Snowmageddon weekend of races

I have a race scheduled for Saturday: The Frosty 14. It’s a trail race. In knee high snow. The other day it took me about 45 minutes to walk a mile in the woods. How long will 14 take me? These guys are pretty hardcore and won’t cancel unless it’s illegal to be driving on the roads. I had been looking forward to this race until we got dumped on with insane amounts of snow.


There was some talk on Facebook about having a CX race on Sunday in the snow. I said I’d do it. Later they sent out an invite, called it Snowmageddon 2010 Cyclocross Race, and 39 people are now confirmed (thanks Dave R. for arranging it). This is going to be insane with 20+ inches on the ground and more on the way. Rain and snow predicted for Sunday as well. Good times, good times.

It will be nice to get outside on a bike anyways. I haven’t been outside on my bike in 14+ days. It feels like forever. Coach Troy is on my last nerve. The rollers are noisy and need attention. But right now, the thought of riding outside in the cold exhausts me. I hate it. I want HOT. SUN. Salty sweat.

Speaking of hot……

Bode Miller. Thanks Chloe! How much shit am I going to get for posting this?


Are you watching the Olympics? I haven’t seen much except for the downhill skiing. It hurts my knees just to watch. I watch the recaps on the news every morning. Shaun White is pretty fucking rad too. Dominic is all about the outfits. He also loves the figure skating. He’s a tad bit of a man-girl.

This is my favorite Joan Jett song ever. TURN IT UP!

YouTube Preview Image

Lance verses Chris Lieto via Twitter on the Queen K.

Have a good weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Snowmageddon weekend of races

  1. There are only two Olympic events that matter:

    1) The men’s alpine slalom on Feb.27th. This is the most technical and demanding alpine event. something like seventy gates in 55 seconds. They inject water into the snow to make it rock-hard. A millisecond lapse from perfect edge control and you’re a DNF.

    2) The men’s nordic 15K freestyle. The Swiss Cologna won in 33 min 36 sec. Do the math; that’s almost 17 MPH!!

  2. Yeah, snowcross…

    Should I feel cheated that I never got to do a proper cross race in the snow this season?

  3. I thought this was Drunk Cyclist not Drunk Skier? I am rooting for Bode. I hope he pulls out something special. But he will probably just crash as usual.

  4. Bode is hauwt. I like how he just stares at me. Everything Joan did is my fav.

    You crazy Judi. Good luck with that sufferfest assed cross deal. I’m pouring another and thinking of your hurt.

  5. “I haven’t been outside on my bike in 14+ days”

    Actually being “on” your bike for a race like that will be momentary. It will be like riding a circus bike in those conditions…cue the music….and try to stop your self from laughing too hard when you look around at everyone crashing

  6. um, you never really need an excuse to post topless Bode. i saw replays of Lindsay Vonn on Sports Center yesterday. she’s pretty badass. maybe you find a topless pic of her for the guys and you won’t get any shit?

    what a weekend of fun in the snow! i might come watch you crazies race sunday!

  7. We here in Ottawa Canada have less than 50% of the snow we usually get, our roads are dry and clear and the temps are just around freezing…in FEBRUARY! Not really any road ice to worry about either. Skiing’s been sh!t but we’ve been logging lot’s of road miles on the winterized commuters nonetheless. Wind trainer? Rollers? F*ck that!

  8. @ah – you’re only 2 hours away. come join the fun!
    @gnome – i fear a retaliation of some sort for posting bode’s hotness.
    @db – i like her really old stuff from the runaways too. plus she’s hot. i’m not even gay and i’d fuck her.

  9. “@db – i like her really old stuff from the runaways too. plus she’s hot. i’m not even gay and i’d fuck her.”

    I think you’re going to get more shit from this line than anything to do with bode.

    But…yea. Joan Jett was major league wanking material back in the day.

  10. Ewww, girl porn

    The girls were going for it on the halfpipe last night. Great to see Hannah get the silver, she’s an amazing girl, takes all her snowboard winnings and gives them to a charity in Africa.

  11. Got my first bit of singletrack in a month and a half today. Uncooperative weather and a lingering monster of a cold has waylayed me in 2010 so far, but today was good. Icy, 4 inches of snow outside the beaten down trail, and 1 good fall…1-1/2 hours later and I’m a happy guy. Get out and play in the snow!

    And yeah it was fun to watch the girls last night…but they REALLY should put them IN FRONT of the guys…kinda as a warmup, yaknow? My wife was pissed…she’s like “They SUCK compared to the men.” Either way, it’s damn impressive from my ground-bound boarding perspective. There are three types of snowboarder out there…girls, guys…and Shaun White. Dude is just sick.

  12. @14 – yes the girls DID suck compared to the dudes, your wife was right, i was saying the same thing to dominic. and then the figure skating comes on and he gets all teary eyed. he loves it.

  13. shani davis.

    men’s 1500 tonight. no way in hell i’m staying up until 3:00 for the finish though..

  14. “i like her really old stuff from the runaways too. plus she’s hot. i’m not even gay and i’d fuck her”

    …now that is some funny & salacious shit !!!…

    …bikesgonewild (who doesn’t comment on blogs anymore) prob’ly woulda said “i’d fuck joan jett any day of the week & i’d gladly pay to see you do it !!!”…(that is if he were to comment)…

    …somehow i fear i’m not growing old very gracefully…bwahahaha !!!…

    …glad yer handling this shit w/ aplomb, judi…some a’ these fucks & this site need a woman’s touch…prob’ly in more ways than one…

  15. Tolle Arbeit mit dem Blog hier. Wir kommen bestimmt bald wieder und sehen was es neues gibt