Something in the water?

Seriously, WTF is up with South Carolina? Is everyone there a distant relative of Forrest Gump or something? You guys eat lead-based paint chips? The mold and mildew eating away at your cerebral cortex? And I thought we had some assclowns in this state of mine. But fuck people, what’s wrong with you all? First, you give us the Rhodes Scholar from the Miss Teen USA contest a few years back and now Alan Greene (WHO???) has won the Democratic party’s Senate nomination.

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41 thoughts on “Something in the water?

  1. is it just me or did anyone else here watch that interview and hear Green say:

    “holy mutha fukn shit i’ma goin to jail!”

  2. A plant? From the party of Dubya and Palin? Either the Republicans are ahellofalot smarter than Olbermann and his ilk would lead us to believe, or the Democratic party is in a worse state of disarray than anyone has suspected.  Maybe both.

  3. I think this is fucking great…the political establishment is completely fucking scared, and they should be.  There’s enough anti-incumbent sentiment over bailouts, the continuing unwinnable war in Iraq/Afghanistan, and the heathcare scam that at this point a ham sandwich can win a primary over an incumbent in some districts, especially with the Democrats.
    The only problem is that the only choice you end up being left with is a Repuglican.

  4. Dems and Reps have proven time and time again, with astonishing regularity and ever-increasing audacity, that they are as dirty as my chamois after a post-burrito 50-miler.  When the fuck will this country wake up.  And what the hell is wrong with the Libertarian party that they are not just eating this shit up???

  5. The Libertarian Party embraced Ron Paul and his equally-nutty son Rand. They couldn’t hold together two pieces of paper even if their middle name was ‘duct tape’. If Lib’s want to field a REALLY candidate, then fine, but all they’ve given us so far are another dynasty with racist anti-government ramblings and buzzwords.
    Those two are proof positive that Libertarians lie somewhere between Republican and tea-bagger.
    As for this guy being Dem… I’m still wondering how that happened. Was it a drunken bar-bet between friends? I’m not the conspiracy-type like others here, but this sure reeks like week-old shrimp covered in sweet light crude, marinated in the attic during hurricane season.
    It’s all gone to shit because we have lost all rational thinking and discourse.
    As a friend of mine once said, “I want a President who is so fucking smart it makes me ashamed of myself for not learning more.”
    Damn straight.

  6. And Arizona is so much better…
    In SC, I truly would not put it past the Dems to do the plant themselves in an effort to make the Reps look bad.  Dick Harpootlian (real name) was the former head of the Dem party in SC and is the dirtiest lawyer in the land of dirty lawyers.  Clyburn is going the way of Sharpton, with his knowledge of voting patterns.  I’m surprised they haven’t played the race card yet.  Of course, it’s still early…

  7. While we are in the process of bashing states…may I present to you…Illinois.  Former Governor Blago is on trial as we speak, while former Governor Ryan remains incarcerated…

  8. Oh yeah…and the puppet thing has been attempted over here as well, now that I think of it.  In order to screw with Jesse Jackson Jr’s campaign, another Democratic “faction” actually ran a random guy on the ballot with the same name in the primary, hoping enough people would check the WRONG Jesse and give the victory to their candidate.  Awesome.

  9. Hopefully no one else had to sit through Idiocracy, but he reminds a whole lot of the President in that movie.

  10. Wow!! Great cannon fodder for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!!
    I’ll have to watch their take on this.

  11. Any time I think Texas politics are fucked up, all I have to do is look elsewhere.  SC is the state that perfected dirty politics.  Lee Atwater…  John McCain’s illegitimate black baby rumor…  Calling one of the gubernatorial candidates a “raghead”… They know how to fight dirty.  I don’t know what to think about this most recent bit, other than we are all fucked….

  12. Paint Chip?
    How about micro chip!! Wow,is this real? Some one did not get the memo on the Divide and Conquer  program and the handler downloaded an empty file.
    Heh,the guys at the nsa are so funny….sometimes.

  13. Dude’s a plant, as in ‘fern’.  But seriously,  (according to this guy) he won 60% of the vote.. huh?  How does that happen?  Obviously, 60% of the Dems in SC should have their voting rights revoked.  Then again, look who they put into the highest office, and unqualified community activist with a great smile.

  14. Well, They The People spoke. Ain’t much ol’ Barry Hussein can do about that, but he sho’ ’nuff gots peeps workin’ on it, yo.

  15. Doesn’t SC have an open primary where you can vote regardles of party affiliation?  Seems to lend credibility (or believablity) to the ‘it’s a plant’ viewpoint. 

  16. kg ~ Come on!  That guy looks about as lost as anyone could be in front of a camera.  He is unlike anything in politics at the moment, Democrat, Republican or other.

  17. This shit combined with the Keyan’s inaction on the oil spill plus the way he stood around with his thumb up his ass during the recent flooding  makes me wish Dubya was still around. And when (not if, WHEN) the dingaling who’s the topic of this thread gets into congress, well…

    Hell, this fucking putz is starting to make Jimmy Carter look good. Thank the baby Jeebus for the blessings of nature that allow Kentucky to make the stoof of goodness which I drink. Why do I only have one liver?

  18. Sorry, not “Keyan”. “Kenyan”. But anyone who knows anything knows that.

  19. I thought El Presidente (or whatever they call him in his native country) WAS  a parody.

  20. @joe
    You’re like a starving wolf with a meaty bone over that birther stuff eh ??
    I just can’t get in to it. Especially since if you did prove he wasn’t naturalized then Biden would take over. Now that is some scary shit.

  21. Joe ~ BP issues aside (of which there are many) what “recent flooding” are you referring to?  That tragedy over in Arkansas?

  22. joetheelectrician-
    I’m not going to waste my finger energy explaining the Gulf oil spill to you.  Why can’t Obama “do something”?  Maybe because he can’t take a time machine back to not appoint corrupt fuckers to the Minerals Management Service, who approved all of this untested deepwater bullshit decades ago.  Or if he tries to prevent oil companies from maximizing profit at the expense of risk, he’ll be accused of socialism?
    Everyone’s an expert during a disaster.  I’m sure you had great opinions about offshore drilling before the GOM spill, but just kept them to yourself.  Or, you were picking corn kernels out of your ass.  Same output.
    Oil is the biggest business in the history of the world.  People are getting fucked upside down by oil companies.  Glad it’s easy for you to just blame Obama and those ignant blacks (he sho’ ’nuff gots peeps workin’ on it, yo.”) than to come up with any alternatives.
    You don’t like the past/present, what’s the future?  Ideas for energy, living less off of petroleum?  Contribute or shut the fuck up.

  23. Wow! KABOOOOOOOMM! Fucking love it man.
    Yeah the only thing missing from Alvin was the “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.” truckers hat.
    And what the fuck was Miss South Carolina talking about???!!!!!  Yeah she probably hears those goddamn world cup horns in her head ALL DAY LONG.
    This is just plain fucked up.  Alvin Greene is a tool.  A fucking tool.  It couldn’t be any more obvious.  What Keith?  Let me fix my earpiece, then I’ll answer you.  Jesus holy chain-rings.
    Look at the bright side, Flodizzle.  At least South Carolina still has Band of Horses.  And Myrtle Beach.  It’s not contaminated with oil yet is it?

  24. It seems like there is finally some good news with the spill. The Houston Chronicle reports, U.S. ships were being outfitted earlier this month with four pairs of skimming booms airlifted from the Netherlands and should be deployed within days.” Better than never, I guess. For all those feeling pretty gloomy about this situation, I recommend a good laugh… Here’s a funny joke,

  25. The oil spill is nothing to laugh at but I just saw a kid wearing a t-shirt that cracked me up. BP – We’re bring oil to America’s shores. I died laughing because BP’s billion dollar image change to their new sunflower logo is forever going to be associated with the worst environmental disaster to strike America. Check out the shirt here –