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14 Replies to “Pretty in pink”

  1. I actually had to google “Barry Bonds”. NOW I understand.

    And no, I don’t get out much.

  2. Am I the only one happy for Vino? I have always loved that guy…. He never blames a bad day on his team (e.g. caudal Evans). If we can forgive Millar why not Vino?

  3. …basically, i forgive ’em all…except for “the chicken”…something extra sleazy & creepy about that guy in my book…

    …& ya, vino was always had “loose cannon” excitement about his aggressive style…

  4. I fucken can’t WAIT for the Tour Day France.The fireworks will be better than the DC Mall on the 4th

  5. Meanwhile, Astana is just dominating the Giro’s “Fair Play Classification”.

  6. can’t help but notice that a local kid rode away in the last half kilometer today. Go, Tyler!

  7. “Tour Day France”……….WHAT??????

    The Giro is superior in so many ways. Steeper/longer/harder climbs, few truly boring flat stages (more than a few in TdF), and some mountain top finishes. Even the rolling stages are exciting (Last Saturday?? Great racing)

    Everybody is so excited for the “drama” between Vinokourov and Contador, but it’s all a trifling soap opera compared to the Giro. At least that is my opinion.

    Vinokourov….I wish he’d go away.

  8. Hey, I climbed the Gavia Pass then spent a week in the Dolomites, I agree 100%. Italy IS cycling but soap opera? Fucking eat that shit up like a house wife.

  9. …i’d like to compliment the idiot w/ the bad grammar in post #5…“vino was always had…”…sheesh, bgw…pay attention…

    …i’m w/ ya on everything listed above about the giro…seems more personal, passionate & down to earth…the ‘tour’ does get the deeper fields though…

    …& it’s quite a day for johnny vaughters boys…farrar takes the giro sprint, consolidating his hold on the red points jersey & zabriskie showed some savvy nutz on the run into santa cruz in the ‘toc’…

  10. Not to mention that Julian Deans, a clean living Kiwi boy, did the lead out for Farrar & still took third.

  11. Riding Clean is where it’s at, but just looking at Vino’s face there on the podium, and drugs or no, that man is the epitome of hard work on a byke. Fuck yea, I’ll vote for him.

  12. @Hurben— yeah, Tyler barely caught his wheel! Post-race, he called Julian Dean “the best lead out man in the world.” Mark Renshaw might disagree, but both those dudes are quite a bit larger than life.