I’m with Lance on this one.

Tony Kornheiser. I’ve pretty much had nothing good to say about the man since I was forced to endue his inane chatter on Monday Night Football. I was stoked when they replaced him with Jon Gruden.

And now I somehow like him even less.

Mr. Kornheiser is advocating vehicular assault, reckless endangerment, and quite possible vehicular homicide.

Kornheiser was discussing the addition of bicycle lanes to some streets in Washington, D.C., when he said on ESPN Radio 980 that he despises bicyclists and supports drivers intentionally running into them.

“And they all, my God, with their water bottles in the back, and their stupid hats, and their shiny shorts, they’re the same kind of disgusting posers that in a snowstorm come out with cross-country skis on your block,” Kornheiser said.

“Run them down.”

Kornheiser twice said, with disgust in his voice, that he thought Washington, D.C. was turning into Beijing. He did, however soften his tone ever so slightly by adding, “So you tap them. I’m not saying kill them.”

. . . Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France champion, didn’t find anything funny about it.

On Twitter Thursday morning, Armstrong ripped Kornheiser, saying, “Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.”

Armstrong also urged people to contact Kornheiser’s bosses on both the radio and Pardon the Interruption to register their complaints. “Not happy about Kornheiser’s comments? Let them know @ESPNRadio980, @ptishow, and here,” Armstrong tweeted, providing the link.

Read the rest: backporch.fanhouse.com/2010/03/18/lance-armstrong-rips-tony-kornheiser

Good on ya, Lance. Way to advocate. We all appreciate it.

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69 thoughts on “I’m with Lance on this one.

  1. see? he’s not all bad. lance, i mean. i can’t believe that dude said that shit on espn. what a fucking moron.

  2. Lance will be on the idiots show tomorrow. I guess even if only a small percentage of Lance’s Twitter followers sent an email to bitch their mailbox was packed.

  3. Tony Korn holer was trolling, and Lance bit at the bait.

    Use this link to demand his resignation, though:


    If I keep riding in AZ much longer I may start strapping a side arm on. You can do that here, right?

    Will it hurt my climbing even more than my fat ass and two, soon to be three, water bottles?

    Is it alright to wave it at reckless motorists?

    Is there a lawyer in the house?

  4. I can see a full court beat down on Kornhieser from the elite DC beat down sqaud . I mean isn’t that a indictment on all cyclist alike ! (animal house)
    Food fight!!!!!!!!!! Someone put a bounty on that fuck stick …… korn smieser , korn holer , korn fucker , . Insensitive asshole . You got Bejing pissed now with your dumb fuck comment on ” its looking like Bejing out there ” Armstrong will rip him a new ass hole tomorrow on the show ………..

  5. So when I get my truck back on the road this spring (1988 Dodge Ram, built 360, 727 Torqueflight) can I go down to D.C. and give the ol’Kornholer a “tap”? Just to get his attention, you know; not like I’m out to hurt him…

  6. I just sent ESPN my comment & hope anyone else reading this will do the same. I kept it polite… but this reckless rambling of Kornheiser is as bad as the reckless driving he’s encouraging.

  7. Well alls I know is his place of “work” ain’t but an hour and a half drive from my secluded mountain lair. And the Washington D.C. cycling community is all wool and a yard wide. If I here of any kind of collective show of solidarity I’m there.

  8. I just sent my comment. Fuck Tony Kornholio!


    I am outraged that you would make such an inflammatory and immature comment about hating cyclists and encouraging drivers to “tap” them. Shame on you! That was an irresponsible comment; you should know better! I’m calling on ESPN to penalize you with suspension and/or monetary fine. You got as much by commenting on Hannah Storm. Your senseless attack on cyclists is WAY more troubling. You are an angry old man. Shame on you! Add me to the growing number of people you have PERMANENTLY lost as a listener.

  9. Kicked off MNF for being useless and unfunny, suspended from PTI for a couple weeks for making fun of an ESPN reporter’s outfit, probably won’t have any consequences at all for encouraging his listeners to kill fellow human beings. I pity brainwashed idiots like him. Instead of using common sense and logic to realize that every cyclist he sees is one less car clogging the congested streets of DC (where he lives), he takes the easy route via predictable lazy bullying posturing bullshit.

  10. Dear Tony,

    I’ll bet you got made fun of a lot when you were a kid, having such a ridiculous last name. I am a biker, and I hope that I have opened all of those wounds the years of therepy have purportedly erased. Dick.


  11. I dunno, I’m thinking blood will be spilled. This is D.C. Strong cycling presence, folks ain’t shy about speaking up, getting involved, the whole activist thing. After all, remember what happened to the Greaseman? Not the same thing exactly, but close enough that I’m thinking he done poked the wrong hornets’ nest.

  12. jesus – wtf. i couldn’t listen to him after about 3 minutes. he is really, really fucked. i’m going to write a letter.

  13. Kornheiser is a fool. I sent my email demanding Kornheiser’s resignation, and that ESPN Radio produce a show to educate the public on cycling laws.
    Holy crap I’m still shaking.

  14. See, there ARE scumbags calling for Jihad on on cycling, in the name of perpetuating the insanity of car dependency. I would tell this man, Kornheiser, in person, oh yes: “I hope for you a shameful death.”

    And it shall come to pass, without a finger lifted of mine. For this man has made many enemies with his hate filled words of wrongful intent.

    And legally, my friends…. if one is run down and injured or killed because of this encouragement, through the power of media, again I say may you have a shameful death; poor, on a NEXT bicycle, from the judgment day of wrath upon you, Kornheiser, for “inciting riot” and “conspiracy to commit manslaughter”. Kornheiser: A bullet in your head is far too merciful.

    “scum of the Earth” is now insulted by this new standard of filth.

  15. Truly he is not worthy to feed worms. I told him as much. May all whom he holds dear die slow and agonizing deaths. May he witness their suffering. And may he, in turn, die with a thousandfold their pain.

    And I’ll say it again. We should pay him a visit.

  16. This idiot is supposed to know something about sports. That is what gets me. He would be the biggest pussy in the paceline if he rode. He’d be the wheel sucker that doesn’t pull as long as the 55 year old lady in the group.

    All I can say is that I ride, have a 9mm, and a concealed carry permit and am now convinced that I need to carry when riding just for fools like him that may suddenly decide to assault a cyclist with deadly force.

  17. Kornholio is certainly a poor excuse for a human. And, the shit he blathered makes me want to pop him one.

    Look at the guy’s bio (Wiki it) – he’s made a living out of being an observer of other people’s activities – never done a goddamned thing of his own. Totally a passive parasite, an observer from the sideline, a non-participant commenting on others’ successes and failures. I really feel kind of sorry for this sack of shit, actually.

    I’d bet most people on DC have been out in the thick of it, mixing it up, toeing the start line, putting in the miles, hitting the pavement, taking fall, giving it a go, wiping off their sweat/snot/blood. Hell, doesn’t matter if its the local Tuesday night worlds, or Kona IM, compared to Kornholio – most folks have done SOMETHING. Kornholio just watches and talks. Sad.

    Bet he will have a lonely moment sometime when he realized he has accomplished very little on his own and has lived most of his life by passively watching the accomplishments of others.

  18. bluesmurf, I don’t race. Never have. But I’ve ridden (mostly fixed gear) through these Western Maryland mountains, on remote twolane blacktop, in the heaviest traffic and in all conditions day or night. And truly I’m not worthy to fill you guys’ water bottles. But I’d scrape the bloody remains of Mr. Kornholer off my shoe; clean the last of him off my cleat with a wire brush, all the while thinking about what I’ll have for supper.

  19. Hi joetheelectrician – don’t think I did a good enough job of getting this across. My comment wasn’t about being a bike racer – heck, I couldn’t handle a fixie on Md mtn roads these days. My comment was about ANYBODY who has “given it a go” – whether thats a charity 30 miler, or a hike up a mountain, or a Saturday AM trail ride, or the local alleycat, or the 12 year old kids building kickers in their back yard for their BMX bikes. Anyone who’s done SOMETHING is way ahead of this Kornholio windbag. Kornholio just talks about others. How sad.

    Whats the phrase I’ve heard around here, “less talkie, more doie”.

  20. Keep those emails streaming to Tony’s boss! It’s the best weapon we have here. Not a gun, not a car, not a bat, the “pen” is mightier than the sword here. Sure, it would be satisfying to pay him a visit, but then where would cyclists stand in the view of the public? The people that share Tony’s view would then have reason to feel threatened and vengeful.

  21. These comments he said will follow him for the rest of his career ! He is the Jimmy the Greek of cycling ! I’m so offended . Encouraging the harm to a cyclist who is intitled to his right to ride on any givin road is absolutly unexceptable period . This could be a daughter , Pastor , teacher , mother or a dad , or someone who works for ESPN for gods fuckin sakes ! What the fuck was he thinkin ? We are cyclists ! We love our planet and we care ! We are part of the solution to alot of our problems . Health care comes to mind . Congestion on the morning commute is another , pollution ect . I wish to this man a slow and painful death !!!!!!!!! No apology needed asshole !

  22. bluesmurf, that’s exactly what I tried to say, only not as well as you did. I only have one rule here: “Bikes good. Me like.” And hell, anyone could ride fixed out here. It’s all a matter of what you’re used to. Never could wrap my head around all that derailer mambo-jambo. But it’s all good.

    And it’s a shame we can’t get together for a cold one.

  23. This has nothing to do with being a racer.

    I’m 59 years old, have a new grand daughter who I’d like to get to know, can’t hold the wheel of a tri guy, have ben hit at speed by an unattentive driver, and sure as Hell don’t want to be tapped by some asshole listenining to ESPN Sports.

    Big Jonny, is this any different that yelling ‘fire’ in a theater?

    I’m pretty sure this waste of oxygen has threatened me and my kind.

    Put this mother out of a job! I’m really sick of being a target on the road, and having no recourse.

    I don’t need someone with a national podium declaring war on me.

    FWIW, I’m from DTW, and I could cut him and gut him before he hits the ground.

    Retired Teamster, to boot. I know how to hurt someone.

    Yours Truly,

    One P’eed Off MudShark

  24. Just put in my two cents. I was not so polite, this is the last person who could find civility. I asked about me causing harm to his family. Well, I guess I could never do it. Tit for Tat. Also, bozo gets suspended for commenting about lady’s dress, but nada for propagating hatred and severe harm on others. I just need to ask, “What would Jesus do?” Been tapped too many times, along with the various other objects nailing me.

  25. I just sent my second email; this one to his show instead of ESPN management – told him that I hope Lance tears him a new asshole big enough to match his other one – his mouth.

  26. “…a lonely moment sometime when he realized he has accomplished very little on his own and has lived most of his life by passively watching the accomplishments of others.” AND driving, from place to place, hating people on bikes. Anyone found out yet what he drives? Do report back on that one.

  27. Everyone on that show should face some kind of recourse. They are all laughing, encouraging, agreeing, instigating the comments from Mr. Kornhole himself. Someone should get him some clips of the carnage caused by two bike wheels rubbing at speed let alone a car tapping a wheel. I would also like to hear how he plans to manage the amount of harm caused to these riders he wants “tapped a little”.

  28. @Mike I agree with you the other two are also guilty. The other guy says, “make them take a spill…not a fatal spill but a limb-losing spill.”

    just sent my letters to espn980 mgmt, kornholio show, and the psa desk

    “I am appalled by Tony Kornheiser’s comments regarding cyclists and telling drivers to “run them down.” I am an avid cyclist who commutes daily by bike and races bikes as well. I am also a human being with parents and grandparents who care about me. To think that this man has been given a national platform upon which to promote vehicular manslaughter or homicide is disgusting. He should be fired. It is one thing to insult someone’s wardrobe, it is downright dangerous to advocate using your vehicle as a weapon to kill innocent people. He needs to apologize, and then you need to let him go.”

  29. He is a piece of shit not worthy of the press this has gotten him. Tomorrow looks like a pretty day here on the east coast, maybe I’ll play hookey and ride 90 miles north to place a Sidi in his arse.

    Take solace in the fact that it is a sports show in DC, ergo nobody is listening. I mean: Redskins, Nationals, Wizards? Lets just say the audience, all four of ’em, are used to losers. OK, the Caps are pretty good this year, but that’s hockey. Again, cue the crickets…

    PS- I am encouraging everyone to reach through their radio and strangle whatever douchebag on the other end may be yammering and running his yap to no one in particular. (Eerily similar to leaving a post on this here blog, I think!)

  30. It is tough enough

    Kornheiser’s stupid comment

    Means more (blank) cyclists

    ‘and by (blank), I mean drunk’

  31. Kornjulio=douchebag. Remember that little, un-athletic, twit in high school that dreamed of playing on the team but was relegated to waterboy? This is he! “Tony Get me another towel and wash this jock-strap”. I invited him to let me know when he next visits H-town.. I’ll ride my bike over and shut his fat mouth for him. I had a head-on with a texting motorist last week, came wrong way accross center-stripe into my lane. I’m lucky, I walked away, and my two kiddos aren’t fatherless… my fixie is destroyed. This douche is encouraging motorists to “tap” cyclists. Short, unfit, untalented, bald, angry man. Bounty on the wee man!

  32. cut, paste, modify, keep out the profanity, send this to ESPN 980 Management:

    RE: Tony Kornheiser – unprofessional comments

    Please fire him, he is a liability and his views are too dangerous and radical for the professional sports community or the people who are exposed to your broadcast.

    The man is calling for violence against cyclists, and in no uncertain terms this is not tolerable. At all.

    _____________, athlete.

  33. The saddest part about this is that Tony’s target audience puts on official replica jerseys to watch football, yet he still uses the word “posers” to describe people who are actually out doing things.

  34. NICE one Art.

    Rather than pulling his nutsack out through his nose or similar physical abuse, why not simply suggest that he attempt a bicycle commute through some D.C. traffic? Would this not be the ulitmate eye opener? And possibly create the ULTIMATE in dramatic irony (like Shakespearian, even) when one of his devoted listeners “taps” him?

  35. Yeap. He should have to commute on bike for a month. 10 mile min per day, he can split it up into two 5 mile rides during normal commute hours. I’d even be happy if it were in the summer when the weather was decent. Let’s see how many close calls he has with his listeners…

  36. I think, possibly, Mr Kornheiser’s statements fit the definition of a hate crime. Since he has targeted a group identifiable by specfic and unique dress, practices and beliefs and has uttered threats and/or encouraged acts of violence against this group I believe he has met the minimum requirements to be prosecuted under hate crimes legislation (at least here in Canada, I don’t know about the States). I don’t expect it to happen but perhaps someone with decent lawyering skills could take a shot at it.

  37. Cripes, the last thing cyclists need is his fat ass out amongst ’em, driving OR riding. It’d be funny, though.

    Now where did I put that baseball bat? Oh, don’t worry; I’m not out to kill him. I’m just gonna TAP him awhile. Batter UP!

  38. Message sent (boring at first, bu then I lost it):

    I used to listen to EPSN on internet to get my american sports. Well, not ever more, now that Tony Kornheiser’s comments regarding cyclists and telling drivers to “run them down”. He basically made a death threat to me, a cyclist.

    But also a son, a worker, a care giver, a friend, a human being. I also play Bball, volley, swim, run marathons, have an active sex life etc.

    As for his spadex hate. What kind of lower garment do the Redskins wear? Wool? What do basketball players have under shorts? Are the clothes of baseball players loose fitting? What do people who at least semi serious about working out wear in the gym? In fact, appart from Golf, name a single sport the does NOT use spandex? Should they be “tapped” by Kornheiser too?

    Has Kornheiser EVER practised ANY sport not holding Doritos in one hand and WhiteLighting in the other in front of a TV? Has he ever sweated, not counting getting hot under the collar looking at his women colleagues that prefer a fit man who has more than just talk?

    Think not. He’s just a cheap terrorist.

  39. And, by the way, read the comments on ESPN 980… I mean, is there not a law against fathering children with your sister/cousin/daughter is the US?

  40. Thaaaat explains it.

    God, what next? Assault rifles with no background check?

    I mean not to shot cyclists or anything, just to bash their heads in with the stock.


  41. I just listened to today’s show, and i have to say…for somebody that doesn’t like cycling that guy sure did do a lot of back pedaling.I think Lancey Pants did a fine job representing cyclist. Even if he did admit that he actually does drink Mic Ultra.

  42. And I posted that last comment on ESPN… I should be gettin’ a flamed about right now. Love those dumbarses, it’s like outsmarting 3 year olds.


  43. Letters sent, signed the smartgrowthamerica petition too.

    What can I say, the guy is a complete ass. Guess he is so against a water bottle on the back ’cause a water boy is not needed. Replaced by a camelback, that must sting.

    yeah, the posuers comment really does show what a douchebag he is. Art nailed that one.

  44. # art Says:
    The saddest part about this is that Tony’s target audience puts on official replica jerseys to watch football, yet he still uses the word “posers” to describe people who are actually out doing things.


  45. …kase…ya but they say “you are what you eat” so that ain’t gonna be good…

    ..i listened to the ‘lance n’ tony’ broadcast & i’ll be honest…i think lance let the guy off WAY too easy…sincere apologies or not, i don’t believe konheiser really GETS what his “comedic” advocacy creates in the pablum minds of the masses…

    …& prefacing the show w/ the reminder that “it’s a comedy & sports entertainment show, boys & girls” is just a cheap way of saying “hey, let me off the hook, please”

    …he’s aware that he fucked up, but then again he’s used to doing that…i’d like to see the guy start using 10 seconds at the end of each show to remind the great unwashed to “BE AWARE OF CYCLISTS OUT THERE FOLKS, THEY DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION & CONSIDERATION”…korn admitted he has a daughter who cycles to work at times…

    …i’ve always believed that if the radio & television media in particular took up the slightest interest in simple, brief & constant reminders to the general public, cycling would be inherently safer…

  46. Chris, I’d like to put some metal in Kornholer’s body. Coupla 140 grain hollowpoints, a’ight?

  47. Yes, it is a hate crime. No different from: “go out and get ya a nigger.”

    Just everyone who lives near him, follow him and hit him in the gut. Hard. Just do that. It’s worth one night in jail if you get popped.

    Gun fire would be inappropriate, bro. Tone down on that shit. His words suck, his deeds suck, and he’s earned many hits. The fuck doesn’t realize the roads are not football fields. A car is not a line backer. It’s life and death, it’s REAL combat, not play on grass. I would be down with a kidnapping and a forced 70 mile bike ride for the fuck, but shoot ’em? That would make him a martyr among his idiots. Punch him in the gut!

  48. “Martyr”, Litttlejar? You’re assuming anyone would find the remains, or recognize them as being human.

  49. littlejar is on to something… get Danny Macaskill to huck a 720-chainring-grind off his skull and land it fakie.

  50. I’d contribute to that!!

    Super Mario!!

    The man could definitely be a complete arsehole at times but cycling is definitely poorer with his retirement.

    What a Rock Star

  51. Interesting that Korn-douche only aired the interview as recorded. Perhaps a condition of Lance-a-lot’s but still… beware of the mighty edit. Still, I see Korn-douche, I will drop to my knees… so I can give him a good square punch in the gut. He’s short!