First impressions

A new bike for me is never a reality until I ride it. You know what I mean? Dominic gets excited about every little part, every detail. I am just kinna like ‘meh’ until it’s built and I am pedaling. I can sit and stare at it, post pictures of it, talk about it, blog about it, but I am not officially excited until it’s time to ride! Yesterday was that day.

It needs some mud.
mtb final

I was totally psyched to ride a MTB again! I always had one when I was in my 20’s (that makes me sound so old). I rode it everywhere back then because it was my only form of transportation. When we talked about building me a MTB, I wanted it to be old school.

The trails are a wreck and will stay that way until May, I hear. So we just rode downtown and goofed around. Ended up at Lunken and rode the bike trail some. Not every ride has to be a fucking hammer session. I like to have fun on my bikes, fuck around, remember why I love them so much.

Gnome, that XL beanie you sent fits Dominic and he loves it.


me on new mtb

Dominic builds the best bikes. He only had to make one minor adjustment (the seatpost has a quick release!). The shifters are really sucky. The fork is rigid. The bike is heavy as fuck. It’s super comfy though, and fits me perfectly. It was a bitch to climb on. Racing on it will be interesting. I’ll likely be bringing up the rear! But it’s a beautiful bike and I love riding it. May needs to hurry up and get here so I can ride trails.

NSFWZen where the FUCK do you get this shit? This is just nasty.

L7 was an awesome band. Turn it up!

YouTube Preview Image

This weekend we’re supposed to hit 50’s. That means two things. Muddy yard (dogs). And a hard ride outside. I am hooking up with Ryan for one of his killer hill sufferfests. This kid is like 26 and totally kicks my fucking ass. He’s a cocky little fuck and finds joy in making me cry on the bike.

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20 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. NSFW aside, the post is spot on. Want zen? Ditch the freewheel and coast no more.

  2. I surf and surf for the porn that gets me through the day. Knowing what I know about L7, I’m sure they would agree with my appreciation of Kylee.

    “It needs some mud” and “The trails are a wreck”.

    Yeah, that’s how ya gets ya some mud.

    Next up, Mud Slut – the tattooed mountain biker babe.

    The kind you bring home to mama.

  3. Apparently my Thursday needed a trying-very-hard tattooed chick with a fupa. Who knew?

  4. Was going to post that fixfixfix pic/link but as usual I forgot all my passwords after zero-ing my drive and reinstalling everything.

    L7 was one of my favorites way back when.

    I need to get to stripping my Karate Monkey. It needs a fresh coat.

  5. I worked with the student run band promotions group in college at UCD. We had L7 play in a little on campus coffee house. I haven’t been kicked in the head by that many steel toed boots before or since. Something about stage dives with a 10 ft ceiling makes the movement horizontal, not vertical…

  6. @lauren – i loved them back then too. great video. there’s another one from that show w/ kurt and courtney on stage.

  7. yep- L7 pulling their pants down at the end of the song is a hell of a lot sexier than that chick leaning awkwardly over her fixed gear u locked to a stipper pole…i wish i was rich enough to afford all those tattoos.

  8. nice bike. now if you’re gonna ride trails (cross country), gotta ride big wheels. add a 29er to your quiver. once you ride a 29er, you’ll never go back…imo

  9. shoot…i changed my mind about the stripper with the fixed gear after i read her response to some of the hateful commentary that appeared:
    “yes i worship satan, yes i read the black bible, yea i listen to fucking burzum and write varg love letters in jail, yes i think Christianity, Scientology, and Mormon religions are like cults. i rather be an atheist then someone who forces 14 year old girls and younger to marry old pervs. but even tho i don’t agree with their religion does mean there is not some beautiful and kind hearted people who follow it. and yeah i suck dick and get fucked on film for money. and I FUCKING LOVE IT AND RESPECT MYSELF AND OTHERS WHO ARE REAL ABOUT WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO.”

    that’s awesome…plus hot girls on bikes is great for cycling advocacy…

  10. that chick is going to regret it in 15 years. trust me. take it from someone who knows. you are only 27. things change when you reach a certain age. are you a stripper now?

  11. Im pretty sure Jenna Jameson wishes her vag was original and not all blown out and reconstructed (poorly from what I hear.)

    Don’t really care if you want to spend your 20’s sucking dick and going A-2-M on film for all posterity to see. I just know I’d have fucked you then, but it wouldn’t have been more than sex. Good luck finding someone to be happy with forever instead of a fanboy who wants to be able to say “I fucked that pornsrat whats-her-name…”

    yeah. no thanks.

  12. ha that’s weird. there’s an airport named Lunken near where I grew up. Wonder where this Lunken is? Hey, wait a minute….

  13. HAHAHA geez judi…no i don’t take off my clothes for money. that would be frickin hilarious…my feet are really flat and i look like a transvestite if i try to wear heals. i was just commenting that the girl actually seems to have a little intelligence and knows what she wants so more power to her.

    my job is way dirtier- i tinker with all sortsa nuts, lube, tubes, and balls all day. people come by all day asking me to service them, and I try to help out every single person to the best of my abilities…even the uglies.