukes each,
    16 aircraft carriers,
    Japan, and throw in Dubai,
    2 new mega palaces for the new leader,
    24 F-200 top secret fighter jets,
    a new doom lair, 3 miles underground, with a harem of hand picked MILFs,
    and new shoes, maybe an extra 1/2 kilo of rice for every soldier.
    Start loading a C-5 with cash, I think they’ll let us land in Pyongyang.

  3. I would be proud to personally go to Korea at my own expense and tell that rice-propelled piece of shit to eat my shorts, wash my ass and drink the water. See what happens when we elect a Marxist third-rate Chicago political hack whose first official act is to bow to tinpot dictators and go on a multi-city tour to tell the Eurotrash how sorry we are for being Americans?

    Not that he speaks for me…

  4. Oh, I almost forgot-What does the bandy-legged little turd say he’ll do if we don’t pay? Cripes, as bad as things are he must at least be getting some pretty good weed.

  5. …. but the Dear Leader likes the best bourbon too.
    Hitting it a little hard today, Joe?

  6. perfectly timed with the G20 meeting in Canada…

    Joe, that was pure class. With attitudes like that floating around the place it is a wonder Obama had anything to “apologize for” as you put it.

    I have been to the border of North Korea in the village where official meetings are held, and it is like another universe. both sides have dudes with guns staring each other down about 10 meters back from the line, and on the NK side there are dudes watching the frontliners to shoot then if they defect.

  7. Do you know how to say ‘Kim Jong Ill’ in chinese?

    it is ‘Jen Fucking’… no shit. my brother says he laughs is ass off every time he hears it.

  8. No, littlejar. Stone cold sober, I was. Not that you’re one to talk.

  9. Oh, and el jefe-I ain’t “reverted” to nothin’. I am what I am and always have been. “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be” sort of thing. And I can’t imagine even a person of your ilk defending this dispicable tyrant. But I’ve been wrong before, and I’m man enough to admit it.

  10. Let’s hope he spends part of the $65T on leg extensions so he’ll fit into his oh-so-optimistically-inseamed pants.

  11. “I’d like to meet his tailor” to quote Warren Zevon… and where oh where can I get a pair of sunglasses like that? I bet they cost about $12,000. Kim: “You, you, and everyone else wear black shoes. Only me wear brown shoes.”

  12. dave, I was responding to the idiotic quip about our president, you can go ahead and insult that nutball from NK all you want and I’ll be right there with you…

    I think he inspired DEVO’s new outfits:

    I didn’t know that furries were getting into DEVO, I thought that was mostly the Flaming Lips:

  13. Talking as someone outside looking in, you people need help.

    Wahoo let the flame war begin.

    Before you start, a few facts. South Africa, New Zealand & Australia were involved in Korea, they did not have to be.

    New Zealand & Australia were involved in Viet Nam, they did not have to be.

    Australia & New Zealand are involved in Afganistan & Iraq, they didn’t have to be but a New Zealander won the Victoria Cross there.

    Just saying..

  14. And fuck you Francis for even posting this here.

    Arsehole, definately exhausted all my good will reserves.

  15. Capt. Harris: Snakebite leader, Ripper Bravo Six, we’re gonna need you soonest be advised I’ve got zips in the wire down here, over!

  16. No need for all that, dolak. We’re doin’ pretty good just starvin’ ’em out. Plus, we’re savin’ a potfull on ammo.

  17. 17 or so other contributors, one of them can plop one right on top of mine, would be nice if there was more participation, Hurben – I posted this after the ‘boobs’ post held for over 24 hours. What has big johnny been doing? Watching the world cup? Ghana beat the US, BTW.
    Does there always have to be a ‘flame war’? I’m not playing.
    Have a happy Sunday – get on your bike and stay on it for a while.

  18. LittleJar & the list in general,

    I apologise.

    I signed after hearing bad news, with a bad attitude & in a bad mood.

    No excuse, I was out of line & I fucked up big time.

    Once more, I apologise.


    (Oh yeah, pity about Ghana, go Africa)

  19. What? no “pleasure teams” ….he is so generous. You can’t polish a turd. You can’t fix bat shit crazy.