Steel is Real.

From: zMud
Subject: My Home Town
The most progressive place in the whole frigging state:

BTW, I’ve been out punishing myself on Hummingbird and taking the occasional trip up Camelback on the Southside, Valle Vista and Dromedary-repeats.

I am so slow and fat.

I wish I wasn’t 59, but 29. I could kick some serious ass then.

PS, check out the new steel bikes some good friends just got delivered:

Those are two very nice looking bicycles. So good, in fact, I’ve just got to post a few of the pics below.

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10 thoughts on “Steel is Real.

  1. They got gears and shit. Freewheels, even. Still, I’d ride ’em if I had nothing else to ride.

  2. Carl Strong builds beautiful bikes, if I go custom he’ll be my choice. I should say if I took care of my bikes at all I’d get a custom Strong bike but I don’t even clean them till I have to fix something and don’t want the grime in the garage or car if I’m going to race. Sad.

  3. That Strong is beautiful. Saw it posted up on BikeForums and really enjoyed looking at it. If only I could ride it.

    Oh well, back to my trusty SOMA. <3

  4. Jonny, Thanks for posting that, but no love for my De Rosa’s?

    You bastard!

    Y’all should check out the detail on the Kirk. It’s really nice, photo’s don’t do it justice. Joe Bell is one hell of a painter, and Dave Kirk can make a beautiful lugged bike.

    As for the Strong, 2many has a few Strong’s, but that one is really pretty. Carl did a great job on it.

  5. “I wish I wasn’t 59, but 29. I could kick some serious ass then.”

    -well, when you’re 79 you’ll be saying the same damn thing about 59. Kick some ass now. shit.