My little friend

Like every good gangster rapper, I am a fan of the movie Scarface. But as some of you may know, I am deathly allergic to children. Yet I still find this video hilarious and worth sharing:

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Hellmania for the link!

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14 thoughts on “My little friend

  1. dude, that little fucker getting a lead bath and doing the macarena at the same time! daymn, mayng. way to go down in style, lil’ montana.

  2. I still don’t know how the school let these kids put this “play” on and that the parents were okay with it. But that Will Ferrell clip is funny shit.

  3. The guy that made that is the same one that did the Lady Gaga video for “Pokerface.” Least that’s what the radio told me yesterday. Is NOT an actual school play. But awesome, nonetheless. Quite awesome. And Judi…I agree…real swearing would’ve been better.

  4. Hellmania, all kinds of school-sanctioned shenanigans happens without the parents being told.

  5. …maybe it’s the father/daughter bonding thingy but pearl ferrell & her dad is a good laugh for me whereas the phony montana skit is so not funny it’s absolutely lame…

  6. Yeah, that’s about as Fudging hilarious as: May 21, 1998
    Springfield, OR – 2 students killed, 22 wounded Thurston High School; April 20, 1999 Littleton, CO – 14 students KILLED, 1 teacher and 23 others wounded at Columbine High School, May 20, 1999 Conyers, GA – 6 students injured at Heritage High School. The list is way longer: Huh- where do these kids learn to be so fudging violent???

  7. Good question, Dan. Alls I know is, such behavior was not only unheard of; it was simply UNTHINKABLE when I was coming up (1950s-60s). So what’s changed?