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8 thoughts on “P.M.A.

  1. thanks Dirty – no day is complete without rocking some Bad Brains….
    ….always good to see ol’ HR in his full glory..

  2. F.V.K., Banned in DC, Big Takeover… Rock for Light was an amazing album. Quickness and Rise were pretty good too, but saw them move out of the pure frenetic punk rock style. Bad Brains put on some of the best shows I’ve ever seen, but HR is an insane cat. How the rest of the band puts up with him, I’ll never know…

  3. One band That I wish I would have seen in the day….. Had sailing on playing on a descent today so perfect ..

  4. Yeah, Bad Brains may not have the energy from 30 years ago, but pushing 60, thats still impressive to me and I’ll go see them if they come around. Hard not to get all pumped up listening to them.

    Colonel – don’t worry, they have some good reggae/dub stuff as well. But the shitty stuff is by far the best…

  5. About the most energetic, hard-rocking homophobic bands I’ve ever seen!
    I didn’t have the P.M.A. on y-day’s ride……..I thought I was gonna die.