I’ll cure your Monday

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This just in…..

I just got this email from a friend in White Rock. If you are interested you had better get your bid in. I am sure there is a great dealof interest…from hockey fans to be sure.

Canuck Seasons Tickets
I have 2 tickets for sale. It seems that my wife doesn’t want to attend any more of the games since she doesn’t like the person who sits in the seat next to us.
I’ve attached a picture of the view from the seats. Tickets will be sold to the highest bidder…


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33 Replies to “I’ll cure your Monday”

  1. no no no jake the snake, the label “bad ass females” only applies to women in sports. not some fucking drunk nasty ho with a beer gut.

  2. speaking of nasty hos, do a web search on “3 invisible dicks” and laugh til you pee.

  3. Judi, I really don’t think anyone on the y chromosone side even noticed her gut.

  4. …it’s gonna be a long damn commute from nor-cal to those games and i’m not even a fan of the canucks & on top of that, her “gut” is gonna make mine even bigger but ya, i’ll take those tickets…

  5. Umm…….Judi….really? A beer gut……..on a 22″ (maybe) waist? The only thing that confused me was all the compliments you lavished her with. #1 Drunk #2 Nasty #3 Being a “Ho” (or Whore, if you are old school like me). Finally, I think the ol’ cock in the shoe pic, pretty much, precludes you from protesting about anything. Anyway, I just cashed in my kid’s college funds…let the bidding begin.

  6. bg_: save your cheds, bro. all the dudes in line ahead of you are doing the same thing. here’s what i’d do:

    1) drink 6 beers REALLY fast.
    2) slap her fat ass-bag sugar ungle’s iPhag from his hammy fists.
    3) slap the chunky marblebag in his hamlips.
    4) toss his visor up a couple rows.
    5) call the cops on yourself.

    you may wake up sore and misdemeanorey the next morning, but think about it. you really win.

  7. @colonel— did you see the Sarah Palin-bashing “3 invisible dicks” JPEG and NOT laugh? It’s a cold, dreary world you live in, sir. And she’s still unelectable. Christ, she makes Hillary look like a bargain.

  8. d00d, seventh grade BS— properly executed— is damn funny. Chocolate-milk-out-your-nose funny.

    I’m frankly surprised I’ve never seen this before. Life is grand.

  9. This is why I love this forum!!

    Agreed, Judi, I could barely look at that picture without being repulsed, (especialy once I’d worked out that I couldn’t afford the flights over)

  10. thats no beer gut. obviously, she’s 5 weeks prego with my kid. you can tell by the way she is growing.

  11. did no one notice the dude sitting down, with the floater cap on? he is in the zone!

    and the palin shit is great, i love the interwebs.

  12. that bitch IS nasty – skinny, no mucsle tone, fake boobs and scar tissue. you guys know me, i will admit when a chick is hot, and she’s just NOT.

    the palin pic is lame. very 6th grade.

  13. @Judi there is no such thing as fake boobs, if you can touch em they’re real.

  14. Someone needs to update their glasses Rx…’cause that shit is FINE!

    And the Palin pic, hi-fucking-larious!

  15. To all those that complain about that girl, please send a pic of you with a girl that is hotter and in tighter or smaller clothes then you may (depending on your looks) rag on her. Otherwise, if the Canucks were not on the golf coarse, those tickets would be mine

  16. Ummmm, that wasn’t me. I’d never in a bazillion years spell it “golf ‘coarse'”. I just wanted y’all to know.

    And the last guy who called me “sparky” came within a few close inches of “accidentally” getting an Ideal 3/4″ conduit bender dropped on him from a scaffold. Nothin’ against that other feller^^^. Just wanted y’all to know who’s who is all.

  17. I’ve been busy, so first time actually reading through all this. That girl may be a lot of things, but she ain’t fat.

    And the Palin pic is a fucking riot. Man, that’s good stuff.

    Ok, back to school work. (yes, I’m dumb enough to actually register for summer school)

  18. SH: Duly noted, kind sir. And yes, I would agree. Some of my fondest memories came from feeling misdemeanorey. Totally worth it.

  19. This is actually from a New Orleans Saints game. It has been photoshopped to show a colored shirt and logo on background shirt.