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23 thoughts on “I like him beefier.

  1. the Olson twins thought he was pretty swell. too many topless dudes on this site. BG regulate?

  2. he’s like a beef muffin with freedom sprinkles.

    really though — does /everybody/ have to wear one of those fucking bracelets?

  3. holy shit i had to do a double take. this musta been when he was training for the marathon.

    i have to disagree with you on the beef factor, judi. i like em tall and spindly.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to say this: Good luck chasing Contador and Wiggo up the Alps and Pyrenees with those huge pecs, Meatball. You might as well be carrying a backpack full of bricks.

    You know what Wiggo looks like without a shirt? He looks like a fucking corpse. Contie? A twelve year old girl. Armstrong? The Jersey Shore.

    This pic has to be a few years old.

  5. @big jonny Fun fact of the day: After dropping twenty pounds since the Bejing Olympics, Wiggins currently weighs almost exactly the same as Pharmstrong did in his prime. He is also five inches taller.

  6. The Rad Rx comment is a bit over the top. Joking is fine, but unless one has been through that hell, levity about it at the expense of someone who has doesn’t sit well with me.

  7. All show and no go once you put all that on the bike. Still wouldn’t wanna fight/race him. And when ride time comes, I’ve a hunch he’ll be in top form.

  8. @bj – this was taken back when he was training for nyc 26.2.

    dominic can bench 325 – i like em’ beefy. cyclists all have bird chests and shit.

  9. @ Jim… what… you new ’round these parts? Sheesh. And yeah, I have a friend who has one nut (like lance-ster) due to rad-therapy. It sucks, and I’m glad he’s still here, but if you can’t joke about that then what do you have???? not a whole lot. life is tough, and if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be rough…

    whaddya want…a series of boring knock-knock jokes all of them acceptable to Mormons…?

    fuck one-nut and his pecs.

  10. Armstrong is living up to his name, and he’s now featured in other magazines than cycling news. He likes the weights, and understandably so.

  11. So the dude stopped looking like a bike racer for awhile. Actually, he never really looked like a bike racer, imho. Anyone ever see that calendar of Spanish pro cyclists posing quasi-nude? It was grotesque – those guys do not look good off the bike, at the beach.

  12. I wish the LIVEWRONG bracelets would come back! I’m still wearing the same one I bought in Dec 2004 and its wore the eff out…

  13. His drive doesn’t come from his ‘one nut’ – it’s from his heart; a winner’s heart. And I bet his one nut is bigger than my two.

  14. as a former very average college distance runner i always wondered how a guy with his off the charts engine could struggle to break 3 hours in a marathon with even relatively minimal training

    this picture pretty much explains it

    looks like the workout regimen during the hiatus was geared towards chasing tail more than anything else, too bad his ball tonguer of a coach didn’t write it up in bicycling mag for us poor hacks out here to follow