I feel your pain.

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From: Mark S.
Subject: Storm Damage
With all the news lately about the subzero weather and snow that the midwest and east coast areas are experiencing, we shouldn’t forget that Southern California has its share of devastating weather also.

Attached is a photo illustrating the excessive damage caused to a home from a west coast storm that passed through the San Diego area yesterday. It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take life for granted.

The absolute horror of it all.
The absolute horror of it all.
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14 Replies to “I feel your pain.”

  1. Back in 2005 when Rita “devastated” Houston (most of the damage was from the terrible traffic) this picture was floating around as Rita damage to Houston.

  2. I would not be waiting for any government assistance, could take months, just clean up as best you can and move on with your life.

    Also, awesome post. Thanks.

  3. I couldn’t even guess as to how many yards of snow the wife and I have moved, both manually and mechanically in the last few weeks. The job has been shut down for two weeks and likely will be for another few weeks. Meanwhile, my unemployment insurance checks are tied up in some bureaucratic maze somewhere.

    Mark, your loss is a tragedy. We all feel your pain. But it somehow places my trivial problems in perspective.

  4. My most heart felt and deepest condolences to you and yours during such a traumtic event. I hope the governornator takes the appropriate steps in getting help, via national guard or a lot of hair dryer welding minute men, your way ASAP.
    Let me know if there’s anything that I can do for you or your family.
    Btw, you suck.

  5. the real tragedy would be if that deck wasn’t water-sealed and/or stained properly. Next thing you know you got to replace a few boards or worse….Mold!!!! Keep us updated as this saga unfolds.

  6. holy cow, I hope the weather channel is getting Jim Cantore over there right freaking now!!! Brutal, I only hope the fundraisers will be starting soon, in the meantime, hang in there.

  7. piles of burning vehicles at every major intersection; random gun fire in the dark; the sound of helicopters; pedicures ruined, just ruined. Another rainy day in southern California.