Google is a google does.

Somewhat (edit) dated news by now, Google added bicycling directions to google maps. I think this is great.

Google (NSDQ:GOOG) has added biking directions, bike lanes and bike trail data for 150 U.S. cities to Google Maps, the online search giant announced Wednesday.

The new feature helps bikers determine the best, most efficient bike routes and allows riders to customize their trip, according to a posting on Google’s Web site. The feature makes use of bike lanes and dedicated bike trails where they are available and calculates “rider-friendly” routes that avoid big hills.

Users select “Bicycling” from the drop-down menu when doing a directions search. Maps customized for bikers show dedicated bike lanes along roads (outlined in light green) and roads designated as preferred for biking (dashed green lines), but without dedicated lanes, according to product manager Shannon Guymon. Time estimates for bike routes are based on “a complex set of variables” such as type of road, terrain and the number of turns.
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I tried it for the infamous Clint’s Well out-and-back. (See Going to the Well.) Results were, well, results were mixed:

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13 thoughts on “Google is a google does.

  1. I was initially excited about the bike maps, but find that it continuously routes me onto single track dirt trails. Which would be fine if I were not on my road bike. Hopefully there will be a road and mtb version of the bike options, or just enable/disable bike paths & dirt tracks

  2. If I took Google’s suggested route for my daily commute to work, I would likely be run over by a bus

  3. horrible. horrible attitudes thus far in the comment zone. gang, meet me in the parking lot in 5 minutes for some uplifting teambuilding excercises and mid-afternoon margeritas.

    the boss of you.

  4. i gotta roll with the gnomer on this one. I don’t need no stinkin’ interwebs to ride around town. I do wish they’d sweep the bike lanes, tho.

  5. For what it’s worth there is a comment section to alert Google of closed roads, bad roads, or simply a ridiculous route suggestion. If you live somewhere, you shouldn’t need this. However, if you travel for work, vacation, or whatever, it could be helpful to plot a ride to the local watering hole on “safer” roads.

    Hell, if it gives more people any sense of security to get out of a car and on the road, we should all take a minute to improve this program.

  6. “Someone dated news…”

    How was she? Did she do anal?
    Or is that a he? Does he go down? does he like to get snowballed?

    Fer fuck’s sake BJ, if you’re gonna be a lawyer and all, get yer spellin’ straight. Otherwise those briefs you write will start lookin’ like those briefs you wear.


    bp out.

  7. Google would like the old woman who pulled up in the old Buick Park Avenue. About 90, she seemed to be.

    “What are you doing on the road?”, she said. “We have bike trails.”

    So I fired back, “What are YOU doing on the road? We have nursing homes.”

  8. i wanna go to the well THAT way. that looks like way more fun (and hard) than the traditional route – too bad it won’t be ready till june this year…