Hong Kong on the leading edge of bike trends.

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Subject: HK bike trend?
I see this in HK only. 20 inch bikes with banana seats and home made aluminum extrusion sissy bars.

Allows an adult to ride a cheap kids bike for a fraction of the cost of the piley overpriced 20″ commuter bikes that are so popular here. I think there must be some cat in Kowloon knocking these things out of his garage cause I never seen one for sale an the all look related and inbred like.

That does not look comfortable.
That does not look comfortable.
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One thought on “Hong Kong on the leading edge of bike trends.

  1. Holy crap! I remember riding a Stingray as a kid. You only had to THINK about a wheelie and the front end came right up. Hmmmm, maybe that explains why the saddle’s all slopey. It’d be about level when the front wheel’s two feet off the ground. We have liftoff…

    No apehangers?