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27 thoughts on “Ta-Da Tuesday

  1. ha! you TOTALLY got me – except the one in the red, on the right, is totally sucking her gut in. when she takes a breath, i am sure you would see it pop out.

    LMAO, thanks for making me laugh today!!

    P.S. You think they are legal?

  2. the one on the left in white is sucking it in as well. buncha no thanks for me.

  3. Yellow top, brown bottoms, second from the right. I think she rides a rigid single speed.

  4. Cool !! They brought their own pole….Let me strap myself into the lounger with a wad of cash and a very large keg of beer, and die happy……

  5. Something I like about cut off jorts (jean shorts). I think its my rural Kentucky upbringing and the white trashness that I’ve become accustomed too.

  6. umm, yes please. And I love how some dudes on here are acting high and mighty by downplaying hot, trashy women. GOD BLESS AMERICA…..and trashy women.

  7. I’d get drunk with them anytime. Would I puke before I made out with one of them or after? Either way is fine.

  8. i spent (and my parents) $4500.00 getting about 10 tattoos removed. i have two left. both have been redone multiple times. i started getting them when i was 17 and it was such a huge mistake. when i was 21 my forearms were tattooed and there was no covering them up. i even had the words “fuck off” tattooed on my shin. i thought i was going to be dead by 30 so i didn’t give a fuck. i was 20 something and knew too many people with tattoo guns. by the time i turned 31, i started the laser tattoo removal process. it took about 5 years. most of the tattoos are gone but you can still see traces of black ink in some areas. laser removal hurts like a MF. you could smell the hair and skin on my arms burning. my arms would bleed and swell up and i had to wrap them up to heal. then they’d get all scabby. it was awful. i went every 6 weeks for 5+ years.