Say What?

So Rock’s Dead and Flyod’s racing for Bahati Foundation Team. Never saw that one coming. I figured Floyd would be answering a few questions for Inspector Clouseau right about now or giving up racing to work for The Geek Squad, seeing as he’s dabling in IT these days…

Landis will serve two roles – as rider and ambassador for the Bahati Foundation, with the organisation aiming to ‘support inner-city youth and garnering positive attention through his [Landis’] success on the bike’.

The move comes after Landis had made moves to join Rock Racing in an attempt to return to European racing given that Michael Ball’s outfit received a Professional Continental licence. He only competed in the team’s uniform once however, at the Tour of the Bahamas.

Time will tell if Landis is up for the challenge or whether he’ll fall flat on his arse like he did while riding for OUCH-Maxxis. I’m guessing the latter, but the secondary team role of wheel fetcher might be a good fit!

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