Waste not, want not.

From: frye
Subject: recycle
i finally found a use for the stock bars from my track bike…..tap handle…swweeett if yur east valley and need a drink hit me up for some delicioso tecate.

love the site

I like the man's style.
I like the man's style.

Frye, you just might get some takers. Better find some other old parts to make a tip jar, quick like. And some bar tape.

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8 thoughts on “Waste not, want not.

  1. Easier reach from a lower position, on both sides, even!

    I can see three or four pubs in Portland taking this idea and running with it. Visualize cut down ti bars with Bontrager bar ends.

  2. I was wondering what I should do with that old carbon road fork with the broken steerer tube…

  3. I’m such a newbie when it comes to all this, thanks for taking the time to write this up, keep them coming! Waste not, want not. | Drunkcyclist.com was a wonderful read.