“You need to work on your ‘soft sell'”

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The three big energy consuming things that humans do, in this order, are: Buildings, meat production, and transportation. Yes, meat is #2, according to Jeremy Rifkin. Look for him on Youtube, I’m not spoon feeding you the statistics.

My ‘theory’ is that if people get on bikes and get out of driving cars day in and day out, they’ll have more energy and inspiration to care about the Earth in other ways: insulating their buildings and eating less factory farmed food. It’s a complete package, and it starts with our personal movements. Car culture is a disease model of behavior, and I’m calling it that today long before medicine is recognizing it as a problem. It is an ‘omni-demic’

It is told to me often enough that I fail to convince people to take action or create change because of my ‘way’, my ‘approach’, that I’m not ‘soft sell’ enough, that i need to work on my pitch.

I say to people that the personal use of cars by so many people (most people in America) has resulted in the collective dis-empowerment of nearly everyone.  It has decimated our local economies, destroyed quality of life for tens of millions of us, and has created monstrous voids in many of our cities and sprawling, highly unsustainable ‘communities’.  I am seen as a freak or a madman for saying this stuff.  How dare I?

I’m talking to people about the merits of using a human powered bicycle as transportation, and trying to get people to realize how important it is to change our currently fucked ways.  The majority are still in the paradigm that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to drive a car or truck to the store, or to work every day, and the bicycle is a sunny day recreational exercise thing.  It needs to become faux pas or socially unacceptable to use a car for short distance personal transportation.  It has NOTHING to do with right wing or left wing priorities.

The building is our civilization. A fire is consuming the building, at a pace of such slow and corrosive nature as to not make us think ‘fire’. The fire is our addiction to fossil fuels. It is going to destroy our home eventually, but we keep emphasizing eventually that is, if we are willing to talk about the fire that is clearly going on. The fire extinguisher is available. It hangs there in your garage. It is the bicycle.

So while we are bullshitting about how I need to treat full grown people like children and have complete tact at all times, and keep the subject exciting for them, and add a ‘soft sell’ to what I’m saying, AND do all the work as the lone activist making change, the building is burning and it’s the only home we have.

As we discuss how interpersonal skills are of the utmost, as is the hygiene and appearance of the messenger, the walls are consumed and blackened. The extinguisher: I beckon to it, explain clear and convincing facts that just about prove beyond a doubt that it IS the solution, and I stress my words and speak in an urgent manner.

My words are ignored, and because people don’t like ME or my WAY OF SAYING THINGS – – – they feel an urge to do the opposite. I’m here trying to sell the lunatic idea that we need to stop the madness of motor vehicle use, as it is done today. It is abuse of the privilege in most cases.

Everyone driving. Still. 10 years of me riding day after day, doing the right thing, risking my life and sucking on fumes, and lo – streets still full of cars… and now more and more see those loud, obnoxious personal diesel trucks.

The big ladder truck drives out of the fire station again, to respond to someone having a ‘medical emergency’, not a fire. There are not 5 fires a day in this town, but there are plenty of diesel fumes for all lungs all around.

Keep doing the same thing people… this is an “endgame scenario” as Jeremy Rifkin says, we either change, or we have to go [extinct]. Keep thinking that I’m the problem because of the ‘way I talk’ or ‘how I approach subjects’.

You just keep thinking that way, people.

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5 - Learned to ride in paved alley behind liquor store in Lowell. 16 - Road bike riding alone while peers do soccer practice. 18 - First new road bike bought with winnings from Project Graduation. 20 - Burlington VT. Nuff said. 22 - Joined the Air Force. 23 - Joined team Fair Wheel in Tucson - rode the Shootout. 24 - Rode El Tour in under five. 26 - Toured to Quebec City 28 - Toured Oklahoma to Vermont 30 - Found my dream bike - a 1989 58cm LaBan (#22) 32 - Experienced Minneapolis and saw BIKE CULTURE. 34 - Building my first bicycle frame, with a self made jig. USA

64 Replies to ““You need to work on your ‘soft sell'””

  1. get laid, get drunk, get some pills prescribed, get a TV, get numb, fuck the world, fuck changing things for the better, and most of all – fuck you.

  2. And the funny part is you did influence me when you just talked decent.

    Last December I believe it was, you wrote about backing off the booze and having a tooth pulled.

    That post actually pulled me back from a 8 month binge that was killing me.

    I’m still mostly on the sauce but the depression and stupidity is gone. I’m doing maybe a 1/3 of what I was inhaling back then. I’ve moved back to NJ where I belong. I’ve started riding again. The future is bright and I’m wearing shades.

    So. For that post I say thank you brother.

    For this post I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  3. …truth can be a rare gift…

    …even rarer is the ability to share in a way others can appreciate it…

    …just sayin’…

  4. Oh, and I probably should mention my sister bought a new rig recently, this spring, a big old GMC. Shit is off the hook. Love it. If I had the ca$h, I’d buy one too. 18-20 mpg. Sucks. My Oldsmobile sedan w/ 6 cylinders? 22 mpg, highway. Sucks too. My wife’s Subaru? Closer to 30. I need a new car. Domestic autos suck it. What to do, what to do… Ride a bike sounds great and all, and I do it as much as I can, but I need to move people around 6 days out of the week. They’re too small to ride bikes themselves, and it’s too far to pull a trailer. I’m part of the problem, it seems. Good thing I have only one more year of law school. It will end then. Or, so I keep telling myself.

  5. Fire trucks? Really?
    When/if you get popped by a car, do you want trained personnel, be they fire fighters or paramedics, responding in a big ass red truck with blaring sirens and bright lights? Or would you rather lay bleeding internally in the ditch waiting for two dudes pulling a Burley full of sutures and a defibrillator?

    Sure, riding is fine. I’ve ridden more miles than I’ve driven for several years now, but like Big Jonny, I can’t haul my kids, and all of the shit that goes with them, on a Surly Big Dummy!


  6. …oh, & btw, you won’t get me out of my loud, fast, (& only 4 cylinders) fun little hot rod (w/ the towel rack on the back – thanks mikey !!!) until you pry it from my cold dead hands…

    …& in any case you’ll still find bar tape & campagnolo grease under my fingernails…

  7. I hear ya, but it’s not like we as humans have done nothing to offset the effects of all the cars on the road. Carpool lanes. Mass transit. Emissions requirements.Bike Lanes. Think about when you are behind an old car from the 60s or 70s. They fucking stink like unburned gas and oil. Just think when every car was like that on the road! We’re getting there LJ, the solution is becoming more and more obvious to everyone as time goes on. With this bullshit in the gulf, gas isn’t going to get cheaper. The only way it will change is when people can’t justfify it financially.

    Just my opinion, it seems like you ought to stop concerning yourself with everyone else’s life and live YOUR life. The difference you make is enough just by living your life the way you choose. People take notice without you ever saying a word.

  8. he wasn’t saying NEVER drive a car. it’s just common sense. 95% of the trips don’t have to be cars or trucks. fire trucks are needed. beer trucks are needed. keep it real, and ride whenever you can. and some of us do haul our kid and a bunch of shit on a Big Dummy. best bike purchase I ever made.

  9. All the effort we put out saving , preserving , and nuturing the earth dont matter now cause THERE IS A OIL DISASTER IN THE FUCKING OCEAN . I just don’ t get it .

  10. I think the point was missed by some on the fire truck. A ladder truck is
    a monster and not at all appropriate for non fire related response. You used to see lots of “rescue” rigs in most departments, think Rescue 51 style. A full blown fire engine is not needed for most calls. Roll whats efficient and you can save more lives. Engines cost a LOT to purchase and operate. Thats fewer dollars available for man power and non vehicular apparatus. Thanks for the post lj.

  11. Meat is only number two?

    I’m trying my best to make it number one. God knows I am. But I’m just one man.

  12. The only time I choose the car over a bike is when I want to pick up some whores.

    Why so defensive? LJ is right – we’re fucking this place up.

  13. The big ass ladder truck is definately needed for your medical call as it contains well trained firefighters cross trained as EMT’s and Paramedics as well as various specialty tools such as extrication equipment, forcible entry tools, saws, ventilation fans and much more.If the fire department knew when and where the next call would be they would go there ahead of time but it doesn’t work like that. Imagine if you can for just a second that a fire in your house or you rolled vehicle extrication call kicked out immediately after they get done with a diabetic call-you will be glad they were in the ladder or ladder tender. You were making good points but then you got dumb.

  14. Great post! Making people more aware is a good thing. Don’t let pesimists deter you from saying the things you think and feel. I feel people look at my like a crazy kook but fuck it. For all you guys driving your little kids around I think you should take a second to think about how you’re conditioning your kids to accept this culture as the only reality. Children will be the change. Education is imperative. Fight the good fight, not the for profit fight.

  15. Oh, and just so’s you know-(not that it’s anyone’s business, but I love yanking people’s chains)-I’m hauling our recycli8ng up to the transfer station tomorrow. Couple miles of 12% grades, so if you can roll that on a bike, you really need to be in France in July. But I digress.

    I was gonna make the run in my 22 mpg Honda Element. Now I think I’m gonna do it in my Dodge Ram with the built 360 that gets maybe 11 on a good day. Just to piss people off.

  16. fools dwell on shoot the messenger personal attacks, etc. or suggest a soft sell because they live in a fiction vacuum – confusing getting kicked in the head with a discussion about hypothetically being kicked in the head, wherein discrediting the person delivering a statement changes the fact pattern. a society that uses 3500-6000 pounds of raw materials to move one donkey, sitting on his ass, is consuming beyond the possibility of replenishment. Cars suck. They need to die. And electric vehicles are just another form of yuppie ghetto trash [segway, electic bike, scooter, car). Start with $20 a gallon gas for all passenger cars, including taxis, hybrids (like giving your life away to china – follow that battery), and whack the electric weenies with some other form of punitive tax, like an upfront real cost of disposal fee for those batteries.

  17. Are you a vegetarian littlejar? I think you recently posted a recipe for tuna fish so I’m guessing no. What are you doing to change the world besides bitch about it on the internet?

  18. Cheap gas, cheap cars, and (relatively) expensive bikes are the cause for sprawling cities, etc. Wether you yell or soft sell, “green” for the environment’s sake unfortunately is not a strong enough incentive for Americans to change their lifestyles.

  19. You want soft sell? People are protesting the National Spelling Bee, saying we should change to phonetic spelling cuz English is too damn difficult to learn. Truth is those protesters and the anti-bike / anti-save-the-environment crowd are just too fucking lazy to be sold on anything no matter yummy and how softly you peddle that Kool-Aid.

  20. Didn’t mention – but I drove today too. I drove my little pickup truck to the lumber yard and bought 2 sheets of plywood and about 8 boards 8′ long.
    THIS IS AN APPROPRIATE USE OF A PICKUP TRUCK. NOT: Going to the mall, going to work 2 miles away, going to school, going to the Post Office, going to a friend’s house…. you get my point?

    I’m surrounded by cars. If I sat on the side of the road, and counted, there’d be over a thousand cars for every one bike. We aren’t changing quick enough, people. I say to the fools who think we are such an adaptable species – we’re not, and we’re probably doomed. I see NOTHING going in the right direction, as we discuss the paint colors and trimmings (commuter lanes, hybrid cars, recycling) in the house that is on fire now.

    There’s a hole in the ocean floor that humans made, for human demand of oil for, you guessed it, cars. They are calling it a spill, but if you left all the faucets running in your house for 40 days, would you call that a ‘spill’? And then, there’s that word ‘footprint’.. you get my point?

    They want us to not see how bad it REALLY is. And to the person that thinks I’m concerned with what others are doing, indeed – I am doing my own fucking thing thank you very much, and making a house out of a bread truck so I don’t have to pay rent (the most unsustainable thing we do, actually) Yes, I do have a solar panel.

  21. Damn Hippy.

    Probably smokes that funny smelling tobacco.

    No doubt listens to that Grateful Dead or Sons of Chaplin…

    I despair….

    What happened to the American Dream ?

  22. What happened to the american dream? You put it in your tank and burned it. You lived it. The American Dream might have meant something once, but to anyone born after 1975 and halfway paying attention, the only thing it ever really meant was “the open road,” and the fucking boomers are still out there chasing it, except now they do it in RVs and the like. It’s a goddamn pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and this desert cloudburst has about dried up. The rainbow is fading, the ground will crack, a good dry spell is coming.

  23. Yawn.

    Azlobo – Maybe they only have a ladder truck in most stations. I don’t know. Maybe they should have a veritable quiver of vehicles to pilot to myriad different emergencies. Yes, a ladder truck is overkill for responding to someone who thinks he’s having a heart attack that may or may not be feedback from a bad chili dog. That said, proliferation of vehicles to handle multiple (and potentially poorly-judged at onset) types of emergencies isn’t exactly inexpensive or Gaia-friendly. You Can Do Better said it better than I can – my vodka+lime-aid lady drink impairment is strong this evening.

    Frasco Pequeño/LJ – there are differences between activism, “soft selling” something, getting one’s point across effectively, and whinging like a little cunt. Personally, I don’t care if it’s bikes, racism, genetically modified duck-flavored broccoli – I’m highly likely to tune out if a pontificator isn’t saying anything new, and is offering fewer solutions than gallons (liters?) of vitriol.

    Good for you and your bread truck. I understand and appreciate your complaints. Frankly, I don’t disagree with them. Otherwise, I hope you find some form of catharsis from your sporadic ranting here. I must be too simple to understand what else you might hope to accomplish via such digital ejaculation. It’s no stretch to think at least 99% of DC’s readers are on the “bikes good, cars + the man = bad” train (as we should be, dagnabbit).

    This reader will regard you as more than a semi-anonymous internet whiner if you show the fruits of your labor, your advancements towards the general betterment you haphazardly described and most DC readers agree with to some degree or another. Show us the bread truck. Inspire us, conspire with us. Just please, for fuck’s sake, don’t whinge and foam. Buddha’s likely done and will continue to do more good for people than Lenin ever has or will.

  24. …dammit, hurben…that’s “the sons of champlin” with an “m”…i consider myself to be one lucky son of a bitch because i’ve not only been around all the iterations of that band for 43 years here in marin, i’ve always been “back stage” at their gigs all over nor-cal…& a ‘sons’ backroom ???…that’s an intense place to hang…

    …hadn’t seen ’em for a while but caught a show 2/3 months ago & got to chat w/ bill c before the gig…ck, charles kelly, their long time roadie is a close bud & while we don’t ride or get together much because of schedules, we’ve ridden thousands of miles together & smoked about a million of t-hags ‘j’s’ “back in the day”…

    …carlos santana attributes three musicians to being ‘the’ inspiring influences for his playing…miles davis, rahsan roland kirk & terry haggerty, ‘the sons’ original guitar player…

    …while they never hit major national ‘stardom’, every & i mean every fucking popular band that ever came out of the bay area from that era, including “the dead” will tell you that ‘the sons’ were the deepest band, talent wise, to grace the stage…they were the musicians other musicians wanted to listen too…

    …anyway…i’ve prob’ly bored the shit out of anybody bothering to read this but wtf…everybody else was just worried about saving the world…mother nature will take care of the planet eventually…it only remains to be seen if mankind will still get to share it w/ her…

    …just sayin’…

  25. @littlejar: Too true. Not unlike selling lifejackets on the Titanic, if they don’t want them, fuck ’em. The big difference now is that we’re all on the Titanic and we can’t say fuck’em. If this ship sinks, we all sink. So I am inclined to say FUCK SOFT SELL.
    Saw some prick in a Hummer t-shirt today, he doesn’t need soft sell, he needs a kick in the nuts.

  26. It’s hard to argue against much of what lj is saying, because it is true. It is easier to look at it from the perspective that I tend towards: we, as humans, are a destructive species. We are like locusts…a scourge upon the earth. We have evolved using our brains to provide for our wants and needs and…well…we are what we are. I salute your “voice in the wilderness,” but have very little optimism concerning the ability of humanity to effect such a change, as it is, to the “common man,” anyway, a step backwards. I love my cars, I love my diesel truck, I love my boat…not because society has taught me I NEED to love such things, but because such things are available and I simply wanted to indulge in their use. Raising the price of fuel will undoubtedly kill my ability to use these items, and they will fall to the exclusive realm of the very rich, who will still be able to afford them. Our “freedom” as people will be sacrificed in a major way, as I see it. I consider myself fortunate to have a love for bikes to fall back on.

  27. sommerfliesby, you have no right to the use of fossil fuels as a source of power and the atmosphere as a dumping ground the resulting pollution. your notion of “freedom” is totally distorted and has nothing to do with anything.

    if fossil fuel use was a right then people on social welfare would get rent allowance, food stamps and gasoline coupons. but they do not, using fossil fuel to power your toys is not a right, but a privilege. and complaining that rich people have more privileges indicates that your concern is with the income distribution, and not fossil fuel prices. your perceived “right to indulge” is the nub of what likely sets LJ off on these rants, and also the most depressing aspect of modern american culture in my view.

    @Littlejar I agree with the gist of your diatribe, but Onegeargood raises a valid point about your glass house made of tuna sandwiches. since you like youtube, check out “the end of the line” and try and rationalize if eating a tuna sandwich is any more environmentally conscious than driving an SUV to the beer store.

  28. Just drive in the carpool lane sometime and look over at the all the gazillion pounds of stinky boxes we “need” to get around. Pretty darn wasteful. Could change. Unfortunately, we (modern man-not just the USA)have succeeded in “creating a need” for cars. The Chinese have factories built or under construction which will DOUBLE their auto population in just a handful of years…and no one knows where the oil to fuel them will come from.
    The lifestyle some folks have chosen seems designed to consume as much oil as possible. Can’t last. Don’t stop telling it like it is Littlejar!

  29. So the U.S. produces 5 million barrels of oil a day, imports almost ten million barrels a day and now we’ve dumped almost 50 million barrels of oil into the gulf.
    Do you really see an end to this?

  30. Forget this generation.
    We(I include myself in here) are a lost cause.
    Concentrate on the next generation.
    They have the power to shift the paradigm.
    Kids on bikes.
    That’s hope.

  31. Those are some radical words. Using fossil fuels is using energy from deep time. Nuclear fuel is from even deeper time. It took hundreds of millions of years to produce the fuel that burns in seconds in an internal combustion engine. Give up your conceit, lay down your ego-centricity. Responsibility means facing up to your actions. “The great, greedy, indifferent national and international economy is killing rural America, just as it is killing America’s cities-it is killing our country [and the world]. Experience has shown that there is no use appealing to the economy for mercy toward the earth or toward any human [and non-human] community. All true patriots must find ways of opposing it.”

    That last sentence seals it. Since the Civil War our country has been run by the industrialist and their lackeys in political positions. It is time for a change. The wool is wearing thin and more and more people are starting to see the truth. “Out of your car, off your [bike]” out of the box.

    Keep the stern words coming. If people don’t like them that is their own fault. “Don’t point fingers at me ma’am. It’s you who finds this absurd.”

  32. …& isn’t it interesting that the advent of all the e-lectronic devices which allow for the dissemination of both truth & self righteousness are in fact part of the problem because they’ve fostered a drive away from tradition to allow for their self perpetual-ism…

    …just noticin’…

  33. The next generation is just as screwed as we are unless we seriously rethink infrastructure. More screwed, probably because of the death by exsanguination of our economy by means of the insane national debt.

    I hope I’m wrong. But it seems to me that’s how things are shaping up.

  34. Got to hand it to lj, his shit sure does stir the pot. And lj, you owe Judi an answer. An HONEST answer.

  35. One gear good – you fucking cunt, whoever you are. Finding fault. My tuna salad should be called celery and green onion salad with a bit of tuna. I have a dog, and in order to feed him something other than bagged dog food, I mix tuna juice and tuna with rice, beans, and some meat to make his favorite food. I also eat tuna very sparingly. I RECYCLE THE FUCKING CAN. I eat bacon about once a month. I smoke tobacco about 3x per year. I’m not a vegetarian (tried that, and found that all the dairy I was eating was less good than meat) nor a complete non-driver but if everyone lived like I did, this place would be a whole lot better. I never drive to bring my ass a few miles. I ride every day and I TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. If people could just do the latter, it would make a massive difference.

    It ain’t about being ALL one way or ALL the other way, and anyone that says that it is, is a totalitarian incompatible with being human. No one is.

    So, I’m not green enough because I post a tuna salad recipe? WTF??
    No, senna’s not perfect (not wealthy enough to be) and I sometimes have to get my protein from a can. Fuck you for mentioning that, seriously. You want to nit-pick and find fault like that, you can just not comment on my posts, OK? Find another blogger to pick on, and fuck right off.

    Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone.

  36. LJ – my dogs aren’t fed from a bag either. raw meat and sweet potatoes, green beans, turkey necks, eggs, cottage cheese…

  37. …hmmm…perhaps somebody’s getting a little mercury poisoning buildup from their tuna salad…

    …just suggestin’…

  38. …& i’d also suggest a group hug…but i don’t wanna be first in ‘cuz i’d hate to lose an arm to the slashing vitriol…

  39. Turkey ~ you nailed it. LJ brings out the best and worst in people. It’s amazing to sit back and watch the firewords. Kaboom!

    Ya’ll have a good weekend now, ya hear?

  40. Dog food – commodified just like everything else, the scraps from factory farm meat operations, and the ‘good stuff’ is over $3 a pound for… sweet potatoes, tomato, rice, and some *chicken*. I have a very hard time feeding him sometimes because I don’t eat much meat myself. And I came across your question, Judi – for the record I am having a tough time abstaining from alcohol but I have not slipped back into regular drinking. I am in the process of convincing myself to really live without it. Home-made wine was the irresistible breaking of a 10 day period of abstinence. After about a week or so the stuff seems like some mystical forbidden substance, and I thought about/craved it too much. I can’t deal with that. I drank a beer one night, then I went out and bought a bottle of really good wine (Mollydooker) and made it last 3 days. It was almost medicinal in that I truly enjoyed it. I didn’t feel impaired but I do feel that my willpower alone ain’t enough to quit for life. Alcohol sure is a mind fuck, as it discredits everything I am. It’s not alcohol alone, though, but the complete package of options for living (for someone in my socio-economic position) that seem to be just so hopelessly inadequate for a high quality of life. I demand more out of life, is the thing.

  41. Little Dick, I mean Jar. You are probably the most angry/hypcritical/hilarious/blabbering/phony I’ve ever met, or read. Instead of getting rid of alcohol get rid of the rage.
    Fucking Cunt

  42. @bgw

    Ya had to say that eh ??

    I eat a lot of tuna fish. Tasty and easy.

    By your mercury poisoning reasoning I’m probably 2 brain cells away from riding a Little Bus.

    I’ll sleep easy tonight thinking of that.

    Thanks a lot. Ya dick.

    …just sayin’…

  43. LJ – dude email me judir6@gmail.com if you want. you didn’t have to go all public and shit. i didn’t mean to put it out like that either. i was just curious.

    you made it 10 days and then the obsession set in. that’s ok. at least you recognize that. if you think cutting down will help, so be it. only you know whats right for you.

    on the dog food situation – i actually know of a turkey processing plant that sells me necks and hearts for .60 a lb. turkey trim, dark meat, is .80 a lb. very affordable to feed, though it goes againest all the PETA stuff if you are into that. i could find you a seatle co-op that feeds raw, if you want.

  44. “You are probably the most angry/hypocritical/hilarious/blabbering/phony I’ve ever met, or read.”

    He ain’t even close to that unless you’ve led a sheltered life.

    The vast number of preacher men who are banging kids/hookers/horses is the best example.

    OK. I made up the horses part.

    But if that came true I would not be surprised.

  45. …colonelsandersretired…

    …shit, sorry dude but hey i eat a lotta fresh seafood myself…

    …i just hope you’re not judging my tastes by the horse comment…she was a big girl & she was a little long in the face but, dammit man, she was all woman…

  46. @ Barry…I have every right to spend the money that I have earned in manner of my choosing…that, my friend, has an element of freedom to it, no? I never said consumption of fossil fuels was a right, did I? What I said was, I will no longer be able to AFFORD to exercise that right in the future…a bit of a fatalist attitude, but a justifiably fatalist attitude.

    For the record…it’s a good thing lj doesn’t live in my neighborhood…as I type this, I can hear CLEARLY 13 miles to my west, NHRA Top Fuel rails and nitro funny cars at Route 66 Raceway. Know how much nitromethane those boys burn up in a 4 second, 330 mph pass? Whew. If you think you are gonna change this society…good luck bro.

  47. I have to jump in on the “tuna fish” posts. It is not tuna fish, it is simply “tuna”. You don’t say steak cow, chicken bird, salmon fish etc. It is steak, chicken, salmon by themselves. I will get off my soap box now and get a glass of water liquid to drink. Thanks

  48. Eh.

    If it comes in a can I call it tuna fish.

    If I buy fresh from the seafood dept I just call it tuna.

    That’s just how it is.

    And I’m too damn old to be learning any new tricks at this point.

    So you know where you can stick your soapbox eh ??

  49. …being as we’ve devolved the original content of this post to discussions of what’s what in the world of tuna articulation, then i gotta weigh in on the side of the ‘colonel’…

    …tuna fish = stuff in a can…
    …tuna = stuff laid out on ice @ the fish counter…

    …(you’d like to think) you can do it better…you’re denying a particular “definer”, something that distinguishes between the two versions…one of the vagaries of the english language is the lack of consistency but if you’re gonna be pedantic, buck trends or try to precipitate changes, you gotta come up w/ something stronger, in my opinion…

    …& no, we don’t say “salmon fish”…we define salmon as fresh or canned & while tuna obviously “could be” defined in the same manner, it’s generally not…

    …how do ya like them apples…or oranges ???…

  50. I like those apple fruits! Anyhow after careful deliberation I win you lose. Sorry…

  51. In all my nearly sixty years on this Earth I have never heard the stuff in a can called anything other than “tuna fish”, as in “tuna fish sandwich”, “tuna fish casseroll” or “you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish”. That’s the way people have always talked everywhere I have been. And I might not get around as much as some, but I have been around the block more than a few times. Not about to fight over it; hell no. Got bigger (non-tuna) fish to fry. Just reporting that which I have observed.

    Damn, now I’m hungry. Where did I put that can opener?

  52. Speaking of observations, the first comment dealt with getting laid. The last couplefew were all about tuna fish. Interesting…

  53. Elecric Joe,

    This is where I could get really dirty, but I won’t out of respect to all of us, especialy Judi.

    All I want to say is that Little Jar, Good on you.

    Yep, we often disagree here but If you look up the thread, we’re all on the same page.

    Coming from New Zealand, I don’t give a rats what your politics are, only that you are good people & if you’re on here, you’re good people because you care.

    Take care out there,