I’m sick again.

It’s Sunday and sunny and 75 degrees outside and I was supposed to be RACING today. I’m sick. What a BUMMER feeling that is. (and now all the Facebook updates are coming through).

Last Tuesday I rode my 1st century, felt great! Thursday woke up stuffy. Chalked it up to allergies and did my interval sets anyways. Friday I woke up, full blown snotty-can’t-breathe kind of sick. I bought a neti-pot and had a nice “snot outting” experience. I gagged and coughed and almost puked but succeeded in getting all the snot out and I could breathe again.

Saturday rolled around and Dominic forbade me to race and disabled my bikes so I couldn’t ride at all. He said I coughed all night.

My fucking infection is back and my immune system is shot and I have a 12 hour race in less than 3 weeks I HAVE to be healthy for.

There’s just nothing worse for me than to be sick. I rag. I nag. I yell. I am downright mean. And I whine about it a lot.

I’m a basket case if I can’t train.

Thanks for letting me bitch.


Great Butthole Surfers Video….cuz that’s the kind of mood I’m in.

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8 thoughts on “I’m sick again.

  1. Dominic disabled your bikes?!? That’d be tantamount to castration in this household and grounds for civil war. Get well soon, the dirt and asphalt will be waiting.

  2. Judi, my beloved wife of 28 years is the personification of sweetness and light. But she came down with something that sounds alot like what you’ve got, and let me tell ya-It ain’t been pretty. Feel better, kid.

  3. Damn. Feel better Judi. You’ve got nothing to prove so just get healthy!

    I’ve had a disabler too. One time when I was about to leave for yoga class my partner in crime let all the air out of my tires and hid the pump. I was pissed!

    As far as the Butthole Surfers go, the last time I was in Austin, TX I overheard a guy yelling to his friend very adamantly, “You just need to go home, drop acid, and listen to the first Butthole Surfers album!”

  4. Being sick this time of year really sucks. More so than almost any time maybe. Finally make it through the winter, nice weather around, racing season in full swing and BAM. For about four years in a row I would hit april thinking I had avoided the big cold for the year and then would lose a week to being sick and getting all the shit shaken out. And I would get so pissed. Yelling at inanimate things until my dogs would get freaked out, which would make me feel even worse. Now it has been several years without a major cold…knock on wood.

    Hope ya feel better soon. nice butthole surfers link. damn the music on this site has been up my alley lately.

    That is a band I have never seen live but always wanted to…and missed the boat this past fall.

    Anyone got a good story from one of their shows? Heard some decent stuff before and figure this crew probably has a couple as well.

  5. Judi – Just be at peace with being sick, be at rest, steer clear of bullshit like cough drops, orange juice, and any sugar. It’s the ‘medication’ that just adds more crap to the immune system’s fight. Racing is not as important as resting, if it’s resting that you lack. Be good to yourself, and don’t be angry about it… it’s not the germ, but your own histamine reaction to it, remember.

  6. Fitness happens because of training, but it happens while you’re resting. You need rest right now, not more training.

    Aggravating a cold can turn it into a full blown lung infection. Sucky! I’ve been down for 2 weeks with just that scenario. Really sucky!

  7. Thanks a lot. Still no riding today per Dominic. I am going fucking nuts so I am actually headed to an AA meeting. My 1st in well over a year.

  8. You know, J-Dizzle, there is such a thing as over-training. The recover aspect is just as important as the stress part. Say it with me now! Stress, recovery, stress, recovery…