Wolf sighting

And we ain’t talking ’bout no Tucson Gray Wolf here, pardner. Rather, this is the Wolf.

From: Santiego L.
Subject: wolfman
“El lobo” barking again!!


That's a number one spot for P. Wolf.
That's a number one spot for P. Wolf.

I can read not word one of the article linked in that email. Presumably it mentions exactly what our dear Mr. Wolf won that day. I believe it was in the famed “Veteranos A” category. I’m sure it was brutally difficult race, and of the stature and eminence appropriate for such a champion as he.

Or, it was a parking lot crit and he just rolled in 15 minutes before the start and beat the shit out of the entire field. That has happened as well.

Closest I came to any of that was 1) washing his bike, 2) carrying his bags, 3) handing him bottles in the feed zone, and 4) driving his truck.

So that pretty much makes me pro, right?

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9 thoughts on “Wolf sighting

  1. it just makes you a pro soigneur, Johnny.

    but then again, they all need a good babysitter, don’t they?

  2. Wow. Kickass.

    Now that is the kind of drunkcyclist post that I know and love, that I remember inspiring me, the example of greatness…

    Just this news I heard on NPR – Bode Miller won his first gold, people. I cannot tell you my joy. I want to cry.

  3. Wolf had to leave the states after 9/11 because he was never there legally in the first place. that’s what his daughter told me in spain.

  4. Wolf is well respected among a few of us. Two weeks after 9/11, he took us down south of the border to compete in La Vuelta a Sinaloa for Speed Bikes out of Hermosillo. It was 7 days and 9 stages of unreal and muy peligroso racing. Snake and myself nabbed stage wins, while the team placed third overall amongst heavy handed Mexican competition. He was our team captain and he’s the best tactician I’ve ever seen on the bike. His game play made the success for all of us and that race ended up being my personal best on the road both in its competition and the pure experience of it all. A few weeks, months or even a year later, he was gone without much detail. And now it’s all due to bushco and fearmongering over some weak ass theory of war.

    Thus, it’s good to see his face pop up from time to time.