It is what you make of it.

Its that simple. Life is what you make of it. If you want to bitch and complain about shit then do it. Dont expect anyone to listen to you for very long. Why would they. Its like Big Pun always said. Less talkie and more doie. Its fine to bitch and moan but what are you going to do about? What are you actually going to do about it?

One of the best stories that I have ever heard is this.

A teacher is his/her classroom. The class slowly files in and sits down. The teach calls for everyone’s attention. The teacher has everyone stand back up and stand next to their desks. Then the teacher tells everyone to look under their chairs. To all the students delight there is a dollar bill taped to each and every chair. The Teacher then says take the dollar and sit back down. Then the Teacher says to the class, “what is the moral of the story?” The moral is this if you want to make a buck then your going to have to get off your ass and do something.

Im not saying we should go out and chase the dollar. What I am saying is that if you want change then your going to have to go out and get it. Your going to have to get off your ass and find it. Its fine with me if you want to bitch about how tough you have it. But you had better be heading out the door to make a change while your doing it. Because I will listen for a bit to you, but if your not moving forward with it, then you my friend are part of the problem.

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13 thoughts on “It is what you make of it.

  1. wait a second…you wrote that same shit a while back. Dood, are you getting old n’ shit and forgetting your previous posts? C’mon Snake. Step away from the MS Sharepoint bra.

  2. the grown up version of Gnome’s visual, don’t know how to embed the image…

    (image embedded complements of the management)
    grown up version of gnome's visual

  3. Hey man… it’s not too hidden that you’re complaining about me complaining. I’d love to go on a 2 hour bike ride with you, then sit you down in my work shop next to the woodstove with a glass of Washington pinot noir.

    Bro – I AM doing something. I am riding my bike, every day. I am talking to people about the great money savings and health benefits of riding a bike. I am trying to encourage it in others.

    It’s not working. I don’t have help here. The big taboo is to be negative or say negative things. This is exactly why the destructive shit goes on and on – not enough people doing something about it. I don’t agree that it isn’t OK to point out what is WRONG.
    I simply do not agree with the denial paradigm.

    The violent outbursts of verbal curses after someone gets killed by a driver are OK, but my complaints about *the problem* that is THE problem in our world… is NOT OK. I get the message, homey. It’s back to fun fun fun!

    No, I’m not happy, and nor would you be if you were living where I am, doing what I’m doing. Yes, choice… but not the present consideration.

    Yep, no one is listening. That is the problem. Keep digging, America.

  4. Little Jar, glad to meet you. It wasnt actually pointed in your direction. To someone closer to me. But if if works for you then great.

    And yes it is working because Im listening. If you change one person then isnt it a sucsess?


  5. I dunno, that was a long enough rail slide that a guy could get away w/o the 180 out.

    “No man, I’m pretty fucking far from okay.”

    —Marcellus Wallace

  6. “that’s the point, he could have made a sandwich he was on that rail so long.”

    Now there’s a concept— how about rail slides in CX races with a beer handup? Flippin’ schweet.

  7. Funny; all the life-chart-flow-sheets in my circles end with ‘go to law school’…

    I guess go to law school, or do rail-slides, or turn people on too the awesomeness of riding a bicycle, something to get out of bed and smile everyday…

  8. Little jar, I appreciate what your trying to do, for sure. But getting a few peeps to ride bikes instead of driving is only a drop in the bucket. Do you have any idea what big industry is doing to our groundwater and soil? Fuckin shit up. On a daily basis I have to sort through all this shit that, not just big industry, but folks from the whole business spectrum trying to hide contamination and somehow get by with it. So many times gubment agencies and environmental companies do a terrible job at determining and testing for contamination, thus it slips through the cracks of the so-called regulations. Every little bit helps, but right now, your drinking water is just as important as protecting your Mother for the future. If you knew some of this shit going in your drinking water, you wouldn’t fill your bottles with it before you went on a ride. Chromium-6, a genotoxic carcinogen, isn’t tested for at most water treatment facilities. Sound familiar, just watch Erin Brockavich. That movie isn’t my only experience, I’ve tested tons of samples for this shit.

    But keep on keeping on, dude. And keep up the good fight. Godspeed.