Bad Brains Documentary

I remember seeing this band a few times in the mid & late eighties. These guys bring it.

They are, in my opinion, among the greatest bands of all time.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to John B. for the link.

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12 thoughts on “Bad Brains Documentary

  1. That is awesome. I couldn’t agree more. Bad Brains was just sick. And what better tune to pedal to than “house of suffering”. thanks Jonny

  2. Agreed. I saw Rollins a couple years ago and he had a great story about trying to corral H.R. at some show he did with them. To have guys from every significant hardcore band in history talk about how epic Bad Brains was (and is?) says something.

  3. greatest. band. ever. any h.c band worth its weight in snapped guitar strings will tell ya that the brains are where its at.

    absoult epic

  4. never got to see bad brains but HR was one of the funnest shows i have ever seen. i will never forget it.

  5. I got to see HR with Black Flag at the fair grounds in SLC. I think it was mid 80’s. He punched some stage diver in the face. Oh the memories.

  6. i saw hr at a reggae club here in cinti, in like 1991. i caught my boyf dancing w/ this chick kelly miller, so i cold cocked him in the face. he had a black eye the next day (the only one i have ever given). we all got kicked out of the show. oh the memories.

    i cannot even believe they are touring. i just noticed that.

  7. Judi,

    You crack me up. Nothing more imasculating than having to explain how your girlfriend blacked your eye. Dude must have been wrecked.